Confusing apples with oranges!

by Kate-and-Kerry's Dad

If you have, you probably know that the teachers try very hard to make you believe that all races are just the same. To get you to believe this silly idea, they know they have to make it sound really good. So, they call it Equality. That sounds good, doesn't it? But anyone can see that people of different races are a lot more different than people of the same race!
Then, after telling you how all the races think and feel and act the same, these teachers tell you the races actually are full of differences, but that these difference are something "very special". They call it Diversity. These teachers want you and me to believe two mixed-up things at the same time: that the races are all just the same and that the races are full of differences!
Teachers tell you that each year we should keep letting millions of non-whites come live in our white countries, because non-whites are different from us — that's "Diversity". Then they say you will be "unfair" not to want to let them in, because non-whites are just the same as us — that's "Equality". They keep telling you and me that race doesn't matter, and then that it does matter!  Is somebody trying to trick us??
Apples grow well in northern countries and cooler regions like New Zealand.
It's true that apples and oranges both are fruit and have a round shape. But everyone knows apples and oranges not only look different but taste different and also are very different, both inside and outside! They come from completely different places. Look again at the apple and the orange. They have nothing to do with each other. To say these differences really don't matter would be a lie!
There really are people who don't like you and me, because we are white people. They want us to think it is not right to want to live and play and learn among our own people in safe, clean, once all-white countries like Denmark, Finland, and Switzerland. They would like to turn all of the white countries into non-white countries. They want you to think it is wrong to want to live in a white neighborhood and a white country. But the truth is, it's good to live with people of your own race! People of all races know this. It's a natural and healthy and good way to feel!
Oranges grow
only in warm,
subtropical places.
You will never hear these teachers say that millions of Malaysians and Filipinos and Vietnamese should be allowed to move to Japan or China. Or that even a half-million non-Jewish people should go to Israel to make it "better" with lots of Diversity. Jews in Israel and the Japanese and the Chinese are smarter than to be tricked like that! No, they are saying this only about Europe, North America, Australia, and the other white homelands. They want to take your birthright away from you. What does this word mean? Your public-school teacher will never tell you about this, of course, because he does not want you to know what it means. 
This week, ask your grandparents and your parents to explain to you what a "birthright" is.
Ask them to tell you about the birthright they received from their own parents and grandparents.