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Table of Contents


SECTION ONE - Feminism And Women      

Chapter One - The Lie Which Destroyed Paradise      

Chapter Two - What Has Become of Adam and Eve's Paradise?      

Chapter Three - Eve At Work      

Chapter Four - What about all that extra money?

Chapter Five - The Fragile Female

Chapter Six - Woman = Man?

Chapter Seven - The Old Ball Game

Chapter Eight - Feminism and the Date

Chapter Nine -  Are Women Sex Objects?


SECTION TWO - Feminism And Men      

Chapter One - The Tiger is Unleashed      

Chapter Two - What Marriage Means to a Man      

Chapter Three - The Key to Civilization

Chapter Four -  The Need for Maculinity


SECTION THREE - Feminism And Children      

Chapter One - A Woman's Right to Choose

Chapter Two - The Ghosts of the Children      

Chapter Three - A Mother's Love


SECTION FOUR - Feminism and America      

Chapter One - The Lethal Attack      

Chapter Two - The Emasculation of GI Joe Introduction

Chapter Three - Divorces, Why So Many?

Chapter Four -  Women, the Foundation of our Civilization

Chapter Five - Feminists and Freedom

Chapter Six - The Joy of Sexism

Chapter Seven - The Tepid Center



Why is there a need to create a case against feminism?

The primary reason that feminism requires debunking is that feminism is not about women. It is not for women. Feminism is about power for, and the political agenda of a small group of people, mostly women, who use women for their pawns, very much as Hitler used the German people to gain his personal goals. The mainstream media has been the willing accomplices in the feminist takeover of our society and therefore as guilty as the feminists themselves for the harm that has been done.

Feminism is based upon a lie. There is a significant difference between men and women and feminism tries to ignore or attack that difference. Books like "Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus" document the differences in even the method of thinking and communicating that men and women have. Other differences include the female’s natural tendency to nurture that males just do not have. Children are in essential need of this nurturing, which feminism is intent on removing. Men are inherently more aggressive than women. These differences are real but feminism, because an admission of this reality would destroy their movement, refuses to see them. Since all of their claims are based upon a rejection of fact, feminism is destined to come to false conclusions. This has been clearly demonstrated over the thirty plus years that their philosophy has held sway in this country.

Feminism is a cruel religion. It is cruel to women. It places women into positions that women are not equipped to handle, and allows them to be abused, raped or murdered because of where they have gone. For example, the military is clearly an unsafe place for a woman, even in peacetime, but feminism is pushing as hard as it can to increase the numbers of women in this dangerous, and manly world. The results have already been unacceptably cruel, but the push is still on. The huge number of law suits by women who are harassed daily in the workplace, clearly demonstrate the inability of women to work along side men without ridged controls which were never required when men worked only with other men. Even with these controls in place, a woman is forever at risk. Feminists have no concern whatsoever for these women. Their only concern is for extending their power and furthering their philosophy.

Feminism is antagonistic to children in the extreme. Children get in the way of the feminist agenda. Whenever something gets in their way, feminists use the power of government to insure that the obstruction gets run over. The feminists are happiest when they can eliminate the problem of children early on, through abortion. If a baby is killed, it won't slow down a woman at work, and cannot possibly tie her down to a homemaker role. This makes feminists happy. If they fail in killing the children, they next attempt to push children into day-care centers, where mothers can avoid the time consuming task of actually raising the little nuisances. Feminism wants to rid women of any ties to children. This is devastating to the children, if not actually fatal.

Feminism is anti-man. Their "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle," motto is clearly a declaration of war on the institution of marriage. Men have no role in the feminist world and are merely considered an obstacle to be overcome or removed. The role of husband is now filled only as a temporary position and that is the way feminism likes it. In fact, from the feminist point of view, it is a superfluous role that should be eliminated completely.

Feminism is not compatible with civilization. No civilization is possible without families. Families are where children learn civilized behavior. The weaker the families are, and the more temporary they are, the weaker and more likely to fail is the civilization. Feminism is a dagger aimed right at the heart of families. If that dagger is successfully placed, our civilization is over. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

SECTION ONE - Feminism And Women


Chapter One

The Lie Which Destroyed Paradise

Eve was a housewife. She and her husband, Adam, lived in Paradise. It was not a perfect garden where all their needs were met without effort. Instead, it was a land where effort was rewarded, which is almost as good.

Adam went off to work each day and provided all the money that Eve and he needed to pay for food, housing , transportation, a few luxuries, and best of all, their children. Eve managed the affairs of the household, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine. The house was clean, the meals were wholesome, and the children were well-mannered, helping out with the household responsibilities. Though each day brought some problems and worries, Adam and Eve worked together to solve them.

The children respected Eve and were obedient to her because that is how they were taught to behave, and if they wanted to do otherwise at any time, they had Adam to face when he got home from work. Adam loved Eve and held her in the highest regard. He had her happiness as his highest goal. His sons were taught that a man always respected a woman and it is a man's responsibility to support his wife and children, giving them the best life he could. His daughters were taught that a wife's role was one of prime importance, and as mothers they would hold the future of the family, the neighborhood, and the society in their hands as they raised their children.

Into this Paradise there crawled a serpent. This scaly creature had been born of pride and greed. Bitter and jealous women looked at the happy situation that Adam and Eve shared and set out to destroy it. They sent the snake called Feminism to deceive Eve. One day Eve was surprised to find the snake in her living room, hanging from her chandelier.

"Do you think that you are happy?" asked the snake.

"Why, yes," she replied without hesitation. "I am very happy!"

"Ah, but look at the life you lead," hissed the snake. "Adam has it much better! He is the king of the castle. He gets all the praise for his professional work. This, while you are his maid, doing his laundry and nobody respects what you do!"

The trap had been sprung. The lie was out there. What did Eve do in response to the serpent's lie? And what have been the results?


Chapter Two

Paradise Lost

From Paradise, where men and women both held positions of honor and respect, children had a solid family in which to feel protected and safe, and the school of civilized behavior was always in session, where has our journey led us? As the generations have passed things have radically changed. The new generation's Eve lives a much different life than the old generation's did. Today Eve must scramble every morning to get ready for work, get the kids ready for school or day-care, fix breakfast and make sure everyone reaches their destinations before she heads to her job. As a single mother, she now has all of the responsibilities of her grandmother, in taking care of the household, and also those of her grandfather in generating an income. She misses too many days of work because the kids need her attention, and so her relative pay is less than Adam's had been. She can only work long hours at the expense of her children, who need her supervision. Since she loves her children, her career is stunted by this fact. When Eve gets off from work, she must scramble once again, picking up the children from wherever she had been able to stash them for the day, and then driving them to any activities they may have. She must cook dinner, do the dishes and clean up the house. Her day is a mad jumble of responsibilities. Eve's children today do pretty much what they want because there is no Adam to teach them to respect and to mind their mother. She just doesn't have enough time in her day to teach them the manners that her grandmother taught her children. Paradise has been lost and all because Eve believed the lie of the serpent.

At the same time, people amazingly are so saturated with the feminist lie that they become angry by any effort to point out the fallacies that are inherent in it. It is a joke, or worse to suggest that, “A woman’s place in the home.” Yet that is the place that she has had for thousands of years! In ancient times, up to as late as the middle of this very century, we see the home as the place that a woman thrived and built society. Here is where she was cared for and was honored. Here is where her name and person were protected with all the might of her husband and sons. It is an identifying quality of our contemporary society that we think that we have found better answers to life’s questions. The thousands of years of history are of no concern to the people of today. We constantly are trying to reinvent the wheel. Because of the high esteem given to “new ideas” today, the arrogance of the feminist has become her most prominent trait. She claims, without hesitation, that all women were nothing more than slaves and donkeys before she came along to uplift them into liberation. The names and intelligence of all the good hard-working women of the past are slighted by these pompous claims. Each of our female ancestors is insulted daily by the feminist pontificators. When you look around at the plight of women today, with all of the single mothers, women living below the poverty line with a flock of children to raise, women who have to duck bullets at night and dodge rapists by day, and a myriad of other plights that women must deal with, the question comes immediately to mind, “What in world did we ever listen to the feminists for?” Perhaps a more practical question should be, “When are we going to stop listening to them?” If we do not stop listening to the feminists, it will be impossible to undo the damage that they have done to women in this country. If we continue to give an ear to their unfounded, insane doctrines we will continue to deteriorate as a society and cease to be a great nation. _____________________________________________________________________

Chapter Three

Eve At Work

Following the Pied Piper from Paradise into the workplace, Eve put on her best dress and headed off in search of fulfillment. One of the things Eve was faced with, as soon as she started to work, was the masculine temperament. She found that men viewed her as a women before anything else. The fact that she was a coworker ran a very poor second in their minds. Men in groups would watch her as she walked by, commenting to each other about how good she looked, or how she would be in bed. If she wore a short skirt, she was eye-balled all day long. Guys were continually hitting on her for a date.

When Eve was put into a position of authority she found that it was a fact of life that men do not like to take orders from a woman. Men did not empathize with her monthly cycle, and if they mentioned it at all it was in a joking manner which attempted to cover up their disdain for her situation. Her company's sexual harassment policy caused men to speak to her one way face-to-face, but their true , and quite different, feelings were expressed when not in the company of female employees.

It is extremely important to note that these facts of the workplace are still going on, after over 30 years of brainwashing children in school with the feminist doctrine. These children have grown up and become adults and yet the facts of human nature have not changed in any significant way. Men have only modified their behavior as far as the law has forced them to, and women still are dressing in ways that inspire the sexist attitudes of men to continue. Women want to be sexually attractive and men want to think of them that way. Feminism has not changed that basic law of nature. Instead, what feminism has done is pull all of the social framework out from under our society and left chaos in its place. Instead of sexual attraction leading to a lifelong marriage and permanent family arrangement, we have it leading to short-term serial marriages, short term sexual encounters, and sexual harassment suits at work. The power of this biological force has been steered from its productive riverbed of stable families into a new channel that is flooding the nation with instability.

