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President Clinton Has Declared Feminism To Be

He may not have realized it, and may not have intended it, but today, January 26, 1998, Bill Clinton made a statement in his press conference which clearly attacks working women and the feminist movement! Our president stated that the time of day where most children get into trouble is the hours from 3pm to 7pm. Here are the hours in which mothers have abandoned their children in favor of their careers. Here we have the President of the United States proclaiming to the world that children who are neglected and ignored by working women are in trouble and in need of help. What is Mr. Clinton’s solution? The same as liberals always give: create more government spending to pay for the liberal idea that has failed.

The liberal idea that has failed is the idea of the career women. Today Bill Clinton openly admitted that fact and has proposed a liberal solution for the problem, which was caused by liberalism in the first place. Bill Clinton wants the American taxpayer to foot a portion of the bill for daycare for women who wish to abandon their children during the hours from 3pm to 7pm in favor of a job. Why should we pay that bill? Do we do it just because liberals demand that we support a cause financially to which we may be vehemently oppose morally, ethically and politically? Should women be responsible for their own children or should the government be responsible? If the government is responsible for the children, then the government also will take authority over them and their education! Have the American people not learned yet that what the government pays for it controls? Take a close look at the public school system and you will see what the government will do to an institution that it pays for, even though it pays for it with your money.

It is almost funny the way liberals work. They will unabashedly admit the validity of something today, to get some new program initiated, for which they had declared utterly false, and had fought tooth and nail to establish that falsehood,  in order to get some other concession. Before today, working women were considered "good mothers." (Looking at Clinton’s admission today, I have to laugh at the liberals who have emailed me with large claims of career women who are such.) Now, it is clear that the mother who is absent from home during the hours of 3pm to 7pm is definitely a bad mother and not keeping her kids out of trouble as she should. We have the President’s own statement to support it. Of course these days that is not necessarily much support but it is great to see a liberal fessin’ up to the truth for a change, even if it is only to create another problem area with government sponsored daycare for abandoned children.

Yes, the same feminists who have killed over 30 million pre-born babies, and promoted the abandonment of the rest, are now trying to make you believe that they love the children and that they just want the poor little darlings to be taken care of properly. However, daycare is not , and never has been, "taking care of children properly", and feminists have not suddenly started to love children after attacking and killing them for so long. Wake up! We are destroying a whole generation of children and we do have this little thing called the future to think about. It is time for feminists and liberals in general to start thinking about their own children and the future and stop thinking only of themselves.

Even liberal men are men and feminism will never overcome it!
Sorry ladies of the left.

Isn't it interesting how the rest of
the world views Mr. Clinton?