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From the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Soldotna, Alaska
Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans BP 0410

The School Board is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic group, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration. The Board shall promote programs which eliminate discriminatory practices.

Read that over and contemplate what it means. Herein is the essence of the insanity which has engulfed our nation. Here we see feminism and other liberal crazies at their very worst!

What if we said that the best hotel in town could not discriminate against those who could not afford to pay? How long would it stay in business? And if the government paid the tab, how long would it be the best hotel in town? You would have the hotel filled up with people who had no respect for the hotel’s property, no concern for the other patrons of the hotel. In short you would create a ghetto where a prime establishment had been, in very short order.

What if we said that the track team must not discriminate against those in wheel chairs (which is exactly what the statement from the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District above is demanding)? What sort of track team would you produce? And if taken to its logical conclusion you must throw out keeping score and times and records because they discriminate against those who cannot come out on top by their own efforts.

What we have come down to in the United States of America is this: no reward shall be given based solely upon merit. No school shall accept the applicants based solely upon test scores, grades or any other measuring criteria of academic excellence. The government has deemed it unlawful to do so. Period.

I ask you, what is the point of even having an institution of higher learning if you are not looking for the best students to enroll there? How can inferior students compete or even get by, in a curriculum that is geared for the best students? They cannot of course. Yet, there they are by government decree. The school must accept them and ultimately pass at least some of them. There is only one way that the school can do that, and that is of course to lower the standards of that college or university to the point where the best students will be trained at a much lower level than they would have been otherwise. Liberals have sent a nuclear torpedo into the hull of our educational system, and still we are allowing liberals with insane ideas like these, people like Bill and Hilary Clinton, to go about their business as if they were not destroying the education of our country’s children.

Feminism. My web page is focused on that one head of the liberal monster attacking our country today. So, let’s talk about what the above official policy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, which is based upon the federal statutes, means. We have a court ruling that all government controlled schools (another words any school which takes any federal assistance at all) must spend as much on any girl’s sporting program as they do on any boy’s sporting program. Notice what the effect of this is. Now a school must spend double the amount on sporting programs as it did before. If the court had instead ruled that all schools must allow girls to compete for the available positions already available in the sporting programs, at least a case could be built for the fairness of the ruling. It would not take into consideration the additional costs that females always bring along when they are involved with a program like that but let us set that aside for the moment. Since women could never, or at least extremely rarely, ever qualify in competition against males in any major sport, there would be no women athletes in schools. So, the court decided arbitrarily that schools much support the inferior female athlete at the same level as the male athlete. The effect of this has been to close down male sporting programs all across the country at schools where they could not afford two programs, but could afford to run one program. This is called fairness by the liberal. It is called outrageous by anyone else.

The whole process is designed to weaken America. This is not a mere offshoot or side effect of the liberal cause. They want to destroy America’s strength, in order to be able to rule themselves. They wish to beat down the very men who, if trained to be strong would pose a threat to their power. They want to make all Americans as weak as women and dress the whole process up in bright colors and call it “fairness.”

Hurrah for fairness! We can now watch terrible basketball played by lousy WNBA “athletes.”

Hurray for fairness! We can now have our companies sued out of existence by women who feel threatened by the “hostile” working environment.

Hurray for fairness! American families are ripped apart by the working woman.

Hurray for fairness! Our schools are being made competition free and grades are fast becoming a thing of the past, while the schools graduate less and less well educated students.

The federal government has lorded over these, and hundreds of other “fair” steps towards a weakened America. Your rights, your pride in your country, and the security that you are owed as a citizen of this great country are all being taken in the name of “fairness.” I for one am sick to death of it!

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