Eve's grandmother was respected by her friends and family. She was in sync with her life around her. She had a feeling of belonging and wholesome purpose in life. She had a realistic goal of raising her children well, and running an efficient household. As we now leave Eve to struggle with her situation we can see that she is not in sync with her life. Her house is run in a haphazard, catch-as-catch-can manner. Her children are out of control. She has a dozen or more indicators presented to her each day that she does not belong in the workplace as much as a man does. She is keenly aware that she does not live in Paradise.


Chapter Four

What About All That Extra Money?

You often hear the passing comment, "You just need two incomes today." This is said to bring to a close the discussion, if it ever comes up, of a woman shouldering the difficult job of homemaking as a full time career. "We might as well not even discuss it, because it is not even a possibility," is what the comment really means. It is a great discussion terminator but is it a fact?

Judging from my own personal experience, I have found it to be an out and out lie! Yes, you might have to give up some non-essentials like living in a big house or owning a few of the toys you would otherwise afford, but you get by. I have supported two sons in this fashion and my wife, who is a hard working home maker, has made our family's life a wonderful thing to behold. While renting instead of buying, often having to settle for apartments instead of houses, and driving used cars instead of new, we knew our kids were always supervised and that they were never going to be "home alone." They have both grown up into fine young men, the youngest leaving the nest this very year. There is no doubt that a mother at home is a giant plus for any child growing up. Taking that away from a child is not an option which a loving parent can choose.

What about the money? This is not the issue driving women out of the home. Most women burn almost all of their “extra” income on additional expenses created by the outside job. An extra car, working wardrobe, baby-sitters (whether they are called day-care, pre-school, or some other method of passing off the responsibilities of motherhood), added income taxes and extra costs for eating out more often. The mother is gone, and so is the money. When all is considered, a working mother is adding very little to the financial well being of her family, and that “second income” will be the most expensive money any family well ever earn!


Chapter Five

The Fragile Female

It is a story, told to all of our little girls, that they can do anything they want in life. They can do anything a man can do. But is it true? Do women really do what a man does?

Look at what has happened since women have been given access by the courts into new areas of work. As the women have come in, the work has changed to accommodate them. Suddenly, jobs that require heavy lifting are redefined. Why is this done, if women can do the same job as a man? Every job where the definition of the job was changed because women wanted the paycheck for doing the job, is an example of a job that women could not do. We pretend that women are doing that job now, because the PC courts insist that we must in order to keep our own jobs, but people know better.

How many times have you heard of a sexual harassment suit in the last ten years? For that matter, how many suits have you heard about in the last 10 months? It seems that a new one occurs every day. Each one of those legal actions represents a woman who could not take care of herself in the workplace. She is helpless and cries out to the court to take care of her. She is too fragile to be at work, but insists on being there anyway. Things like jokes, pictures on a wall or attentions paid her by men, are all too much for her to handle. In fact it is so overwhelming for her that she must be paid 6 or 8 figures by her ex-employer to compensate for the trauma of going into the workplace. (No one seems to notice that she often will attend movies where the same jokes, even more erotic photography and a date, far more aggressive than her coworkers, are somehow dealt with. How does she do it without resort to a large settlement out of court?)

In the decades prior to feminism's rise into totalitarian proportions, gentlemen did not tell dirty jokes in mixed company, and generally, ladies would be shocked if they tried. It was an era where women were treated as fragile creatures, too delicate for men's courser natures. Today, the fragile female denies her delicate condition, demanding to be given the opportunity to show how tough she is. She can be a fighter pilot, astronaut or dock worker, just like any man. However, when given that chance, instead she demands that the workplace treat her just like the delicate lady that she is. No dirty jokes, no advances by men, and no heavy lifting.

Companies are put into a no-win situation. They must hire women employees because the liberal courts will award money to the turned down lady if they do not. Once they do hire her, she is a walking law-suit ready to happen. She is a china doll, in a room full of bulls. Sooner or later, the company may have to pay damages because the delicate flower had a pedal creased by the facts of life at work. She then has the hypocritical gall to act like she was the offended party.

The fact that Damages are awarded and working conditions are routinely modified to accommodate the lesser toughness of women, completely justifies the opinion held by all previous generations of men and women, that women should be at home, and be protected by her husband and family. Instead of this sound, reasonable opinion, based upon thousands and thousands of years of history, we have the world of today where all must pretend that the emperor is wearing clothes. "Women are the same as men. This is a fact, and" say the thought police, "You will believe this fact, or else you will be fired, fined and ostracized!" That is not freedom. It is not even rational. It is a lie upon which we can never build, or even maintain, a strong and healthy society.

Women are too fragile to take care of themselves in a man’s world. Even with all of the liberal legal abuses generated in support of women (each a screaming declaration of the delicacy of our females), ladies are still harassed, abused and raped at an ever increasing rate. Our society has taken women out from under the loving care of their fathers in their youth, and their husbands in their adult years. At the same time we are rapidly destroying the social customs that provided protection for women of past generations. Now, we leave it to the overburdened court system to supply the protection for our delicate women. It is not working. TAP. TAP. TAP. IS THIS MICROPHONE ON? IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!!


Chapter Six

Woman = Man?

When the subject of equality comes up, the feminists are quick to point out that a woman can do any job a man can do. Followed closely behind this is the demand for equal pay for equal work, and a rash of temper tantrums and hysterical weeping over the "fact" that women make less money than men. Judging from this bouquet of hostility one would think that women are exact replicas of men and for some strange, inexplicable reason, men have chosen, using some unknown outside force, to subjugate women to a lesser position. Of course, with the two sexes being carbon copies of each other, with no differences, this could never have happened through simple domination of the stronger over the weaker. Feminists are obsessed with convincing everyone who will listen to their "wisdom," that women are not the weaker sex. Therefore, we are at a loss to understand as to how women ever came to be in a secondary status, as is claimed to be the case.

Let us assume total equality between the sexes. Now this should mean that, with absolutely no differences between the sexes, we should just open the door to women applicants for all jobs and suddenly one half, or slightly more, of the jobs will be filled by females based upon their equal abilities. Let us test our hypothesis. We should now have women staring in the National Basketball Association, or at least half of the starting positions should be filled by women. How many women play in the equal opportunity field of the National Basketball Association? Zero! What? How can this be? There are no differences between the sexes but no women can qualify to play in the NBA. Perhaps this is just a errant data point. Even though the NBA allows players of all races and from all over the world to qualify to play, perhaps they are prejudiced only against women. That must be why the WNBA was created. Let's try again.

We will next find the percentage of starting female players in Major League Baseball. Here is a sport that prides itself in breaking the color line and allowing no prejudice to block all qualified players from getting their shot. Half of the starting rosters for baseball must be women. Let's check. Zero women starting players. Hmmm. Even sitting on the bench, reserved for the second string scrub players, there are zero women. Our hypothesis is not faring too well. We check the NFL and we find that there are no women in pro football. I am not sure but I think I see a pattern developing here. How about tennis? We find that women only play against each other in tennis singles matches.

Ahhh! But wait, here we have something to back up our feminist claim: mixed doubles. Why we should call it that, when all men and women are the same is a little puzzling but let us examine it none the less. Watching a mixed doubles match is quite interesting. We see the men players hitting the ball at the opposing female players and even the females players are hitting the ball to the opposing females whenever they can. Fascinating. What can this mean? Obviously tennis players think that the female opponent is the weaker opponent and are trying to take advantage of that by hitting to the woman across the net. Well that doesn't help our hypothesis out now does it?

Imagine the newspaper headline: Steffi Graf Defeats Andre Agassi For World Title. Can you imagine how much delight the feminists and liberal newspapers would enjoy that fantacy coming true? Back in the 1970's it was a big media event when Bobby Riggs challenged the world's best female tennis players to singles matches. Billie Jean King who was number one declined to play him but Margaret Court, who was number two, accepted. Bobby Riggs easily won that match. Why did this make news? Because Bobby Riggs was nearly sixty, a very old man for professional sports. Finally Billie Jean accepted and defeated Bobby Riggs (which is the only thing that is ever mentioned today, when the subject comes up) but the fact remains that he beat the number two woman in the world.

The real world of sports, even the Olympics, are completely segregated by sex. Though women have been given chances to try out in professional sports but they have never qualified as good enough. Even the freak of nature, female super-achiever, is not good enough for men's professional sports. Female sports are, like the Special Olympics, for lesser athletes. The female sports that have a long standing of support are ones that show off the female form exceptionally well. The fit and trim girls running around in their mini-skirted tennis outfits, playing peek-a-boo with every serve, and any breeze that comes along, has a large following. The ice-skaters, with their steamy outfits are also very popular. Promoters of female professional football learned that covering up the female body is death to fan support because the actual play is far inferior to that of the men.

The baseball Silver Bullets, dressed in the typical men's baseball uniform, have an excellent professional manager, and draw on the very best female talent in the country for their team players, and yet they have an abysmal won-loss record, while playing games only with second rate pickup teams of men players. If they hope do more than merely survive, living off the grace of their dedicated sponsor and the fanatical feminists, and instead actually grow into a full fledged female sport, they must learn the lesson of other successful women's sports, and show off what they have that is entertaining. (The fledgling WNBA should also take note and design their uniforms accordingly.)

Obviously the hypothesis of total equality is faulty. As with all faulty hypotheses, when they are proven wrong, they must be thrown out. Women and men are different and are not carbon copies of each other.

