(Ratified August 18, 1920)

     The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

    Congress shall have power to enforce this Article by appropriate legislation.

From chaos to totalitarianism

If one assumes that men should naturally and rightly hold the leadership position in society, as has historically always been the case, this amendment makes no sense whatsoever. For what it does is hand the leadership and control over to women who just happen to be the majority in number. It is very much like saying that individual amounts of iron are stronger and more sturdy for building things than an equal amount of wood but for the really big projects, we will use wood. Of course you find no wooden skyscrapers, or large scale bridges but you have women running the country by proxy just because of their numbers.

For the feminist this is simply delightful. All of her whimsical ideas are taken seriously and she can rest assured that she can go on killing babies at a rate over a million a year indefinitely, all because women have the vote.

Are women stupid? Of course not but they have a temperament that will destroy a country if they are allowed to control things. Socialism is completely impossible in a free society and a free society will wither and die in the presence of socialism. Socialism robs the bounty from the productive and gives it to the non-productive. There is no incentive to be productive and therefore productivity vanishes, as it did in the Soviet Union. Yet women tend to vote for the security of socialism which is their basic nature.

If you want a strong and free country, you must reject the good intentioned folly of the left, in which women hold a disproportionate membership, and instead embrace the concepts and ideals that the country was originally founded on. Never was the female vote part of those ideas! Neither was welfare or government control over the tiniest detail of what the states were doing. (If that had been tried at first the original union would never have been formed between the states!) We have lost our way and I believe we have very little chance of ever finding it again. But one thing seems certain: If women continue have the vote, we may soon fall, and never be a great nation again.

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