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Marx and the Feminist

Do you remember when Americans said, “Better dead than Red,” and meant it? It wasn’t all that long ago. The Marxist/Socialist/Communist way of life, and its associated tyranny, were considered anathema to American life by the vast majority of our citizens. You cannot have a land of opportunity, when all are rewarded equally. You cannot have freedom when the government is telling you how to live. Your basic human right of raising your children up to believe as you do is not compatible with the Marxist goal of brainwashing the children into the party doctrine. So, what does this have to do with feminism?

Have you heard of Shulamith Firestone? Here is one of the founding “fathers” of the modern feminist movement. Her book, “The Dialectic of Sex” contains many of the concepts that are foundational to the feminist today. Her entire basis for change in America was the Marxist model. If you look at every country where Marx’s philosophy has been taken seriously, you will see a country where freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness have been throttled down to idle and ultimately the fire goes out. But feminists still burn with the desire to make Shulamith’s dream come true.

What are some of the improvements that this feminist wanted to implement? (Since this was the goal beforehand, it is a good measuring device to see how many of these things have actually come to pass.)

Marxism has been given its day on planet earth. It is a failure and always will be. Modern feminism is tied closely with Marx and as listed above, their goals are not compatible with American culture or society. They do not want equal pay for equal work. They want to reinvent the American way of life and shape it into a Marxist totalitarian state.

There are three possible outcomes from the position we are in. 1) We wake up and throw the Marxists out on their ear and rebuild the America we had before; 2) Continue to placate the feminists and dismantle America into a iron fisted dictatorship; 3) Do nothing until it becomes unbearable and have a civil war/revolution to try and reestablish the original constitution.

The first option would be extremely difficult at the moment, with the feminists controlling the schools, government and media. Where do you hear a voice against feminism today? You don’t! Even though the changes that they are proposing and have already implemented into our lives are completely un-American, people are not even concerned by and large.

The second and third options are the easy ones for today but the extremely difficult ones for the future. In either of these cases, lives will be lost in the millions, and America will not be rebuilt in our lifetimes. We are facing a grave crisis and people do not see a problem of any serious nature.

Americanism and Marx are old enemies. Liberalism and Marx are old friends. Feminism and Marx are married.

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