The only logical conclusion is that women are not capable of doing certain things, as demonstrated by their poor showing in the sports world. So, to test where their abilities actually lie, let us set up standards that are the minimum requirement for a job and test all applicants to see if they can qualify. If they can, then of course they will be hired. If not then they will not be hired. This should make the feminists, who believe in total equality, quell their hostility. All should be pleased with this solution.

When we look around, we find many jobs where standards have been the norm for decades. Historically, the military, firemen and policeman have had to meet standards. What has been the feminist response to this equal opportunity to qualify in these areas? Are they overjoyed at the chance to prove their theories through actual testing against these standards? No! Instead, they have used the courts to force the standards to be lowered! This must give us pause. The NBA is allowed to maintain its standards, even though it is a totally unimportant part of our society. If standards were to be forced lower, one would think something as unimportant as a sporting event would be the place to start. The military guards our entire country from enemies who might attack us. If the military is weakened it will ultimately harm us all. The firemen are the ones upon whom we depend, in case of fire, to pull us out of harms way, even if we weigh two hundred pounds or more. If they are weakened it will put our lives in danger. The policemen have to fight the bad guys, often physically taking them on, one on one. This is critical to maintaining law and order in our communities. Certainly lowering the standards here is illogical at best.

It is quickly seen why feminists are so hostile. They believe in a mythical equality of the sexes and act accordingly. They are frustrated by reality, which runs counter to their beliefs. This breeds a confusion which results in angry name calling and application to the courts to straighten reality out. It is quite insane, but it has caught on in the United States today. Quite fashionable really.

Even when women can physically handle a physically non-demanding job, they miss more working days than men, for various reasons, but mostly because of children. Missing more work than a man, is not doing the same job as a man. So, it is not surprising that their pay is not the same. More frustration for the feminists. To really throw salt in the wounds of these poor deluded ladies, many women will quit their job for varying lengths of time because they get married or children are born. Since this will usually kill any serious, power career, the feminists are appalled. This is just not to be taken sitting down by these fanatics. It is time for action! But they have found, over and over again that no action is possible that will eliminate the differences between men and women. Yet they keep trying!


Chapter Seven

The Old Ball Game

Let’s take a little trip into the future and listen to a conversation between a grandfather and his grandson.

"Joey, you know when I was a kid baseball wasn't like it is today," said Gramps to his 15 year old grandson. The three-dimensional presentation of the game was being played out on their living room floor, and had the same perspective for them as if they were in the stadium themselves.

"Yeah," replied Joey. "You had to watch it on that little 2-D TV screen, didn't you?" The crowd roared as the fifth batter in the line up led-off the inning with a walk.

"TV wasn't what I was referring to boy," Gramps said with a shake of his head. "TV was pretty primitive in those days to be sure, but the game was a whole lot better!"

The smell of popcorn and hot dogs was all around them as the runner took a short lead off first. Some fan was yelling support for the home team and a baby could be heard off in the distance.

"Oh, sure it was Gramps!" laughed Joey. "Everything was better in the 'good old days.' We all know that!"

The pitcher didn't bother making a throw over to first and concentrated on the next batter. The bottom half of the order never stole a base and he couldn't afford another walk.

"Ha, ha," laughed Gramps without any mirth. "Back then there were 9 men on a team. All 9 of them could play ball, and most of them could hit too!"

"Even the girls?" asked Joey in disbelief. The next batter took a called fourth strike. Only one more and the pitcher would be done with this batter.

"There were no girls on the team then, that is what I am trying to tell you Joey," said Gramps. "They had 9 men on the team and no women."

"Why that is pure sexism Gramps! Everybody knows you got to have women on the team, its the law!" Joey couldn't believe what he was hearing. The courts had ruled before he was born that all sports teams had to have a compliment of female players that was at least equal in relative size to the percentage of females in the population. That meant, since there were slightly more women than men in America, the baseball teams had to have five women on the field at all times. This was just common sense.

"It wasn't the law back then!" replied Gramps with enthusiasm. "Back then you could get the best players you could afford to pay for to play on your team. Everybody played by the same rules too." Today, the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth batter were women. They were allowed 5 strikes before they were out, and 2 balls gave them a walk. Men were out after 3 strikes and it took 4 balls to walk them.

The batter took a swing at the next pitch and missed. No one seemed surprised, since the fifth through ninth batter nearly always made an out. There were rumors that the court was going to change the rules again and insist that only women could pitch to women to make the game more fair. They also were reviewing the practice of putting all the worst batters at the end of the lineup, since that was obviously a sexist approach.

"Wow Gramps," Joey said shaking his head. "Things were sure sexist when you were a kid weren't they?"

"Yes I guess they were Joey. I guess they were." Gramps looked at the game in progress and got up. He hadn't really enjoyed a baseball game in years. Joey liked the home team and Gramps like to do things with him, but baseball just wasn't baseball anymore. As he went to get a soda pop from the kitchen, he wondered how things had ever come to be where they were now. Was sexism really such a bad thing?


Chapter Eight

Feminism and the Date

Date rape is currently a hot topic of television talk shows, magazine articles and newspaper stories. It a major issue with feminists and a concern of all parents of girls. What is it about today’s society that makes date rape such a common occurrence?

The grandparents of our modern day woman approached dating in a completely different way. Dating had one purpose: to find a lifetime partner for marriage. Fun activities were the rule but they were chaperoned and/or in public places. Sex was saved for marriage and most women were virgins prior to their wedding nights. It was a very common occurrence that a woman would never have any other sexual partner for her entire life than her husband. Girls that did have sex with men on dates were looked down on and considered "loose" and not "the type of girl a man would want to marry."

Parents were much different then also. A man who got a girl pregnant was expected to marry the girl and stay with her for life. A girl's father, brothers, uncles and cousins were all there to protect her. She was looked upon as needing protection and therefore got it. When grandma went on a date, because of the pre-feminist customs in force then, she was relatively safe from date rape because boys were first of all taught that it was wrong by their stay-at-home mothers and secondly, because they knew that a girl’s family would physically harm or kill them if they tried such a barbaric thing. Because of the training and social pressures, Grandma was unlikely to become a single mother from dating also. A perfect system? No. There were some problems with it, and a small number of women did end up in unhappy marriages, being raped on a date or as unwed mothers. But the number of girls that this happened to was insignificantly small when compared with the number of such events occurring today.

Today the whole dating package has changed. It has a new purpose. Today, a date is nothing but a chance to go out and have fun, with no eye towards marriage. Men no longer look at their date as an angelic creature whom they may want to share their lives with. Drinking, drugs and sex are often included in a date. What protection does the woman of today have? Her parents assume that all teenagers and young adults are a bunch of animals that cannot help having sex before they are married. Many parents go so far as to allow their daughter to live in their house with her boyfriend. So, if sexual intercourse happens, it was to be expected. Therefore, it happens very frequently. Seldom does a father of today, even if he is still living in the same home as his daughter, contemplate taking a gun and finding the boy that deflowered his little girl, even if it was forced upon her.

A guy goes on a date expecting to have sex and is disappointed if he does not "get any." Girls dress for dates in outfits that would have made a whore blush in grandma's time. Dates are often to out of the way places where there is no protection at all for the girl. Feminism has taught the kids that women are free to have all the sex that they want, with whomever they want. All the societal protection, short of criminal prosecution , has been removed which prevented a male from raping his female date. Since women are having sex before marriage, that special something called virginity, is not taken when a rape occurs and it has led to a lessening of the significance of the act of rape. Feminists constantly cry out against rape, but their philosophy has made it far more likely that a rape will occur.

The act of sex has been cheapened by the feminist. Feminism views sexual intercourse as a badge of freedom for women, even though it all too often later makes a marriage more difficult to sustain, and single motherhood a virtual certainty if practiced often enough. Contrary to bringing freedom, there is nothing that can shackle a woman's life like being a single mother. Thanks to feminism, women’s lives have become one of slavery to circumstance.


Chapter Nine

Are Women Sex Objects?

There can only be one honest answer to this question. Men's magazines would go broke, 1-900 numbers wouldn't exist, Madison Avenue would not pour big dollars into model's fees, and men would not stop whatever they are doing to watch a woman walk by if they were not. Face it, prostitution would never be the oldest profession unless women were sex objects. All across the nation we see billboards, and mud flaps showing off the female body. Why? Because this curvaceous form has a predictable effect on males. It is not just a conscious reaction! The pupils of the male eye will actually change state when seeing a picture of a woman's body. Commercial advertising of all types take advantage of this by using these sex objects, trying to associate the mental image of bedding a beautiful babe with their product. Television shows and movies put as many naked, or near naked, women into their shows as they can. Men just can't get enough of those sex objects.

Contrary to the feminist drivel, women want to be sex objects as well! Why are high-heels popular with women? It is not because women are afraid of being vertically challenged. It is not because the heels are comfortable to wear. It is because it makes the calf muscles stand out which enhances the sexual appeal of their bodies. Why do women wear short skirts? These lovely ladies have to fight all day to make sure their knees are together to avoid publicly parading their underwear, while repeatedly checking the hem to make sure it hasn't pulled up embarrassingly and they have to be very careful when they bend over to pick something up for the same reason. What is the point of going through all of that hassle? Obviously it is to make men think of them as sex objects. What of tight pants, low-cut blouses, see-through materials, and makeup? How about shorts, thin shirts which reveal the shape of their mammary papilla in clear highlight, and peek-a-boo slits up their long skirts? All of it highlights the sexuality of the woman, enhancing her image as a sex-object.

At one level or another you already know this. It wouldn't even be worth mentioning except for the fact that it is completely contrary to the feminist dogma of today. We are told that women are not sex objects and the they don't want to be thought of as sex objects. These two key tenets of the feminist commandments, proclaimed to be straight from the feminist goddess of policy, are clearly made of the same fertilizer as the rest of the "ideas" in this false religion. They are out and out lies. Being a sex object is one aspect of every woman. The degree to which she wishes herself to be thought of in that manner will be shown in her attire and the way she walks, talks and flirts. But it is one of the things that is always evaluated about her by everyone she meets during the day. This simple fact seems to be a taboo subject, in spite of its obvious truth.

