The CODE For White Kids

I. Honor your parents, and your people. Strive to always be a person who is worthy of their pride: obedient, thoughtful and industrious.

II. Be proud of your family and your race. There is no shame in being White, and allow none to be placed upon you! Let those you meet know that you are happy and proud to be a member of your race.

III. White people marry only White people. Dating and marriage is how the next generation of White kids will come to be. We must never even consider dating or marrying those of other races, if we are to help our people survive. Your children will only look like you and your ancestors if you marry someone of your own race.

IV. Remember your own history and race, and bring honor to them at all times.

V. Choose your friends wisely! Remember that you will become like those whom you associated with. If you are close friends with those that hate your race, you cannot continue to love your own people.

VI. Never fear to take a stand. Treat all others as they deserve. If they are kind, return kindness. If they are unkind, avoid them if possible, but never allow their unkindness to demean your honor.

VII. Violence is only acceptable to repel violence. Never physically harm anyone who does not intend to physically harm you.

VIII. Choose honor above all else.

IX. Do not take or damage property which belongs to another.

X. Increase your knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power is your path to security. Read something everyday. Books are filled with the powerful knowledge you will one day need.

XI. Develop good manners. Learn to be a well civilized man or woman, who will one day form a family as a husband or wife, where you will raise your children to be proud White kids.

XII. Know your people, their history and their customs. Note always that other races and cultures are different and not friendly towards your people and their history. Never place other races and cultures above your own, for you do not share in them, and they will leave you homeless.

XIII. Always strive to stay within the law, where it does not harm your family or your people. It is your obligation of being a citizen in a society that you live within its laws.

XIV. Your word is your honor. Always keep your word.

XVI. Chose your entertainment well. Do not watch any movie, or television show, play any video game, nor participate in any other form of amusement, which promotes things against The Code. (By watching other people doing things that harm your people, it makes it seem okay for you to do it too!)

XVII. Toleration is only for that which does not harm your family, your race, or your culture.

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