IF A POLITICIAN WALKED UP TO YOUR DOOR and told you that if you helped elect him, he would help pass legislation to force you to give one half of your income to your neighbor, give your house and property to the government and then rent it back for a variable fee based upon Uncle Sam’s needs, and allow the state to hire your employees for you to work in your business, what would your reaction be? You would vote for him, if you are an average American, because that is pretty much what is happening now!

I served onboard a US aircraft carrier a number of years ago, and my sleeping location was placed right between the two forward launching catapults. The first time I laid down to go to sleep I was totally surprised by the disruption that these devices caused. First the Port cat fired off, accompanied by a rush of steam, the rumble of what sounded like a giant roller coaster running right over the top of me, and then a vibration that felt just like the Jolly Green Giant had jack-knifed off a diving board built to his scale, right on the bow of the ship. Shortly thereafter, a similar set of sounds and vibrations came from the Starboard catapult. Back and forth. Back and forth. Plugging my ears did no good because the vibration shook me just as much as before. Sleep did not come easily to me that night. But I got used to it! After weeks of hearing and feeling the cats launch, I did not even notice them anymore. I fell right to sleep as if they were not there at all.

The fact is, you can get used to almost anything. Americans have gotten used to the government taking over their lives. They have been hit with absurdity so many times that they are numb to it and do not even notice it anymore.

One of the latest absurdities was the court dictating what students would be allowed into the Virginia Military Institute. Here was an all-male school that was run with a military format. But the government decided that it knew better how to run this school. Just like it did with Citadel, the government reached in and took control. This is totally absurd, but Americans have been conditioned to expect this behavior from the continually expanding government.

You work six months out of every year to pay your taxes. Does this seem reasonable? It is absurd! Yet Americans do this each year and continue to vote for politicians like Bill Clinton who want to take even more. This brand of politician, and there are few other brands available these days, will not be satisfied until they have your entire income, and total control of your entire life. Each month they make a little more progress in that direction. The absurdities mount, but the people are too numb to notice. They felt something was wrong, almost detecting the coming disaster, and voted in a Republican congress, but they did not quite have the picture. Bill Clinton won not only one term, but two! And when the Republicans tried to cut into the government spending, just a little bit, the people objected because they were afraid of losing their personal piece of the communistic pie.

We have created a citizenry that now embraces the absurd. For America, with its historical record of freedom and opportunity, the following items are totally absurd. If you understand the principles upon which this country was founded, you must see the absurdity of having a government that:

Many other items could be listed and new items appear almost on a daily basis. Our government has taken over our lives and is determining for us how we will live. It has determined that the culture of the pre-1960’s was bad. It declares that the paramount beliefs of that era were sexist, bigoted, and are or should be illegal. It has determined that a business exists, not to make a profit, but instead, to be diverse. It has determined that the schools do not exist to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, but rather to teach multiculturalism, diversity and unisexuality. Our children, upon graduation, may not know how to read and write, or add up two plus two, but they can tell you all about the black struggle and the numerous cultures around the world. (What they do not teach about the black struggle is that it came to an end when Rev. Martin Luther King was killed. His positive message of working together, and giving the black man an opportunity to enter the workforce was lost. It was replaced with, the white man has oppressed the black man in the past and now owes him welfare, government programs, and jobs that he is not qualified for. Instead of black leaders inspiring the black man to grab an education and earn a great job in this land of opportunity, they “lead” by inspiring the black man into hate, frustration and a perception that there is no hope for self-help for the black race: no opportunity exists outside of the “benevolent” government. Look at the inner city and see where this leadership has “led.” But this is not taught during Black History Month!)

We are now inundated with such a flood of overpowering absurdity that one is at a loss as to which direction to point in to bring it to the attention of a citizen of this country. Point in any direction and you will find absurdity. Listen to the news at night and almost nothing else comes out. We have stories of murderers who have been let out to murder again. We have stories of child rapers who are once again on the street. We have parents who have had their children taken from them because they used spanking as a discipline. We have schools that must change their enrollment criteria because the government says so. We have criminals that walk away from prosecution because they were not read their rights. We have women awarded hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars because they were “harassed.” We have a woman awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars because she could not operate a cup of coffee that McDonald’s sold her. It goes on and on and on.

We need an UNDO button to wipe out the last 35 years and see if we cannot do a better job with a second try. Since that is not possible, America must wake up soon or the right to vote will not be weapon enough. Another revolution would be devastating and who knows what kind of mess it might produce? It is time for Americans to start fighting for their own culture, their own values, and get the government out of the charity business. We must vote, while we still can, to get rid of any politician who supports higher taxes. Period. No matter what the reason or program that is proclaimed as the justification, the politician is lying. (The government already takes in many times over what it needs to do its constitutional duty. The fact that it wastes the money on other things is certainly not justification for asking for more! This is especially true when they claim it is for something - like schools - for which we have already paid the government to provide! It is pure absurdity for them to even ask!)

I think George Orwell’s Big Brother is in our immediate future. I do not believe that Americans will wake up in time and even lift a finger to fix what is wrong with this country. There are too many things stacked up in favor of the totalitarianists. The TV is pushing the agenda of big government and liberalism with every show it airs, and Americans spend more time watching that propaganda machine than doing just about anything else. The news and schools are doing the same. What forces do we have for the traditional values and family? There are a few, like Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy, but far too few. What will it take to fix America? It will take you and anyone you can convince that we are in big trouble and that we need to act fast. I see the complete loss of freedom in my lifetime in America. Prove me wrong. Please, prove me wrong!

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