Many feminists have aggressively tried to fight against this basic law of nature. Some dress in manly, or unkempt clothes to try and hide the fact that they are sex objects. But the general population of women are quite comfortable with the facts of life. Being sexually desirable is something that most women are proud of, or else they would not dress in a fashion to highlight that side of their being. The unnatural aspect of this issue comes into the picture when the feminist, head buried firmly in the sand, proclaims that all of this sex appeal doesn't exist, or can be changed.

In this section we have seen that feminism is truly cruel to women. It has put the burden of supporting themselves upon the mothers of our nation. With the changes that it has created within our society, it has increased the chances to a very high level that a woman will be abused, raped or murdered sometime in her life. Dates are often a place of rape or consensual sex where an unplanned child is produced. The system of protection for women has been removed by feminism and women are suffering every day because of it.

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ SECTION TWO - Feminism And Men


Chapter One

The Tiger is Unleashed

Men are bigger, stronger and more sexually driven than women are. They can overpower a woman, and do not need a weapon to be a serious threat to her. These are biological facts of life. The feminist philosophy attempts to minimize or ignore the significance of these facts and that is why it is such a destructive point of view.

Boys can be raised to think of women as special creatures who are to be treated differently than men. With this upbringing in place, a man will naturally protect a woman in danger. He will do symbolic things, showing that protective attitude, like opening her door for her. He will be willing to be a lifetime partner in marriage with her. He will have it ingrained in his deepest ego recesses that he is responsible for taking care of his wife, and being helpful to, and protective of, women in general. He is not a threat to commit a rape, or leave his wife for another woman. Although there are exceptions, these generalities usually hold true.

On the other hand, men can be raised to think of women as nothing special. Women are able to take care of themselves, even defend themselves, and certainly support themselves. There are no real controls on the sexual drives of these men, because they have been taught that a woman is not a potential wife but rather a sexual conquest waiting to be made. A rape is far more likely to be caused by one of these men. If they enter into a relationship, they have no deep seeded need to be the provider for their family, because a women has her own income. When a better looking (more understanding, more sexually active...) woman comes along, he goes along with her, with hardly a brush of conscience. Such men are tigers on the prowl, looking for new prey to satisfy their sexual desires. Women can never rely on them for support if a child is produced by their sexual activities. This has been clearly demonstrated by the young adults of today.

Feminism, as it has taken root in our country, has changed men’s upbringing from the former to the later of the above scenarios. Men have lost their status as the head of the family, provider and protector. Women have taken over these roles to an ever increasing degree. This has left men free to wander off and do what they want to do, while leaving the family to fend for itself. Boys are raised in homes with no father and have no role model of how to be an integral part of a family. They also are relatively free of discipline from their single mothers and therefore do not learn the civilized behavior that boys once were taught. Gangs of boys are becoming more and more prevalent, where the group is the surrogate replacement for the fathers that are not around for their sons.

Gangs are run by males, for males. To a gang member, women are nothing but pieces of meat to be used for men’s pleasure. Gangs are not part of our civilization, they are at war with it. They feed off the misery of others by selling drugs and women, and use violence to protect their devastated territory. As gangs grow more numerous, our civilization is severely threatened. Gangs would be non-existent if fathers had a non-feminist upbringing, and a solid role in the family. Instead the size of the gang population is increasing, and children all over the country are wearing gang-type attire, and listening to the gangs’ rap music.


Chapter Two

What Marriage Means to a Man

Physically, married men live longer than single men do. It would appear that marriage supplies some key ingredient to the mix that is life, which men need. The magical creature called “woman” complements his hardness with her softness. She fills his need to be a man at a basic level, and his longevity is at stake if he does not have that need met.

A man needs to feel important. He needs to feel that he is honored. The male ego is a mystery to women. Yet, there is nothing on earth that can boost the male ego more than the emotional support of a woman. A man is his strongest when he perceives the need of his strength by his woman. The contrast of his masculinity with her femininity can drive him to reach levels of ethical strength, career advancement, and physical endurance that nothing else can. When he perceives need in his wife, a man will move mountains, if necessary, to fill it.

Feminists have aimed their strongest attacks at this mechanism. They have denied a woman’s need of a man’s strength, thereby removing a man’s motivation to be strong for his wife. They have attempted, with unfortunate success, to goad women into careers whereby the man’s role has been lessened, and to appear increasingly insignificant. They have denied the distinct differences between the masculine and the feminine, creating confusion, and removing much of the driving force from all modern marriages.

This process has been carried on for three decades and a steady increase in the divorce rate has been the result. Men and women are waiting longer and longer before getting married but the increased problems brought on by this wait, including numerous sexual encounters, broken relationships and illegitimate children, make it even more likely that their marriages will end in divorce.

Men need a life long marriage at least as much as women do. They need to feel the importance of being responsible for a family. They need to be needed, loved and to feel they are in an honored position. By their efforts, feminists are destroying men by stealing their families from them. There is no lower activity on the face of the earth.


Chapter Three

The Key to Civilization

Men hold the power in this society, as they have in all societies that have ever existed. This will never change because, contrary to the feminist propaganda, it is a law of biological fact that men are more aggressive than women. The only reason that feminism has had any serious impact upon our country is because many men have foolishly supported the movement. Even today, men do the heavy work, the fighting, and the leading in nearly all areas of our society.

Men are extremely competitive and many women are at a loss to understand why men are often very upset by a poor performance in something so seemingly insignificant as a sporting event. They explain it away as a “guy thing.” This “guy thing” is what pushes men in business and politics. It is why men will always be the dominate sex in the leadership of any human civilization.

Women are less competitive by nature. They are more nurturing. Men expect their children to mind the first time that they are told to do something. Mothers are far more pliable than fathers, tending to give in to a child’s pleading. Men do not understand this aspect of women, and view it as “a girl thing.” Children need both of these parental approaches and that is why a single mother or father is not as effective as a parent as would be a married couple.

The nurturing woman has a vital role in any civilization. She not only is able to fill the role of “mother,’ far better than a man, but she also has an influence upon a man that nothing else can. The naturally wilder, uncivilized man is pulled back, held in check by his woman. Anyone who has walked across a dark parking lot in the late evening, is brought a feeling of relief when they see that the big, mean-looking man who just got out of a car nearby is accompanied by his wife. Why is that?

Women civilize men. A man is less aggressive, less prone to criminal activity, and less likely to prowl around with a group of other men looking for trouble when he is in a permanent relationship with a woman. Men even drive cars more carefully, and worry more about the results of all their actions, when they have a wife and children depending on them.

By inducing women to not depend upon men, and thereby virtually eliminating the permanent marriage from our society, the feminist philosophy has removed the civilizing check upon men. How often have you heard the phrase from a woman’s mouth, “Men are animals,” or how about, “Men are pigs?” Without a woman and a solid marriage to keep them in line, that is exactly what men tend to be. As marriages become more fragile, men become less civilized.

Civilization is the only thing which protects a woman in this world. When civilization breaks down, as ours is beginning to, women find that their situation becomes less and less secure. Rape becomes more common. Women are viewed as mere conquests or possessions by the uncivilized man.

What of religion? Will that save the feminist female as society crumbles about her? Will the Christian beliefs force men into civilized behavior? Absolutely not! The Christian Bible is the most patriarchal document in common usage today. From start to finish the Bible commands women to be submissive to their husbands and it is loaded with examples of women who were just that. Old Testament and New are complete and devastating attacks upon the feminist philosophy. The more society accepts feminism. the more it must reject biblical Christianity. There is no hope of help from that quarter.

There is nothing but hopelessness for the followers of the feminist and any society which embraces her doctrine. Families disintegrate, men become more and more uncivilized, women are in increasing danger and civilization crumbles. It is as sure as the sunrise.


Chapter Four

Real Men: The Need for Masculinity

As our society has become more progressive, we have made every effort to eliminate the masculine from the picture. Real men are becoming harder to find, as the Political Correctness movement has launched an all out effort against them.

What are the qualities of a real man that the feminists hate so much? Here are a few of them:

•A real man does not do housework because it is women's work. Sure, when the wife is ill or an emergency comes up, a real man will lend a hand but generally a real man has a real woman to do his housework for them both.

•A real man supports his family. His wife does not earn a paycheck, but she spends most of his! His family is financially supported by his efforts. He will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over the heads of his family and ensure that they have plenty to eat.

•A real man does not leave his wife for another woman, ever! He is true to his marriage vows and will do whatever it takes to hold his marriage together. He will treasure his wife and treat her like the special creature that she is. His world is his wife and family.

•A real man is a solid father. He teaches his children manners, and ethics. His children are taught to mind and be concerned about other people's feelings and property. You want his children to be the kids next door to your house.

•A real man is the king of his house. He has the final word on major decisions. He is very concerned about the happiness of all of the members of his house and does not make decisions that will emotionally harm any of them. His decisions are based upon the all of the needs of his family: emotional; moral; and financial. His reign is kind and merciful. The subjects of his rule are proud of their position, and not embittered by their role.

•A real man is a gentleman. He is not rude, or thoughtless of others. He is firm but not hostile. He is honorable and honest. If you break down on the road, you want a real man to stop and help you. If your daughter is getting married, you know that she will have a secure, honorable and happy life if she marries a real man. Your grandchildren will be well mannered and happy if their father is a real man.

