The Black Pill
There are no Red or Blue Pills for willing victims

June 14, 2017

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos, by commentators who claim to be anti-feminist or Men's Right's Activists. They are mostly done by young people who are either of college age, or a bit older. And it is downright scary to see where things have fallen too. These are the ones who are supposedly against feminism, and in support of men. They aren't, in either case.

It is said that someone takes the Red Pill when he has his eyes open to how bad men have it. I watched a movie called The Red Pill and was amazed. It wasn't that it made sense, but in the way it continued on down the same path to destruction that feminism put us on decades ago. What do the MRA's want? Victim status. That is the only viable currency in this Marxist state today; if you aren't a victim you have no rights at all. Now males want the same victim status that women have.

Most of what they called abuses of men are just the things that any man worth his salt would accept as part of being a man. Yeah, you go out and sweat out a living to support your family. You let the women and children go first when your ship is going down. Why? Because children are the future of your society, and they need their mothers to take care of them.

All the talk about Red Pills and Blue Pills is utter nonsense. When it comes to playing the sexes against each other there is only one pill, the Black Pill, the pill of death. Death to your society, and all that you care about.

There was one bit of humor in the movie though. The woman who was creating the movie interviewed the lame Marxist feminist (I know that's redundant) who runs MS. Magazine. The interviewer asked the publisher about why men have no reproductive rights. The idiot had the guts to say that a man has the right to not have sex, or to use contraception, and that is where his rights end.

HOLY COW! I couldn't stop laughing. Sure it was graveyard humor, literally, but that is the exact same argument that feminists like her used to go ballistic over, when civilized human beings told her that a woman has the right to not have sex, or she can use contraception, but she doesn't have the right to murder her child in an abortion clinic. It was quite gratifying to watch and listen to, as this lying jerk said it, right out of her own mouth. What a hypocrite!

I am sick to death with an entire generation of losers fighting to get to the top of the victim heap. "Look at me, I am oppressed." "Oh no, look at me instead, because I am oppressed even more." Whoever wins this losers' game is still a loser. What a humiliating pit this country has sunk into. The only thing left is to shovel the dirt over our rotting collective corpse.

Let me give you a real Red Pill and see if you can get it down your whining victim's throat. Biology is sexist. Get over it! Women are way different than men. Men are way different than women. End of story. The facts aren't going to change, no matter how many idiots you get to agree with you on how bad you have it because you are woman or a man.

When America grew up into greatness, it was because women were at home with the kids. It was because men married women before they got them pregnant, and they hung around to support their wives and their mutually conceived and parented children. They had a home together and they shared life together and in the end they were buried side by side in a cemetery together and their children were there to mourn their passing. When children went outside to play the entire neighborhood was their babysitter because up and down the street were mothers who watched out not only for her own kids but the neighbor kids as well.

They had large families, more than three children per household on average and our population of native Americans was growing rapidly. And because of that our demographics didn't change much over the years. If you walked down a city street in 1900 you would see the same sorts of faces that you would see on a city street in 1950. Why? Because we were having children to create the next generation. And because mothers were home and fathers stayed married to them, the children grew up with manners, a respect for their society and culture, a knowledge of what was right and wrong, and a strong desire to do what was right.

Feminism was never about making things good for women; it was about destroying the nuclear family, to weaken a country that was otherwise free and too strong to defeat. That was feminism's only purpose, because Marxist don't care about anything but their own power. And it worked like a charm. They couldn't take America over by force, but they still found a way to take us down.

Just look at their fine work. We now have women who are "taking care of themselves," by being single mothers—who are mostly taken care of by the government, not by themselves—who produce one or two children, who are destined to fail. The crime rate, and the school dropout rate for their kids will be way higher than it would have been if they stayed home and their husbands supported them, but by golly they don't have to rely on a man. No sir. And since feminism destroyed our birth rate, as all the experts are happy to tell you, their kids are going to grow up as aliens in what should have been their own land, since with our low birthrate, invaders have come in to take over, and they don't want no stinking Gringos in their way. But that's okay, because these "liberated women" don't have to rely on a man.

What these short-sighted ladies don't understand is that once the invaders take over completely, all this feminist nonsense will evaporate and women will get the standard third world treatment, and my guess is that they are not going to like it.

The only way to make any society work is for women to do things that women are good at, and for men to do things that men are good at, as we did before the feminist liars took over. Now, we have women doing things that men are good at, and men doing things that women are good at, and everything is falling to pieces. But it's okay. We can live in a third world ghetto, just as long as we get rid of those terrible traditional families.

You might try a large glass of water to wash that Red Pill down, but my guess is you won't be able to swallow it anyway.

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