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I recently read a book that has confirmed to me everything that I have written in the articles on this web page. The name of the book is Brain Sex and was written by Anne Moir & David Jessel. Here is proof of the fact that male and female brains are completely different. It also establishes that certain characteristics are naturally male and female. Here is scientific proof that the feminists are completely wrong, as was obvious to any unbiased observer all along! Biology is sexist and any attempt to avoid sexism is UNNATURAL!

Even within a day of birth, mental differences are evident between boys and girls, completely separate from any environmental influences upon the children. During the early years boys and girls act differently, no matter what the parents do! When puberty hits the differences become even greater. If you want proof of that which should be obvious, but is invisible to the feminists, read this book!

The more masculine the human brain is, the more it will be aggressive, competitive, and tend towards mechanical understanding and interest. The more feminine the human brain is the more it will be passive, agreeable, and nurturing. Little girls play different games than little boys because they like different games than little boys. It is not Mommy and Daddy making the choice for them.

As adults the difference is extreme, as hormones drive the brains that were made physically different in the womb by those same hormones. Men are driven towards achievement, competition, and mechanical understanding. Women are driven towards social relationships, nurturing and verbal communication. It is so basic as to be beyond any training or environmental influence outside the presence or absence of sexual hormones.

What all this means is that, if the government would get out of the way and let people act naturally, instead of forcing the unnatural feminist propaganda upon our children, the natural and unavoidable patriarchal system would snap back into place. The stupidity of the feminist movement was in its trying to remove patriarchy instead of trying to make it more sophisticated and sensitive to the needs of women. When changes appeared to be needed, no effort was made to effect those changes. Instead the entire force of the feminist movement was put into trying to destroy that which is biologically put into place and outside of their control. An artificial arrangement has been put into place today where the dominant and submissive must pretend to be equal in desires, needs and accomplishments. Not only is this absurd, it is destructive.

A society which is not organized in such a way as to compliment the severe differences which are naturally existent in the genders is doomed to failure. American society originally was set up to support the inherent differences in the sexes but today has tried to create an impossible unisex society. It will fail, because biology says it must fail. To build a society that is tailored to function best only for the abnormal male or female is foolish at the best and suicidal at the worst.

The government must stand aside and let nature take its course or the emotional reservoir which is backing up as a result will break loose in a disastrous orgy of destruction. Men are going to rule in any society, one way or another. The male mind is designed that way. Instead of fighting that inevitable event, we should be training young boys to be good leaders instead of denying them that needed training and trying to make them passive coequals with women, who naturally are not leaders.

Go with what works and is possible, and throw out that which is not and does not. Do it before it is too late to put the pieces back together in our America!

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