Yes, this is the individual that the feminists hate. Here is the focus of all their hostility. They have done everything in their power to train boys in school, and anywhere else they have influence, that being a real man is evil and to be avoided. Instead boys are directed towards being effeminate. Feminists want men who cry and are sensitive, who are willing to let a woman run things. If they had their way all little boys would be dressed in skirts and little girls would wear the blue jeans.

It will never happen exactly that way, because it is biologically programmed into males to be masculine and into females to be feminine. However, what feminism has been able to do is destroy the training that boys used to receive, and instead of real men, they are becoming real animals, chasing sexual encounters and more toys, instead of the things that create a stable society and long term families.

What we are in dire need of in this country are more real men, and the real women who will join with them to create a solid society!

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ SECTION THREE - Feminism And Children


Chapter One

A Woman’s Right To Choose

Does a woman have a right to choose? Of course. She can choose what to eat each day. This is a choice and she has a right to make a decision as to what that choice is to be. No individual that I know of opposes this right. Therefore, it appears to be without opposition that a woman has a right to choose. The title phrase of course is too ambiguous to have any meaning worth getting into large scale debates over. It is an incomplete statement, in that it has no object or qualification as to what she might be choosing.

If the title of the article were rephrased thusly, "A woman's right to choose to do anything at all she desires," then the assertion is patently false. A woman may not legally rob, assault or extort. This is not contested by even the most radical feminist to my knowledge. Once again we are left without anything to discuss.

So far we have established that a woman has a legal right to choose certain things, but not all things. So, what is the limiting factor in her right to choose? When her choice will harm another person, physically, financially and sometimes emotionally, the law stops her from doing so.

Let us take an example. A woman delivers a baby after eight months of pregnancy. She is unmarried, young, and without financial support. She decides that she doesn't want this baby in her life. She wishes that it had never existed because of the problems that it brings along with its presence. She reasons that this child will grow up unloved and despised. No child should have to go through that. It might be molested by a boyfriend of hers or end up on drugs or in a gang. She decides that the only humane thing to do is to terminate the life of the child. She takes out a large kitchen cutting utensil and proceeds to separate her child into smaller pieces for ease of disposal. She has exercised her ability to choose but not her right to choose. She has no legal right to kill her child. In fact she is guilty of murder, and can be prosecuted for that crime. The newspapers, child rights advocates and other like minded groups join their voices together with the religious right, and like minded groups in outrage that such an atrocity has occurred. Liberal talk show hosts, join their voices together with the conservative talk show hosts in denouncing this woman's actions. All agree that this is an outrage.

Now, take a second example. A woman, also very young, has carried a fetus for eight months. It has developed to the exact same point as the child in the first example. This woman decides that for the same reasons as those listed in the first example, she is going to hire a doctor to do exactly the same thing to her child as the mother did in the first example. The doctor lays her on a table, and proceeds to segment the body parts of the baby into separate pieces for easy extraction. The child dies a rather unpleasant death. Suddenly the reactions of the general population is no longer uniform. Now we have the country divided into two hostile camps. Now the liberal and the conservative disagree about the morality and ethical nature of the act. The conservative reaction is consistent. He is outraged by the brutal murder of a baby. The liberal suddenly sees no problem with the act.

Here we have a clear demarcation between the anti-abortionists and the pro-abortionists. Consistency would dictate that if one of the above acts is a crime, so is the other. It takes a mental effort of huge proportions to see any significant difference between the results of the two acts in the two examples. In both cases a child dies. In both cases a mother is freed from the responsibilities of mothering a child. In both cases the child will not grow up in a neglected environment. In both cases the child was equally well developed physically and mentally. The only difference is not significant to the child, it either has or has not moved a few inches outside the wall of mother's abdomen. The two children are of equal intrinsic value and are an equal loss to humanity.

Does a woman have a right to choose to end the life of her baby? If people believe this, then they are hypocritical if outraged by mothers who drown, smother, or neglect their children to death, because it is a woman's right to choose what is done with her baby's life. They have no grounds for outrage about a woman exercising her right to choose.


Chapter Two

The Ghosts of the Children

How many lives has feminism taken? It is the bloodiest movement this planet has ever seen. Hitler, and his Second World War, complete with gas chambers and death camps, could not reach the body count of feminism. Stalin with his millions of executions could not match the slaughter of the women’s movement. The death toll is staggering and growing at a steady rate of more than a million per year,. More than the number of all the soldiers America has lost, in all of its wars combined, is the number of little children that are put to death in the United States of America each year in the unholy sacrament of the feminist religion.

Abortion is the greatest unnatural cause of death the world has ever seen. Babies are dissected alive, burned to death in the womb, pulled part way out of the womb and then stabbed in the brain and in some cases delivered completely and then thrown into a bucket of water and drowned. This, all in the name of the feminists’ twisted claim to a “Woman’s right to choose.”

We will not discuss the ethics of abortion here. It would be like discussing the ethics of child rape, or the kidnapping, torture, and murder of an innocent woman or any activity devoid of even a touch of ethics. How can you discuss that which does not and cannot exist? Instead, let us look at the motives and results of this lethal activity.

Any murder must have a motive, either sane or insane. What is the motive for the murder of over 30 million of our little children? Feminists know that women can never be free to have casual sex without a possibility of a pregnancy occurring. Feminists view men as being superior because they can have sex without having to worry about the consequences. In order for women to be as good as men, in feminists’ eyes, abortion must be legal. Feminists have also killed the children because they view them as the biggest obstacle to their unnatural goals.

In the US, we peaked at killing 1.5 million babies a year, and now have fallen off to killing “only” a couple of hundred thousand more than a million babies per annum. We have over 30 million less citizens in our country today because they never had a chance to be born. (That is more people than live in our most populous state, or the entire country of Canada!) But even that drastic and heartless solution was not enough. Many babies actually survived these Herodical measures. Now what to do? Back to the courts. Let us make employers and/or the government foot the bill for the differences (a non-sequitur?) between men and women. We will force them to pay for day care, and then pretend that the births never actually happened. It's almost as good as killing the kids, because women do not have to waste any time with the little nuisances, with their runny noses, during the work day. This special treatment, we can pretend is equality.

No one wants to see a woman die on the end of a clothes hanger. It is a horrible tragedy! But the same part of your heart that is touched by her death is touched by her little child that died right along with her. All of the arguments put forth by the feminists in support of this ongoing atrocity are nothing but houses of cards that are blown over with the first breath of logic that happens along. Feminists are not concerned with having logical arguments! All of the arguments that they use are only put up as a distracting smoke screen anyway, to avoid talking about the fact that they are killing children. The real motivation for abortion is sexual freedom for women and nothing else!

Feminists know that child rearing is a full-time occupation for a woman, but single mothers have been a natural result of feminism. Single motherhood disrupts a woman’s life, makes it nearly impossible to compete with a man in a career, and shows up feminism to be the lie that it actually is. To counteract this, abortion has been pushed harder, and more militantly, than any other feminist goal. This is not a women’s issue: Over half of the children slaughtered have been female!

Abortion shows feminism with its true colors flying. This movement is as heartless as the Nazis and even more bloodthirsty. It was the darkest day in American history when this country turned an open ear to these people. We shall be haunted for many long years by the ghosts of our murdered children.


Chapter Three

A Mother’s Love

Throughout history there has been a constant that has been passed down from generation to generation. This constant has been praised in poetry and in song. It has been the subject of drama and of comedy in the theater. This constant has been known to nearly all of the people who have ever lived and is known as “a mother’s love.”

Little boys and little girls have threatened each other with, “I’m going to tell my Mommy!” for as long as there have been children. When a child is faced with a situation that is too big for his little abilities to handle he cries, “I want my Mommy!”

Through daily childish problems, and confusion about right and wrong, children have always known that they can drop everything, right now, and run into the loving arms of their mother for an answer. Until today.

Feminism has put a stop to all that nonsense. If a child today has a problem, he must approach a busy day care operator and wait in line, or wait for her television show to reach a good stopping point before he will have his problem curtly dealt with. Today, Mommy is entirely too busy trying to earn a paycheck to be bothered with sharing her mother’s love with her child. Is she cold-hearted? No! She has been duped by the feminist propaganda machine into thinking that a job is more important than her children.

Children are sent to daycare, pre-school, baby-sitters or just left home alone by mothers who are convinced that they are doing the right thing. The feminist has waged a full scale attack on mothers for several decades. At first, when the courts and popular opinion were dead set against them, they lied to the American people by saying that all they wanted was for women to have an opportunity to work. Women who wanted a career could already have one, long before the 1960’s. It wasn’t fashionable, but it was possible. What the feminists wanted was something altogether different. They wanted women to stop being homemakers and mothers and start being men.

Everything the feminists have done has been driven by this goal. They started by heaping ridicule upon homemakers. The way that it was packaged, it appeared as if the feminists were speaking to the men of our country, but the real audience were the homemakers. The feminists said, “Women have been forced to stay at home where they lead lives of drudgery and are unfulfilled. They have no opportunity to have a career and real happiness.”

Men raised their eyebrows at this. Most men were working hard, often at a job that they hated, to provide for their families. They would much rather have been doing something else. Men did not work to “be fulfilled” but because it was their duty to take care of their loved ones.

What feminists said was total nonsense, and men saw that, but the real audience heard the message just as they were supposed to. Women were made to feel small and insignificant in their role of managing the home and raising the next generation. How absurd for them to be made to feel this way! Yet it happened.

As women followed the Siren’s song into the workplace, marriages began crashing onto the rocks, shattered by the impossible strains placed upon them. Men suddenly found themselves working around well dressed young women who all too often had no serious problem with an adulterous affair. Wives found themselves receiving a great deal of attention from the many men that they worked around. Adultery became almost common place and marriages were destroyed.

