Frogs For Dinner

FREEDOM IS DEAD, LONG LIVE OPPRESSION!" is the Politically Correct victory cry.

The last 30 years in America have been the source of a persistent and severe removal of personal freedom from our citizens. It has even accelerated as it proceeds. The complete removal of freedoms in the areas of gender and race, while sounding very compassionate and fair, has so far been the most drastic and debilitating. It is now moving into the extremely personal areas of how you discipline your children, smoking, and the wearing of seat belts. How could the totalitarians get their foot in the door if they did not use sweet sounding propaganda to pave their way.

Slavery was evil, and produced our first civil war, but multiculturalism has just as great a capacity to destroy, and will one day produce another civil war. We have learned nothing from the history of diversity producing conflict, every place that it has existed. While Americans sit in front of their TV’s watching and listening to the totalitarian proponents every night on the news, hiding under the guise of Political Correctness, these viewer are numbed to what is happening to their country.

You have probably heard about cooking live frogs, where the temperature is slowly raised in the water that the frog is in. He sits there and is not frightened by the slow changes in water temperature, small enough to be tolerated. But the point is ultimately reached where the heat kills him. He never budged because he did not see where the process was leading.* Nothing could possibly demonstrate what is happening in America today more clearly than that frog sitting still for his own demise.

While the television has proven to be the conduit of the politically correct into power, the complete control of the dissemination of information contrary to their PC aims has been the greatest weapon against the legitimate outrage that Americans would have felt and acted upon if they were aware of the truth. The natural defenses of our society were put to sleep by the supreme court, while the totalitarian surgeons operated on our country and removed the vital organ of freedom. Today, only a mere vestige of that organ remains, but the PC power addicts are going after even that.

Our children have been spoiled with luxury. They have no clue at all as to how bad life can be in other parts of the world where freedom has been removed or never existed at all. They do not remember the days when American freedom was real. Instead, they are programmed to accept the government controlling the smallest details of their lives. If the government is acting in order to promote ”fairness” or in order to “save the children” it can remove any freedom you have! That is what has been taught to the upcoming generation as to what is the valid role of government. Where is the outrage at this completely anti-freedom process? The temperature is slowly rising and here we sit.

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*    While Snopes feels this is not true about frogs, there were two studies done around 1872, where they increased the temperature very slowly and the frogs died.

The rate of temperature increase (2 degrees per minute), which modern researchers have used is about twice as fast as the rate used by the original testers. To my knowledge, no one of modern times has tried to use the slower rate of increase that the two separate German researchers used back in 1872, of around 1 degree per minute. (The temp increase was from 70 to 100C and they took respectively 80 and 95 minutes to do it.)

So, the jury is still out on this, in spite of Snopes declaration. Since it has been done in the past, until someone tries it today with a rate of increase of temperature as slow, or slower, than the original tests, I will assume it can be done, but will retain the option of changing my mind if more data becomes available.

If it turns out to be a fable, it still is one with a moral that applies to our situation today in this country!