WHAT MAKES AMERICA, AMERICA? What is it that is so special about this country?

If you had to answer it in one word, most folks would say freedom. What is freedom exactly? Why is it a good thing? Freedom is being able to do what you want to do. If you want to go fishing, you can go fishing. If you want to go to the movies, you can go to the movies. If you want to buy a new radio, then you can do it. Freedom makes life a lot more fun!

But freedom can be a bad thing too. What if you want to go next door and take Billy's bicycle for yourself? What if you want to punch Fred in the nose? Freedom to harm others is not good. It does not make life more fun for Billy or Fred does it? How do we decide what is good freedom and what is bad freedom?

Americans decided that your freedom ended when it ran into someone else's freedom. Your right to swing your arms around, ended at George's nose. You have freedom, but not to harm others. What a great way to live! All you have to have to make it work, are people living around you that are willing to play by the same set of rules, and everyone can be happy.

When America was first starting out, the very smart White men, who created this country, wrote up a document that tells the government what it has to let us do. This document is called the Constitution of the United States. All of America agreed to live by this Constitution. They called that "ratifying" the Constitution. At that time, 10 extra things were added to the Constitution, and they were called "The Bill of Rights."

It is thanks to the smart White men who wrote The Bill of Rights, that you can visit this web page. Otherwise there are some bad guys who would stop you from coming here. Right now The Bill of Rights still work.

The first one of The Bill of Rights says several really great things:

  1. You have the right to say what you think. That is why this web page is here today. I have the right to say what I think. They call that "freedom of speech." You have that right too. This is a very important freedom, because if you don't like something, you have to be able to say so, if you are going to make it stop. There are bad things happening in our country today, but the only way to make them stop is to say so. That is why freedom of speech is so very important!

    note: Having a "Right" means you have a legal or just claim to something. It is like having the right to keep your own football that you got for Christmas. It is yours and you have a legal claim to that football. In fact you can have the police force someone else to give it back to you if it is stolen, because it is your RIGHT to keep your own property.
  2. You have the right to get together with your friends as long as you do it without trying to harm others. So, if you want to have a meeting, or a rally, or other way of getting people together, the Constitution says its okay! And if the Constitution says it is okay, there is no one who can legally say it is not okay. I think that the White men who wrote The Bill of Rights wanted to make sure that we could get together and discuss things with other people who are like us, without being afraid of having the government or other people stopping us from doing it. Whether you gather to discuss your religion in your church, or your political ideas at a convention, or to celebrate your White race doesn't matter. You have the RIGHT to do it.

  3. You have the right to your own religion. The The Bill of Rights says that the government can do nothing to stop you in FREELY practicing your religion. The word "freely" is from the same basic or root word as "freedom" came from. If you go out into the middle of the room and nothing is in the way, and you swing your arms every way you can and nothing stops them from swinging, you are swinging them "freely." When you freely practice your religion, the government has no say so whatsoever what you do. You can worship as you want.

    note: As with all freedoms you never have the freedom to harm others while practicing your religion. So, in America, one who practices an Aztec religion would not be allowed to kill someone today practicing their religion, as they did in the past.
  4. You have the right to say what you want in a newspaper. If you owned a newspaper, or you created one on your own, you would be able to say whatever you want in that paper. The Constitution says that the government would not be able to stop you from telling the world whatever you wanted to tell them. If you do not like what the government is doing, you have the right to say so in your newspaper. You have the right to express your opinion. The Constitution says so.

Maybe you will create a great newspaper or you will become a great speaker who will one day help people to understand what is happening in this land. We are going to need great leaders, and great speakers. We are going to need heroes. Don't laugh, it just might be you!

Unfortunately, today newspapers and television news shows are in the hands of those who do not like our people. Most people read the newspapers and watch the television shows and believe them. When you believe a lie, what happens? Say that someone lied to you and told you that poison was good for you. If you believed them you would drink poison and die. It is very important to not believe lies. Always search for the truth until you find it.