But the real victims were, and are, the children. We have a generation that has reached adulthood already who do not know what it is to be raised by their real mother and father in a solid family. Instead they have been raised by a single mother, who has brought several “fathers’ into the home and perhaps married one or more of them over the lifetime of the child. Studies have shown that children who are living in a situation other than with both of their own biological parents, are many times more likely to be physically and sexually abused. Are these children going to be able to show the next generation how to have a life long marriage? Even if the blight of feminism were removed from our society tomorrow, this unfortunate collection of new adults would be hard pressed to create permanent relationships.

Instead of being gone tomorrow however, feminism is gaining speed. The courts are forcing companies to hire women, and are making it difficult to fire them, even if they are incompetent. The government is overloading its employee base with females. Television and movies are promoting the feminist point of view better than any paid advertisement campaign could hope to. Feminism is planted deep into the vitals of America, and like a cancer, is running wild. It appears to be terminal.


SECTION FOUR - Feminism And America


Chapter One

The Lethal Attack

What Germany and Japan failed to do in the Second World War has been accomplished by liberalism in general, and feminism specifically: the conquering of America. The America of the neighbor-helping, honest, family-oriented and patriotic citizen has been obliterated and replaced by the socialist “Amerika” of the neighbor shunning, tax cheating, self-oriented and traditional-values-hating citizen. How was America beaten?

Armies have known for centuries the power of propaganda. Totalitarian governments, like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, knew that controlling the news broadcast and schools, solidified their hold over the people. Citizens who are misinformed by government propaganda are much easier to control. A citizen who agrees with the government is much less likely to revolt. A lie that is commonly accepted, is often more effective and more powerful a mechanism of tyranny than are tanks and bombs.

America has been defeated by a propaganda campaign, unequaled in all of history. All of America’s public institutions, including the courts, legislature, and most of all, the schools have been completely saturated with the enemy’s propaganda. No court, legislative body or public school would dare to attack feminism. Our laws have been changed and enforcement has been uncompromising in supporting the conquerors. Our schools put out a constant stream of feminist doctrine, as if all of American thought prior to 1960 was mere drivel.

All women of the past who were homemakers and mothers are either ignored or held up to actual ridicule, as if they were nothing more than work animals. If a teacher today said to a female student that her lifetime goal should be to be a good homemaker and mother, what would happen to the teacher? Feminism has total control of the schools.

I will discuss the role of media later in this book but in the mean time just think about, where in the national public media do you find the opposition voice to feminism? It does not exist! There are no news stories, documentaries or editorial commentary that casts feminism’s goals in a bad light. There are no television shows or articles in the major magazines of this country that glamorize the role of the homemaker and mother, or that point out the damage caused by America’s acceptance of the feminist religion. Even Rush Limbaugh, whom I respect, with all his “Feminazi” bluster, does not do that! While he does poke fun at the radical feminists, and opposes abortion, he is firmly in support of the feminist doctrine of a woman going to work and leaving the home to make itself. With this total blanket of feminist propaganda covering our country, America has been conquered and stands defeated. Total, and unconditional, surrender has been declared, and our children are the sacrifice that we have offered up to our new religion.


Chapter Two

The Emasculation of GI Joe

What stood between the United States and Imperial Japan in 1942? What held the Soviet Union at bay until it collapsed? What is the only hope of the United States in withstanding a future enemy from abroad? The fighting men of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps!

With this knowledge in hand, what should be the goal of the United States with respect to this essential group of men? We should do everything in our power to give them the training, equipment and circumstances with which they can optimize their effectiveness. Nothing should be done which will weaken these forces or make their job more difficult.

Anyone who has been paying attention lately is sharply aware that the military is not focused on defending this nation like it was in the past. Instead it is focused on how to deal with feminist control of the military policy. That has made them less effective than they would have been otherwise. That alone should tell all of us that feminists do not care about the defense of this country. They are traitors to America in favor of their cause.

The military needs men who are physically strong, aggressive, and able to kill a man with their bare hands if necessary. They must be able to spend long periods of time in uncomfortable conditions, with no privacy and no conveniences. There is often need for long marches carrying heavy equipment, followed by strenuous fighting. What type of confused thinking would even attempt to put a woman into that situation: a woman who wouldn’t even think about trying to join the men’s high school football team, which is far less demanding and a good deal safer?

Whenever the subject is brought up as to why women are put into the military, a quick misdirection is played by the feminists. They say, “I think a woman should have a right to serve their country in the military just like a man can.” The conversation is thusly changed from the needs of the United States military to the needs of the feminist. This selfish turn has been quite effective to date. Americans love freedom and are proud of their rights. By appealing to this part of our natures, feminists have completely distracted the American people from the simple, but critical fact, that no one has a right to join the military! It is not a right at all. The military is in place to protect our country. It has the obligation to choose whom it will take and whom it will not take. Men who are not physically or mentally qualified are not allowed admittance into the service.

The fact is that, if the feminists had not tinkered with the military physical standards, women would be rejected on those grounds alone. That would have ended the problem before it even started. The critical point is this: whomever we put into the military should be chosen because it makes the military stronger and for no other reason! Social justice, political causes or any other considerations are not applicable. No citizen has a right to serve and any discussion based upon that felonious assumption is invalid.

I recently spent some time in the local MEPS (Military Evaluation and Processing Station) while my son processed into the military. I took special notice of the female enlistees as compared with the males. These were not the abnormal near-masculine women who might stand some small chance on the battlefield. They were small, dainty things that would be swept aside by even a sub par male. This is the contribution that feminism has made to the defense of our country!

Even if you are unpatriotic enough to ignore the act of treason that is committed every time we place a female in a unit that requires the strength of a man, what about the women themselves? Who can be crazy enough to put a woman into a situation so unprotected? Only someone who cared absolutely nothing about that woman. If she is not raped, she will be extremely lucky. If war breaks out, her chances are very slim indeed of avoiding attack from her own side, and the enemy will be unmerciful if she is captured. War is not a powder room. It is not even a board room. It is absolutely no place for a woman.

We have recently found that female defenders of the country cannot even defend themselves. The number of military cases of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and related unpleasantness should come as no surprise to anyone with an IQ over 90 and who has passed the level of the third grade. Take young healthy males in their sexual prime, trained to be aggressive fighters for their country and then place women in their barracks, tents and foxholes and what do you get? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the women are out of place, defenseless and perpetual targets. Biology 101.

The military is a place where testosterone runs heavily. The men hang out routinely in strip bars and with prostitutes. When two military men talk about a woman, it is not about her mind or her fighting ability. Placing women into such a group is like striking a match in a room full of gasoline. You can pass laws, and demand that the gasoline will not ignite, but it will just the same. Is that what you really want for your daughter?

Women in the military is a PC concept that is foolish and destructive for both the men and women it jeopardizes. Our military is ever weakened:

•Women are lesser creatures in the macho arena of war. On average they are weaker than men. (See the fitness requirements for the military for men and women.) They carry more fat and less muscle. (See military percent of body standards.) They run slower than men. (See the running requirements for men and women in the military.) The myth of the macho woman finds its substance only in Hollywood movies and TV shows and of course in the minds of those eager to push women into the military. For almost every billet that is filled by a woman, a man was excluded who could of done the job more effectively. A weakness is created.

•Good fighting men, who would be very effective in battle conditions where civilization is at a minimum and macho coupled with discipline is all that matters, are lost to the military because those very characteristics which makes them effective soldiers offended the dainty sensitivities of the female military members.

•With women in the foxholes and on the ships their presence is a constant source of sexual distraction for those who need to remain focused on their jobs to be effective. It lessens the effectiveness of the men who are around them during wartime conditions. It has been demonstrated by the Israeli army that men will risk mission and life to protect women in their units. The Israelis pulled women out of the combat units. We are not wise enough to learn from their mistakes.

As the feminists secure their position, what will be coming in the future for the lucky “liberated” women of America? Right now the military, under strict orders from its feminist superiors, is doing everything that it can to entice women into the military. It has lowered the physical and mental standards for women and actively pursues women, preferentially, as enlistees. The result of this all-out campaign is that presently, twenty-five percent of all new enlistees are women. The total female population in the military now stands at fourteen percent. Do you think that the feminists will be happy with these numbers? If you do you have not been paying attention!

When the next opportunity presents itself, the feminists are going to push for a draft in which women will be forced into the military in numbers far more agreeable to the dictatorial feminist mind. Your daughter, sister, or niece will be placed in harm’s way just to satisfy these crazies. If a war does not present itself soon enough for them, they will push for mandatory service during peacetime. That is a certainty!

So, The final question is: why are women being pushed into the military? Is it to make a stronger military, more effective at causing maximum destruction upon an enemy in time of war and protect our national interests? For the reasons listed in the items above it is obvious that this in not the case. We are creating a weaker military with every female that we put in the ranks. That leaves us to wonder why we are cutting our own throats this way. It doesn't take much reflection or observation to find the treasonous source of the problem. Feminists have realized that as long as men are the protectors of the society, women will remain the protected, like the children, as has been the case throughout all of our known history. This goes against their fantasy world of unisexuality. To protect against this loss of their dream, they are willing to sacrifice any number of women to the horrors of war, rape and abuse. They are willing to sacrifice the protection of the United States. They care for nothing but the furthering of their impossible dream and they would be willing to sacrifice anything to get it, even you. Welcome to the wonderful world of feminism, where the military is the social plaything of the liberal mind and your daughter is a pawn in their power struggle. Wake up and smell the coffee! The iron fist of the tyrannical feminist is crashing down on your country, your society and your children. They will leave us defenseless in the face of our enemies abroad, and shatter our social structure at home.


Chapter Three

Divorces, why so many?

What do you think of the longevity of the average marriage today? If you aren't appalled by the number of short-term marriages today, you probably are ignorant of the impossibility of a society to remain viable without strong families. Well over half of our marriages will end in divorce. Add this together with the increasingly large number of young adults who don't marry until late in life or not at all, and you find that a long term solid family is becoming a thing of the past.

