White Crossword Puzzle #1

Use the clues below to find the correct words to fill in the puzzle.

Print out the puzzle on your printer and have fun!


1. The quality of a person's skin's appearance controlled by pigmentation.

4. The color associated with our race.

7. Preposition - to be in contact with.

9. The first emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

12. One of the 50 units making up the USA.

13. One of the investments made by our ancestors.

16. What has been caused by the alien control of our media.

17. A male child.

18. The people of the north.

20. A little child.

21. One thing that is being destroyed by diversity.


1. The scientific name for the White race.

2. The animal whose heart is ours.

3. A destructive exhibit of rage.

4. What our enemy does when exposed.

5. A preposition.

6. A unit of measure in printing, a length
approximately half the width of the letter M.

8. The main weapon being used to
destroy the White race.

10. I Love White Folks, a web ____.

11. What a race becomes if it does
not defend itself.

14. A man must __ what must be done.

15. Where the blue is found in the eye.

16. The second tone of the diatonic scale.

19. The ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.

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