What about the dark side of freedom? What happens if you have a crazy man running around totally free? Somebody is going to get hurt! Freedom for someone who is evil, or who is not worried about the rights of others, is a very bad thing. We have mental hospitals for crazy men, and prisons for evil men. Their freedom is taken away from them and they are locked up. If we did not have these things, freedom for the rest of us would not work. If we are going to live in a free society, we must have only people living in that society who are "playing by the rules."

Just imagine for a moment that you are outside with your friends playing a game of baseball. All at once a guy comes up to bat and swings at a pitch, misses the ball and then runs off to third base. He then just stands there. What happens to the game? You tell him that first of all, he didn't hit the ball. You next explain that even if he did hit the ball he must run to first base, not third base. He just says, "Not me. Those are your rules. I am playing by my rules!" If you can't get him to play by the rules, and he won't leave the field, he will ruin your game. If he has his freedom, then you no longer have your freedom to play your game.

That is happening in our country today. A few years ago a Black man, named OJ Simpson, killed his wife with a knife. Many Black people in America did not care. They wanted him to be let go, because he was Black. The rules say, "If you kill someone, you go to jail." The Blacks said, "Those are White man rules, not our rules." Even the Blacks on the jury at OJ Simpson's trial felt that way, and let him go. That has made the game of life in America much harder to play. If enough people decide to not play by the rules, freedom will not be fun any longer. Instead, our game will be ruined.

Here is the truth. Our laws, our Constitution, and our history are all tied up with the White race. Our laws are White laws, and most White folks understand them and agree with them. Unfortunately, many of the people of other races do not understand, or care about our laws. They want to do things their own way, and do not care about our "game."

Our constitution is also a White Constitution, based upon White thoughts and our White heritage, some of which came forward to us from the ancient Greeks and Romans. What do they have to do with the Black or Asian races? Not much. So, other races do not feel the same love for our ideas of freedom and fair play.

And of course our history is White. The White man came from Europe, created America and then spread out this great nation all the way from "sea to shining sea." How did he do it? With guns! He took the land from the Indian, and then used the land to create great cities, and huge farms, which feed hundreds of millions of people today. He also used Black slaves to grow and pick his cotton. The nation was White, and the institutions were White. This land was always a White land, built by White folks, and built for White folks. How do the Blacks and Asians feel about White history? Do they feel love for the Pilgrims? No they don't! They wish the White people had never come to this land and created America. The Blacks wish the Whites would have left them in Africa. Only the White folks are really excited over America and all of the White things it stands for.

If the other races do not care about America, why are they trying so hard to get here? America is rich. The White folks put together a society that works very well. It is a place where money is easy to come by, and food is not a problem to find. In America, even the poor people are overweight. Most of the world is starving to death, while we grow fat. Which would you rather be? Most folks want the weight problem rather than the starving problem. They do not care a bit about American culture or history, but they understand our food and money situation very well.

Unfortunately for everyone, the game that made things great in the USA, has rules. Only the White people are still playing by those rules. As more and more other people arrive here, the rules are being followed less and less. Remember that guy standing on third base? That is what is happening to our society.

Today we have people who are not White, saying that George Washington is not good enough to have a school named after him. They are saying that our heritage is evil and filled with hate. They really do hate White folks and the White culture in America. They not only don't want to play by the rules, but they want to trash the game completely.

So, what makes America great, is not freedom by itself. Before you can enjoy freedom you must have the right people living in your land. If you want to play the game that was created with White rules, for White players, then you must have White people on the playing field.

In the next stadium over, you can have a Black game with Black rules and Black players. And in the next stadium beyond that, you can have an Asian game with Asian players. This is how harmony exists. What is harmony? It is when two or more things work and play together without anger, hatred or fighting. In music, harmony means two or more notes that sound pleasant together. In a society, harmony is when everyone is playing the game by the same set of rules.