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Why Boys Don't Count

I just read an article by Kathleen Parker, in the Orlando Sentinel, that talks about education, boys and girls. It mentioned the fact that the American Association of University Women did a study on girls in school and have found that girls on average do not perform any better in a single sex environment than they did in coed schools. This is quite disappointing to the feminists who were hoping that girl students were merely oppressed by the boy students and that was why they had inferior marks. Why did they not speak up as often as the boys in math class? The same reason that they did not speak up in the all-girl classroom. They did not know the answer!

Do you remember a while back when the feminists pressured the makers of Barbi to pull the new speaking version of the doll off the market? Do you remember why? One of the phrases that Barbie said was, “Math is hard!” The feminists were livid. They could hardly contain themselves as they went on the attack and got the doll pulled from the shelves. The very idea that math might be considered hard was a threat to their little empire. Girls are so delicate, females so fragile, that the very idea of something being difficult will dissuade them from even attempting it. That is what the feminists were saying by these stupid antics!

Back to the subject at hand. This much was not the total focus of the article. No, the real point of the article is that the liberals in control of our society are insane. Oh, it did not say that specifically but it pointed it out quite clearly anyway. Our society’s liberal leaders are insane because they condemn, ridicule and penalize those who have done well in the past. The American culture is battered in the class room. Those so unfortunate as to be members of the white race are put down. Those who happen to be of the male gender are ignored. Everything that has worked in the past, and everyone who has made valuable contributions to our history, or has made a huge success in business is belittled and an attempt is made to intellectually destroy that person, concept or ideal. That is completely insane in my book!

Specifically the article pointed out that this American Association of University Women study was totally unconcerned with the boys in the classroom. The fact the boys would be putting their education to work in a job, which males have been doing all along, made them of no consequence to the study. Many women will start a job and give it up for their families and especially their children. I applaud that! The men will put their education to work in almost every case. This means that, as far as getting an education is concerned, the most important students in any classroom are the males. The females must be considered lesser students because less of them will be using their education for productive labor. Since this is an undeniable fact, why did this study ignore the boys?

Once again the feminist mind can be seen busily at work, spinning its obscene and twisted web. Once again we can find their personal insanity driving our educational system into ruin. Boys do not count to feminists. Whether these sad women are lesbian, or merely anti-male for some other reason, they are only focused on how the female can take the place of the male in our society. They keep studying the question, and ignore every piece of evidence that comes along which says women are made to be in the home, and taking care of the children.

The foam fairly froths from their mouths as they picket for the right to slaughter innocent babes in the womb. Why? Because children distract women. Women naturally want to nurture and care for their children. I honestly believe that feminists are more angry at women than they are at men! When women act in a way that is natural to them, it is completely anti-feminist. There is nothing more counter productive to the feminist movement than a babe at his mother’s breast. There is nothing that upsets the feminist apple cart more than a mother walking her kids to the park on a daily basis. It is absolute ruin for the feminists to have a mother who is home whenever the kids are out of school.

So, is it any wonder that they do not care about boys in school? Do they care at all whether a boy succeeds, optimizing his potential? No, feminists could not possibly care any less about the boys in school. When push comes to shove it appears that they do not really care about the girls in school either. All they really are concerned with is their political agenda, no matter how many boys and girls are hurt by it.

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