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Ode To My Wench

Pronunciation:  'wench
Function:           noun
Etymology:        Middle English wenche, short for wenchel (meaning child), from Old English wencel
Date:                   14th century

Definition: a young woman;
Synonyms: girl, damsel, gal, lass, lassie, maid, maiden, miss, missy

W’s for wonderful, the way you make me feel.

 E is for an eyeful, a full esthetic meal.

 N means near and friendly girl, and that is what I like.

 C’s for oh so cuddly, you are my lucky strike.

 H is for here and handy, just as a wench should be,

And that is why you are, the only girl for me!

So my Darling now you know, just why my wench you are,

More than just a bright spot, the only living star.

My woman is my goddess, my woman is my wife,

My woman's all to me, my woman is my life,

My woman's my buoyant force, to lift above life's stench,

My woman's all there is, I love my little wench!

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