What is the cause of this devastating fact? A number of years ago I watched a documentary video that was narrated by Helen Reddy, of "I Am Woman" fame. She stated the answer as candidly as anyone, even though she didn't seem to care about the significance of what she was saying. She said that the number of divorces has increased in direct proportion to the number of women who moved into the workplace. Women go to work, families fall apart. This feminist has stated my case as clearly as anyone could. Since society will not remain as a free and viable entity in America without the family, it therefore follows that having women in the workforce is suicidal to America.

That sounds a bit strong doesn't it? Why is this the case? First off, why does a woman working outside the home increase the chances of divorce? It will have an impact on several fronts: 1) Men where she works will be inclined to attempt to draw her into a sexual relationship with them. Look at any office where men and women work together and the sexual tension is constant. When she and her husband have a rough time, as all married couples do, she will have any number of men ready and willing to console her. 2) Men in the workplace will have a ready source of feminine companionship upon whom to unload their sorrows when they have trouble at home. 3) Women at work are almost always dressed their best for work and the men, who are more visually stimulated sexually than women, will compare the sharply dressed females at work with their own wives who may have to dress down at home to handle her responsibilities there. 4) The same individuals who have promoted the working woman have also promoted the sexually free woman, which merely increases the sexuality of the workplace. 5) If a man is not the head of his home, if his home is not his castle, and he is not the bread winner, then he has a reduced role in the family. He feels less responsibility for supporting his wife and when things get rough it is less painful to walk out of the relationship. When a man perceives his wife and children as helpless without him, his male ego drives him to support and protect them. If he perceives them as able to take care of themselves, he has no real need to be there.

This is an incomplete list but you should get the point that women working outside the home, increases the number of divorces. Now, how does that lead to the destruction of our society? Follow if you will. Children perpetuate a society. Not only physically, which is self evident, but ethically, musically, athletically, literarily and in every other way. Now, how do they learn about what their society is? Certain things they will learn outside the family, just living life in the society. But other things, things like ethics, come from the family. Previous generations had a mother at home who passed these ethical values on to their children, day after day, hour by hour, by just being there to instruct as required. Today, children who are raised by the single mom created by divorce, are left alone after school, placed in day care centers before school and put in front of the TV when the working mom finally gets home but is too tired after working all day to even think about teaching ethics. (The ethics of the average TV personality are limited at best.) So, the kids don't learn the ethics of the previous generation and instead are more and more ethics-free. Each year that goes by we see more and more crimes committed by the children who are not being supervised and instructed by this generation of parents. Society has already decayed a great deal over the last 30+ years but it is nothing when compared with what the working woman will inflict on the next thirty years.

When children reach their teens, especially boys, a single mom is incapable of providing the forceful direction that the child needs. A teenage boy can physically overpower his mother and she is left with no channel of instruction other than to plead, hoping to coax cooperation from her son. Dad is not there, and step-dad, if he exists, is resented, which opens the door to a rebellious, uncontrolled boy going his own way. Gangs and other types of criminal behavior becomes far more likely with such boys loose in society.


Chapter Four

Women, the Foundation of Civilization

Picture the Sears Tower in Chicago, standing in majesty, looking down upon all that surrounds it. Tall, proud and beautiful, its glass walls reflecting the sunlight in splendor. An amazing feat of engineering. Now picture that structure as its foundation is suddenly and magically removed. What do you see? What will happen to it? The supporting members reaching up into the heart of the building, will suddenly have nothing to push against and their support will vanish. The entire tower will fall immediately. A pile of rubble will be all that is left of the glorious giant.

Women have always provided the foundational support for civilization. The edifice of our modern society would never have existed if not for the civilizing influence of women upon men. Women cause men to settle down, and to look to family and security. Women inspire men to achieve in the business world by their moral support and yes, their need to be provided for. Women have trained the boys of each generation the proper way to behave in a civilized society. The traditional role women have had historically in civilization is critical and provides the foundation for all else.

Now, remove that influence and what happens? Look around you and there you will see the answer. As feminism has pulled the foundation out from under our civilization, by convincing women that in the workforce lies their destiny instead of being wives and mothers. Men are now forced to compete with women at work instead of joining with them in a family. The house where couples live is no longer a home, where children are always cared for and supervised. Men are no longer in a position of sole bread winner and therefore do not have a known and well defined role in the family. They are leaving their families in record numbers every day. Civilization is beginning to crumble rapidly, as crime increases and neighborhoods become nothing but a collection of strangers who do not take care of each other. Children are raising themselves and learning many things from their friends, television, movies and even the Internet, that parents should be appalled at. But since the foundation of our society has been removed, the trend of the work-orphaned children continues and accelerates.

The remaining holdouts, women who are still willing to support the civilization that we all rely on, are held up to ridicule by the feminists. Fingers are pointed, pity handed out and even disgust is shown for the homemaker/housewife. They are made to feel inferior to women who have a career. They are ridiculously told that they "don't work" because they stay at home. A homemaker works as hard or harder than any CEO does in their job of taking care of a family. They work day and night and always have another task calling for their attention. But the truth is never a guide to the feminist.

While women are busy trying to build offices in the tower of civilization, they have no awareness that they are removing the foundation of that same building. They are rearranging their office furniture in a collapsing structure, whose collapse is a result of their leaving the job of providing the foundation, for a job in the penthouse. The penthouse will soon be a pile of rubble, just like the rest of society. This is insane.

Feminists hold all women of the past in complete disregard. Until their movement came along, they believe, all women were no more than donkeys, and slaves, providing nothing but pleasure and services to men. That which was indispensable for society is trivialized by these confused ladies. With the exception of just a handful of women, who did not perform the wifely and motherly duties of their peers, the feminist views all women before their movement existed as insignificant bimbos, oppressed and useless. This from a group who claims to speak for women and to have women's best interests at heart.

Contrast this, if you will, with the view of the male chauvinist, with his hated chivalry. He is said to hate women, and to want nothing but to enslave and use women. Yet what is his view of women? He views them as different than men, special and indispensable. He gives his seat to a lady and opens her door for her, OUT OF RESPECT. When he marries it is to bond for life with his chosen mate. He will do all in his power to support her, care for her and protect her. He will attempt to provide her with the best house, car and anything else that she desires. He is focused on her happiness and treasures her more than life itself. He supports her in the raising of the children, supplying the strong enforcement of the rules that she would not be able to provide without his help. He has a leadership role in the family but he confers with his wife always, and defers often to her opinion. His family is a team that is built for durability and designed to last a lifetime. He knows the critical importance of a woman's role as housewife and mother. He teaches his children to respect and honor the woman who is their mother. He looks at the women of history as wonderful, hard working and important people, who built all that we see around us by their efforts.

Feminists are the women haters and have only the destruction of women in their sites. The vast majority of male chauvinists love and respect women and have only these wonderful creatures' happiness as a goal. Feminism breaks families up, leaving women as single mothers struggling to get by, and in danger from the gangs of boys who have not been raised by a functional two- parent family. Male chauvinism builds strong families and provides protection, security and respect for women.

The distortion of the facts by the politically correct feminists is as common as it is disgusting. The feminist arrogance and accusatory posturing when confronted is a clear indication of their intellectually weak position. The way that they have been able to slander the character of all male chauvinists as well as all of the honorable, hardworking homemakers in our society should make all honest people angry. The families that have been destroyed and the countless women left as single mothers because of feminist propaganda is enough to make you want to cry.

We need to start honoring the homemaker and inspiring women to take up that vital role again, or we will pay an unthinkable price. We can do quite well without female soldiers or sailors. We can do nicely without female judges, lawyers, or CEO's. But we will collapse as a civilization without dedicated homemakers and mothers. We must set our priorities back to a sane arrangement or we will suffer a horrible fate.


Chapter Five

Feminists and Freedom

I think that it is important to differentiate between two kinds of freedom. The first is good and desirable: freedom from government interference in our daily lives. The second is bad and should be avoided: freedom from personal responsibility. When the word "freedom" is recklessly thrown about, without differentiating between these two, many dangerous and foolish concepts can appear to be good and merely in support of that which is dear to the hearts of all Americans. How do these two types of freedom come into play in the area of feminism?

Freedom from government interference in our daily lives is under attack by the feminist movement!

The government is at war with Parents who wish to teach their children that a mother belongs at home and a father must support his family! The public schools, by direction of the government, will attack these parents' position with all of their power. A teacher would be fired if he were so bold as to even suggest that a young girl might find a happy and worthwhile life as a homemaker, because the government has determined that freedom of thought is only applicable, in American schools, if it is Politically Correct thought. There can be no greater intrusion upon a citizen's rights than to take his children and brainwash them with doctrines of the state that run counter to his own beliefs!

If a private citizen wishes to start up a business, he is suddenly without freedom to choose whom he will hire in his business. This absurd situation has come about through the recent activities of our ever expanding government, and the activities of the feminist movement. Our constitutional freedom is rapidly evaporating because of the governmental support for, and enforcement of, Politically Correct thinking. If you do not worship at the fountain of Politically Correct Thought, you will feel the weight of the government upon your neck!

If that citizen, instead of creating his own company, chooses to go to work for another company, he will find that his opinions and actions must be politically correct also. This is not because the company is necessarily in support of politically correct activities but it has set its PC policies because our government has opened the door to legal abuse of any company which does not follow the PC line. The strong arm tactics of the government has turned all of American companies into little PC robots in the area of Human Relations policy.

