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The net effect of feminism is to make any population that practices it, dumber. The overall IQ of any population practicing feminism, will over time become lower. Why is that? Because the women with high IQ's of any such society will be drawn into the feminist web, and they will fail to reproduce at even a replacement rate.

What is it about feminism that seeks out and destroys intelligence? Here are a few factors:

What happens when all of the brightest young ladies fail to have children? It will leave only the less intelligent women to shoulder the burden of carrying on the most important task of all: creating the next generation. Women who are not doing well in school, do not draw the feminist sharks to them. They are allowed to proceed on their own course, and the Leftist propaganda, framed for confusing the intelligent mind into acceptance, passes lesser minds by. These woman, who often make wonderful mothers, will go out into the world and they will have families, as they should. However the higher IQ ladies are lost to the gene pool.

If you think about it, it is the equivalent of an enemy army coming into a country and shooting all of the most intelligent men in the country. Those high IQ individuals will have their genes removed from the gene pool, and the next generation will be that much dumber than the previous generation. Being done generation after generation, the results of this feminist sifting process will accumulate over time. As it runs its course, there will be fewer and fewer intelligent people in each generation.

In America today, thanks to Leftist philosophy in general, and feminism specifically, the best and brightest in our society are reproducing at a level well below the replacement level of 2.1 children. (The replacement level is the number of children, on average a group of families must have in order for that group to maintain its current population and to replace itself.) In fact the latest number I have heard is they are producing 1.5 children on average.

Besides having dismantled our world class school system, the Leftists are now stealing our most intelligent children from the future generations by promoting the feminist religion to the members of our society. We will slowly but surely be forced into being a dumb, uneducated people who will be only too happy to reside in the third world society that is planned for our future.

Taking genetic inheritance into consideration, would halt feminism in its tracks. What our society should be doing is to encourage the most intelligent women to reproduce in as large numbers as is physically possible, rather than hanging a "Condemned for a Career" sign over their womb. By having high IQ women producing large families we would raise the average IQ of the next generation. That means we would increase the standard of living for that new generation, because standard of living is directly tied to IQ. There are studies which show that criminal behavior is tied to lower IQ and that people with higher IQs are more likely to be law abiding citizens. So, by chucking feminism out the door, for the next generation, we can raise the intelligence, the standard of living, and at the same time lower the crime rate.

Of course that will not mean anything to the average feminist. They are not interested in future generations, or else they would not support abortion, which has killed more young citizens of future America than there are people in the entire country of Canada. Feminists are only interested in power for themselves. Everything else is mere trapping, and window dressing. People like that are not open to reason. They are not sympathetic to other's difficulties. They are focused on their own selfish gain, not America's future.

What are you focused on? The Leftist, Marxist view of "equality" that drove the Soviet Union into the horrors of mass exterminations, and bankruptcy? Or the "inequality" of America that built this great land, and produced long term marriages, the best schools in the world, and the freest society for men and women that has ever existed? Since 1960 we have been rapidly moving towards the Soviet model and leaving our American model farther and farther behind. Our marriages have broken up, our schools have fallen into decay, and our freedom has been squeezed into an ever more restrictive box.

Those who support feminism do not care. The Leftists are celebrating the negative changes that have come upon our society. They do not feel robbed by the loss of freedom. They do not shed a tear over the collapse of our schools. They do not fret at all over the complete fragmentation of our homes. They applaud the enforcement of their agenda upon all others, as if totalitarian action is just fine. They can justify any outlandish action by "spinning" the motive to where it sounds "caring."

Do you know where this is heading? The Marxist will not be satisfied with merely pushing feminist ideals down your throat with a billy club. If you have paid attention at all during the last few presidential elections, they are quite intent on removing financial forms of inequality too. "Caring" people will no longer accept the concept that rich people should have rich privileges, like living in a big house, or driving a nice car. That is not "fair" to the Marxist. He who produces has no claim on more privilege than he who fails to produce. We are all human and therefore we all should live at the same standard of living: dirt poor. We have seen this all before in Russia and we should be smart enough to tell these Leftist Stalinist clones, to shove off. Freedom was what made America great, not Marxism!

Every time you give up some of your freedom, in order to promote "fairness" you are putting one more chain on. Every time you take another step to the Left, you are one step closer to the gulag. We have already gone a long ways down this road to destruction. We must wake up and turn around soon. It should scare all Americans to think that they have a president in the White House who actually has tried to nationalize our medical system. You can find excuses for nationalizing every industry in America if you want to, and believe me, the Leftists want to! The only protection from such abuses is to put our collective foot down and nationalize no industries. We must find our own solutions to problems, without the federal government. Or we will become the enslaved people of yet one more oppressive totalitarian state.

In the mean time, think about what is happening to our future, as feminism drains the intelligence out of the gene pool. Soon, we will be too stupid to realize that we are enslaved.

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