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Babes in Film Land

Anyone who has paid attention to the drivel that comes out of Hollywood at all over the last few years simply must laugh at their confusion. For example, the movie Striptease with Demi Moore in the lead role, had one of the most inane scenes of any movie ever made. Here was Demi, playing the part of a stripper, working in a place where women take off all of their clothes and dance in as provocative a fashion as possible, selling sexual fantasies for dollar tips, confronting the manager of the club and complaining that the napkins used by the club, displaying the club logo were demeaning to women. The disconnected chain of reasoning behind that confrontation places the whole love affair that Hollywood has with both feminism and the naked female body into stark clarity.

Hollywood visually states in nearly every movie that women are sexual objects, to be won and bedded as often as possible. Men are portrayed as being totally out of control over women and possessed with an irresistible obsession with having sex with them. This has been a standard tactic of movie makers right from the start. It is tried and true, and brings in the money, because men in the audience very much enjoy seeing the actresses taking off their clothes and strutting their sexuality before them. It is the same thing that allows strippers to bring in big money from tips for doing the same thing in person. It is what prostitution is: sex for money and no attachments required. Hollywood is pimping for its actresses.

While Hollywood is selling women’s bodies on the screen, it is at the same time trying as hard as it can to promote feminism. This is quite insane but there you have it. Even the movie Men in Black, lost track of its own title and just had to insert a woman into the corps of men, who wore black. (This was of course after they had the same woman strutting around in a short skirt for most of the movie and the director had her waving her bare legs around while hanging from a tree limb while wearing the skirt.) Try and find a movie or TV show today that does not have many clear statements of support for feminism. What cop show will have only a man or pair of men, working a case today? Real life has that but not television shows.

It used to be only sex appeal, voyeur pimping, that motivated Hollywood. The Journey to the Center of the Earth, created a female character in it to travel with the men to the center of the Earth. She served no purpose but to generate sexual situations amongst the men. The original book never had a woman in the traveling group! This movie was back in the 1950’s. Now we have the fanatical celluloid dealers creating female starship captains and macho jungle fighters. In most cases the pimping is done on the side (witness Xena) with skimpy outfits for the women, but the female macho myth is being promoted at full tilt boogie!

Once again enter Demi Moore. She was cast in the role of a female SEAL. I imagine that the vast majority of people in the audience of GI JANE were ignorant of the SEALS and the standards which must be met to become a member. When male sailors enter boot camp, they are given the opportunity to try out for the SEALS. Only the most physically fit and capable normally even go to the tryout. Most of even that top of the line group fail to qualify for a billet in the SEALS school. Then when the ones who qualify for school go there, most of them drop out the first week. Only the top of the top males can make it through to becoming a SEAL and there has never been a woman born on this planet that could even come close. And yet, we have the dainty, small boned, Demi Moore pretending to be a SEAL, and getting huge bucks for pretending the impossible. Hollywood is indeed crazy.

This would be unimportant if people did not have their point of view shaped and warped by the nonsense that they see on the screen. We have lowered the standards of our military to allow women to serve. We have done the same for the fire and police departments. We have forced the government to hire and promote women at a ridiculous rate, and are trying to do the same to private companies, if there is such a thing anymore. All the while Hollywood has forgotten the women who stay at home and have a happy marriage! It is hard to find the happy homemaker scenario in a movie or television show today. Instead the "powerful" woman, the woman who leaves her kids for her career, the woman who breaks new ground over the same old ground that men have been going over for centuries, is the focus of the movies and television shows of today.

To Hollywood, any role other than housewife, is proper for the actress in a movie. The role of housewife is only allowed in a movie as long as the starlet kills, leaves, or at least cheats on, her husband. Of course the husband is always a mean spirited, abusive good-for-nothing. How much of this one-sided, mythological, phony nonsense can the American people take? A lot apparently, because they keep coming back for more. Living in a fantasy world is in vogue these days.

There is no real doubt that much of the support for feminism in laws and company decisions would never have occurred if it were not for the misguided brainwashing that the American people have received from Hollywood. The brainwashing continues and feminism continues to survive. Feminism is made possible by the good hearted, tolerant culture that feminism is destroying with its very existence. Families are not compatible with feminism and our culture is not compatible with broken families. Hollywood is making big money from its pimping, and therefore can continue to do its brainwashing.

It is a sad commentary on the intellectual atrophy of the American mind that we have given up so much for so little.