Over a certain area of our lives, the government has take totalitarian control. That area is expanding each day. Like a hose pouring out water onto a rug, the area of contamination is spreading ever wider. The people in government have determined that they know better than you do how to run your own life. They have decided whether or not you should smoke, wear your seat belt, or support PC causes. In the area of personal freedom, they are stealing from you with each step that they take, just as surely as if they had put a gun in your face and demanded your wallet. (The IRS is doing that, literally, at the same time!)

Freedom from personal responsibility is constantly supported by the feminist movement!

While the PC crowd does everything in their power to seize control of your freedoms by use of our government, at the very same time they are proclaiming a glorious day of release from personal responsibility for all citizens. We are told that feminists are in support of freedom for women, at the same time they are picking all women's pockets through taxes to support their useless programs. What freedoms are they really in support of?

1.The freedom for women to have sex without any consequences. In spite of the fact that single-mothers abound and are having their lives turned upside down because of it, this "freedom" is proclaimed by the feminists. 2.The freedom for women to kill their children. Abortion is the murder of a child, who most often is a female, in order to free a woman from the responsibilities of her own actions. (Rape and incest are not even a blip on the screen of the total number of abortions. To even mention those rare exceptions is nothing but dishonest misdirection by the feminists.) 3.The freedom for women to abandon their children to day care centers and other locations, in order to pursue a career. This frees the mother up from the critical task of raising the next generation and guarantees that soon our society will collapse. 4.The freedom for men to abandon their role of bread winner and thereby ensure that men will only be a short-term visitor in the home. The huge majority of children today are not raised by both of their real parents. It has been clearly demonstrated that children who are not raised by their own biological parents are far more likely to be abused in every way.

It is time for a reality check!

It appears that those of the feminist movement labor under the misconception that all of life is but a search for personal ego fulfillment and gratification. Job, family and all other things are to take a back seat to personal happiness. That approach to life is what is pulling this country down. If the hard things, like being a mother and father, raising children and supporting a family are less important than your personal gratification and fulfillment, then we might as well call the whole thing off right now and close the country down for lack of interest.

The feminists are forever complaining that all women are not cut out to be homemakers. Are all men cut out to work a job and support a family? Of course not! But life is hard, and you do what you have to do. A sense of duty gets a man out of bed every morning and out the door to work, even though he is not fulfilled by going to work. It is patently absurd to demand that everyone who supports society by doing the right thing must be fulfilled by doing it!

Take a look around you. Most men do not have a career at all but rather a job that they perform to support their families. Men have chosen those jobs based upon what job is available and whether or not it will provide the money their families need. Being fulfilled was seldom the major consideration. Aptitude was required or he would not get paid for doing a job but that was as far as it went.

Long term, without families no one is going to be safe and no one is going to have freedom of any sort. Feminists mistakenly believe that women can cast off their responsibilities of being wives and mothers and live off of society without contributing to it in the important area of raising the next generation.

We have a duty to society to raise the next generation. If a woman sidesteps her duty, leaving it to another, then she is creating an unnessesary load upon our civilization. If a man leaves his family and does not support them, then he is creating an unnessesary load upon our civilization. What the feminists have done is to say that no one has any personal responsibilities anymore. Men and women are exactly the same in role, and the children are of no concern. Men do not need to support their families and women do not need to raise their children. Marriage is passé and adultery is not a big deal. They have destroyed the arrangement which produced continuity of morals and societal conscience: that which perpetuates our society and culture.

"Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children." Will Durant


Chapter Six

The Joy of Sexism

Have you ever noticed how people who can't win with facts and logic always resort to name calling? The feminists are no exception. Here we have a group of people who have labeled all dissenters as "sexist." The word is fairly dripping with disgust when they use it. Anyone deserving of such a name must be a low life subhuman scoundrel. Indeed, we have to look all the way back to the days of the troglodytes to find anyone as undeveloped as a sexist. You can see men dodging quickly to the political left to avoid the stigma of being called a (dirty, rotten, worthless) sexist.

PC name calling, contrary to the children’s poem, strikes with great force. In fact, sticks and stones may have less of an impact when you consider that the courts have taken the ridiculous negative connotations of these names seriously! The ground gained by the feminist movement has been driven by shaming men into acting unnaturally. Anyone who is privy to discussions between men about women knows that men have not changed their opinions about women a bit, despite their mouthing of all the right PC terms when women are present. Many men have tried to think like the feminists want but then another short skirted honey walks by and all their good intentions are out the window.

The world is sexist, from the lowest insect to the most intellectual of men. You will find that in the animal kingdom, males and females have roles that are very different. In the human realm, the same is true. The feminists have forced an unnatural condition to exist in America today, through the courts. It is unnatural, and therefore doomed to be only temporary. The only reason one has for opposing such a short term problem is that feminism destroys families.

On average, women are weaker than men. This is a fact that cannot be denied by any rational person. Men are more aggressive than women and have held the large majority of the leadership positions of every human society that has ever existed. These facts are born out throughout history and around the world. Women have always been more nurturing than men. Children throughout history have clung to their mothers' love as a universal constant, giving them something that fathers never could. This is basic and rooted in the biological factors that will survive long after all those living today are gone. Those who accept these facts are called sexist. They are of course! All people are sexist and can be no other way. Wake up and smell the coffee! Sexism is as natural as the sunrise and therefore is a good thing. To make sexism a dirty word is twisted and pathological!

Every time a women puts on a dress, makeup and high heels, she is sexist. Every time a man puts on a business suit he is sexist. When a man shaves his face or a woman shaves her legs, it is sexist. When a man and women make love it is sexist and when a child is born from a woman it is sexist. When a mother nurses her baby, that is sexist. All of life is shaped by sexism because sex is a reality of life which shapes all humans from the moment of conception until death. It is not avoidable and should not be.

What of male chauvinism? Can that be avoided? The data are in on this one! In America we have demonstrated both positively and negatively that male chauvinism is necessary for a strong nation. With male chauvinism firmly in place, our country grew from a handful of colonies to the greatest nation on earth. Women were treated better here than ever before in history. Society expected a man to stay with his wife and raise the children he sired, through financial support and leadership in the home. Divorce was something for the minority not the majority of families. Children grew up living with and respecting both of their parents and learned the difference between right and wrong in the home environment.

Now, through brain washing the children in school and rulings of the court, male chauvinism is considered bad. What has been the result? The obvious statistic that jumps out at you is that the vast majority of children are not raised by both of their own biological parents. Children are neglected by their single working mothers or having great psychological difficulties dealing with step parents.

Men have been "liberated" far more than women have by the removal of male chauvinism. Men are not expected by society to take a leadership role in the family. Since that is the only role nature has equipped them for, they have no role in the family. Therefore they leave! Women are trying to be the bread winners and even that role is gone from the men. What is left but to become single and go on the prowl. Men do not get married as early in life, if at all, today and women still are having babies. It doesn't take rocket science to understand the implications of that fact. Women are having their lives ruined by single motherhood and removing male chauvinism is why.

A man will be "king of his castle." Either it will be with a wife or without her, depending on whether or not she will support him in his kingship. Biology has dictated this. Whether you or I like it, agree with it, or loath it, makes absolutely no difference. Just like the law of gravity, you may not like it but you will have to deal with it anyway.


Chapter Seven

The Tepid Center

It is often proclaimed that the moderate is what we all should wish to be or become. The even, calm temperament of the middle of the road guy is believed to be what creates peace and happiness in society. When it comes to issues, he somehow always falls on the PC side of any question. He supports abortion, affirmative action, and of course feminism.

The middle of the road today is laid out on the same ground that was occupied only by the left wing radical of the 1960's. What was the middle of the road then is now considered extreme right wing. Is the middle of the road a safe place to live? Or will you simply get run over?

The moderate does not believe in anything per se. Instead he only is worried about appearances. He wants to make sure that he causes no waves. He is lukewarm and pliable at all times. A center position is always right to him, no matter what it is. An interesting quote about moderation from the Bible is:

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:15, 16

However you feel about the Bible, you can see that moderation is not considered to be the best course of action by everyone. If you don't believe in anything, of course you will have no passion about issues, and you think anyone who does is unbalanced and foolish. The society is controlled by those who are living outside the middle of the road, and the moderate is happy to follow along like a sheep. Strong belief is baaaaaaaad.

In the area of feminism, we have two groups fighting for what they believe is right. The ones who are frantically trying to save the families of America and those who are just as frantically trying to destroy them. When you realize that much of the hard-core feminist doctrine comes from the same source as the lesbian agenda does, it is clear why the family is so hated, and men are not wanted to have a role. As the feminist bumper sticker says, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." The family supporters say, "A woman needs a man and a man needs a woman, to be complete." The moderate says, "Whatever the polls indicate."

The polls seem to be saying that fish do not need bicycles. Feminism has been packaged up to be sold to the moderate. Its proponents have created an image of moderation to mask the radical nature of their beliefs. The moderates have swallowed the image completely and as a result have given the radical feminists control of our daily lives.

In the United States today, it is illegal to be a business owner and to be anti-feminist! Just think, in "the land of the free" you can be sued for not hiring women in your business, even if you feel that your business would operate better with all men. If you do hire a woman, you must create a powder puff environment for them to work in or you will be sued. You must be careful what you say, what you do and what you put up on the walls of your business or the legal system will shut you down. Does that sound like freedom to you? Perhaps it sounds more like totalitarianism! If hiring women will give a company an advantage over a competitor, then all companies will hire women, without the courts getting involved. In the sports world, once the color line was broken, no team could afford not to hire the high quality player of a non-white race. No quota laws were required. No affirmative action laws were needed. If a company makes more money by hiring a certain type of person, then they hire that type of person. If not, then they should have the right not to hire that type of person. In a totalitarian society, the state tells you who to hire and how much to pay them. In America, obviously we are tired of freedom and want the strong hand of a totalitarian government to tell us what to think, what to do, and how we should live.

Where is Little Bo Peep when you need her?