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Self Delusion and the Feminist

Ever notice, how that a woman entering a working environment, can never fit in as it is? She feels that it is her right to change it around so she can feel “comfortable,” and damn the comfort of all those around her. If men enjoy having pictures of women on the walls of their offices, in their lockers or on calendars, these women think that they have the right to object and have the pictures and even the men removed from the job. This is called “fairness” and “equality.” If men find pictures of flowers, kittens or whatever feminine nonsense finds its way onto her walls, objectionable, in poor taste or just plain stupid, nothing can be said, or at least listened to. Equality has seldom been more unequal.

Specifically, women are afraid of pictures of other women in sexy outfits or unclothed altogether. What is it that they fear? That men will view them as sex objects if those pictures are seen, and the working place suddenly becomes “hostile.” The absurdity of this point of view is so blatant that one must laugh at the stupidity! (If a naked female form is really frightening to a woman, she would faint every time that she took a shower!) Men view women as sex objects anyway! The pictures do not change that one way or another. After generations of men fighting over women and spending their most strenuous efforts trying to impress women, in order to be able to take them to the bedroom, feminists have the insane belief that men can change and suddenly not look at women that way anymore.

I imagine you have seen, just as I have, a woman sitting there in a short skirt, legs crossed and displaying all but a very small portion of her lower extremities for all the world to see, complaining about the sexist attitudes of men. Is she so stupid as to not realize her hypocrisy? Does she think that men will view her as a non-sexual object, a serious business participant? No woman could grow up in our culture and not realize that men look at a woman dressed like that with the bedroom, not the boardroom, on their minds. Yet they persist in pretending that their position is reasonable and valid.

Feminists believe that women can go on controlling men sexually and then at the same time be seen as equals and treated the same as men. It is an impossible scenario that is doomed to fail. The special privileges that go along with womanhood, came from men who did not view women as equals but rather as creatures that warranted special treatment because they could not fend for themselves in the world of men. As long as it is considered more of an offense to perpetrate violence upon a woman than it is a man, women are not equal. If a man insults another man, the offended party can have satisfaction by asking the offender outside to settle it. If a woman insults a man, he is supposed to take it because she could not defend herself in a fair fight. The interaction between the sexes will never be one of equal to equal. It will be either, men dominating women because of men’s physical strength and aggressive personalities or one where women receive special treatment in order to protect them from their frailties. This is basic to the human race and can never change.

This is especially evident in the ruse used today by the feminist propaganda machine. Women are classified as a minority! It is a fact in the United States and every other country on earth, that there are more women than there are men. That, by definition, is a majority, and only a mind warped by a sick ideology could twist that into being a minority. How can anyone ever be treated as an equal, who claims minority status when they are in the majority? How many women does it take to equal one man in the eyes of those who claim women are a minority? What clearer statement could be made that men and women are not equal, even in the eyes of the feminists?

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