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Fairness and the Feminist

What is fairness? Usually it is where two or more people are placed into a situation where each of them is treated equally well or equally badly. The same rules being applied to all parties is fairness. However, the concept of fairness has become ambiguous today. Instead of equal treatment for equal behavior, the liberal mind has determined that opportunity to succeed must be equal even if talents and efforts are not. To anyone who thinks about it, such an arrangement cannot be fair but it is called “fairness” none the less.

In America, right from the start, it was considered fair for the wealthy to live life at a standard significantly different than the poor. The advantage of this arrangement was that poor people were highly motivated to produce money making efforts to move themselves and their children from poverty into a situation more closely resembling the wealthy. Opportunity was not equal then, nor reasonably can it ever be. Instead, opportunity will rationally always favor those who can contribute the most effort, intelligence, education and money towards any endeavor. The American system, as originally conceived can move all people out of poverty who want to be moved out badly enough.

But today a political movement has taken root which has changed the basic premise of American thought. Now, it is considered a good thing to remove results as the criteria for improving your lot in life, to use instead the criteria of skin color, sex and language to guarantee improvement in one’s lot. This is the opposite of fairness and it is destructive to society to pursue that course of action. When lesser results are rewarded, where is the incentive for better results?

The idea that a less educated or talented person, is given a job or raise in pay because of their sex or skin color over another person of a different skin color or sex who has a better education or more talent, is unfair, illogical and puts a severe drain on industry. A far more fair, logical and productive approach would be to inspire children of all races and cultures to achieve education and to work hard. This would raise their standard of living and their self esteem by earning what they have rather than lowering it by insulting their dignity with charity.

This topic relates to feminism in various ways but it is crystal clear that feminists do not want fairness! A man cannot take large amounts of time off to have children and to make a half hearted effort at raising them for a couple of years and then return to work at the same job and expect to keep pace with those who have been on the job all the time he was off work. It would be obscenely unfair to expect the other workers to be mistreated that way without anger. Yet feminists demand that women be allowed to do this! Such insanity should be laughed out of existence!

Feminists think that the government, or a company should be forced to pay for baby sitters for women so that they can shirk their duty in raising their own offspring, and still be paid an equal wage for this obviously inferior contribution that they are providing at work. This is absurd but feminists are adamant that this absurdity is “fairness.”

In the workplace, feminists demand that women can flirt, tell dirty jokes and make sexist comments at will, and then turn around completely in the other direction and sue companies that allow men the same rights. It is absurd but it is feminism.

If America wants to remain great, it had better get its definition of fairness straightened out before it goes the way of the Soviet Union where "fairness" drove them into bankruptcy. They found that rewarding non-production at an equal level with production, breeds less production. We have started down this same path with affirmative action.

Feminism proclaims minority status for women. This cannot be confused with fairness by any rational standard, but this is yet one more absurdity demanded by feminists. We need a "nonsense detector" in government. The liberal is doing everything he can to destroy the American way of life and to replace it with the old Soviet one. Equality regardless of results is anti-American and belittles each and every person on both sides of the unfair treatment. A person who receives “help” from the government through affirmative action has not earned anything himself to be proud of. You do not properly value that which you do not earn yourself. To those who do not receive special treatment, is left the feeling that what they have accomplished with their own two hands is not as important as it would have been otherwise. Both the recipient and the non-recipient of special treatment are harmed by its existence.

Every female soldier and sailor has had her job given to her. She could not earn it herself, by beating men out in a fair competition of physical and mental skills. What does this say about those women? They are tokens and nothing more. Is that how to build self esteem? They are wasting the time and energy of the military, as well as the tax dollars that Americans pay out for their defense. The myriad of problems that are generated every time a woman enters a military base, a barracks, or a ship, have no sane reason to exist.

If you look up the word “absurdity” in the dictionary, feminism would be most appropriately used as the prime example of it. “Fairness,” on the other hand, would be correctly found listed as an antonym to feminism.

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