(Frequently Asked Questions)

The Black race has Black History Month, and we are told in school that having many races (or diversity) is wonderful. What is wrong with being White, and living in a White country?

Nothing is wrong with being White and nothing is wrong with living in a White nation just like your father, grandfather and great grandfather did, all the way back to 1776 when this nation was born through declaring its independence. All of the great heroes in the history of the United States were White, and they lived in towns that were White. Their children went to schools that were White, and they were proud to be White.

The White man conquered the West and built the great cities of America. The White man created the great American constitution, and the system of government that we enjoy here. The White man invented nearly all of the technology you find around you, including the computer that you are using to read this. At the time of the invasion in 1965, the great White nation of the United States of America was second to no other nation that had ever existed on earth, in its power and its inventive output.

The reason that there is not a White history month is because the enemies of the White people in America do not want White people to be proud of what they have done. Instead they want White people to be ashamed, and at the same time for Black people to be proud of what their race has done. If they succeed in making White kids think that the White man and his culture are weak, evil, and unimportant, when compared with other races and cultures, our White kids will grow up with no desire to preserve our White nation and our White culture. Instead they will give our lands to other races, and let our culture and people die. We cannot let this happen!

Are Black and Brown people evil? Should we hate them?

No! Some Nonwhite people are good and some are bad but you should never hate anyone for something they did not choose. Nonwhite people were born Nonwhite, and that is not something they had any say over. Most of them are proud of who they are, and they should be. We should want Nonwhite people to live long and happy lives in their own countries.

White people have helped other races for centuries. There are many more Nonwhites alive today on planet earth than there would have been if the White man had not ever existed. The White man has given food, medicine and technology away for free to many of the Nonwhite countries of Earth. And there are millions of Nonwhites who are alive today, only because the White man cared enough to feed their stomachs and to treat their illnesses.

Also, there are twice as many American Indians alive today than there were when Columbus discovered America, because the White man can feed all of the extra Indians plus the rest of us (over 250 times as many as the total number of Indians in Columbus' time) on the same land that fed just the Indians before.

While we do not hate Nonwhite people, we do need to remember that the Nonwhites have their own lands in which to live, and if you visit those lands, they do not have many White people living there. Instead of diversity, those Nonwhite lands have only one dominate race living there. That means that the Nonwhite races and the Nonwhite cultures are being protected in the Nonwhite lands. White people are not asked to come and live there, or to force their culture upon those Nonwhite peoples. Instead those Nonwhites want to have there own lands and their own cultures.

What will happen if White people do not do the same thing as the Nonwhites have? What will happen if White people do not have lands that are filled with White people, just like the Nonwhites have their own lands? Unfortunately, what will happen is that White people will die out, and cease to exist on this planet. That is a very bad thing! It is something that we must work very hard to stop. That is why we do not want to have large numbers of Nonwhites living in our land. It is not because we hate them, but because they will destroy our nation and our people if we do not make them stay in their own lands.

Life is hard in many ways. If you do not get enough food to eat, you will die. If you do not have enough money you cannot rent or buy a house to live in. If you are not careful when standing on a high place you can fall and be hurt or killed. If you cross the street without looking you can be run over by a car. None of these hard things have anything to do with hate. They are just the facts of life and you have to live with them. It is the same thing with the subject of race. You wish that all folks could live together without any problems but it is not possible. When you try to force different races to live together it is like trying to get fire and gasoline to live together with out exploding. It cannot be done.

So, while we do not hate other races, we accept the fact that they must live in their countries and we must live in ours. We can visit them and they can visit us, and that is the only way we can live in harmony.

Wasn't it evil that the White race made slaves of the Black race?

There are two point to this question:

  1. Was slavery a White invention and were White countries the only nations to practice slavery? The answer is no. Slavery predates history. All nations on earth have practiced slavery in the past and there is nothing especially White about it. Today there are countries where slavery is still practiced, including certain nations of Africa. If you read the Bible you will find that Israel practiced slavery as well as the other nations that lived around Israel. Slavery has been around a long time and it is not something that the Whites had a monopoly on. In fact many of the slaves that came to America were first captured and enslaved by Blacks and then sold to Whites.

  2. Compare things that men have done throughout history and you will see that the cannibalism of the Africans and certain American Indian tribes, is today considered unacceptable by our standards. Slavery is also unacceptable to our standards today. But today, the White man does not own slaves. Instead, today the White man pays for schools that the Blacks can go to. The White man pays for welfare, and Head Start programs that benefit the Black race. Should we call the Black race evil because their ancestors ate each other? Of course not. If they are not cannibals then they are not guilty of what their ancestors did. By the same reasoning, the White man is not evil for something his ancestors did.
Calling the White race evil for slavery is just plain wrong and it is time to put that nonsense to bed!

My teacher says that we should celebrate diversity. She even has a bumper sticker that says it. Shouldn’t I do what my teacher says? What is wrong with diversity?

Think of diversity as salt. Back in the 1950s there were Mexican restaurants, and Chinese restaurants in America, even though the nation was 90% White. There were Chinatowns in most major cities where you could see colorful parades and Asian people living their Asian lives with each other. These things added some salt, and gave us some variation in what we could see here at home, contrasting with our own culture. In other words we could go visit other races and cultures right here in America, while still having our own race and culture. It “salted” our life with a bit of spice.

Now, look what has happened in America since the 1950s. Instead of having just a bit of salt in our land, we are pouring large handfuls of diversity upon our plate. What happens when you use too much salt on your food? You ruin it. As you add more and more salt to your food, you begin to lose the flavor of the original food. Finally it is only the salt that you can taste and nothing else. The food is ruined and all you have left is something that is too salty. And if you eat only salt, you are going to die.

A culture and a people can only survive if they stick together, separated from other races and cultures. If White folks do not have their own countries in which to live, they will no longer have a place for White culture. If they marry other races, then their children will not be White and the White race will die, from "eating too much salt." That is why too much diversity is death, and why your teacher is very wrong. It would be a bad thing to celebrate diversity, just like it would be a bad thing to eat nothing but salt.

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