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So, you want to be a feminist? Here is a flowchart that will make it easy for you!

Feminist Flow Chart


C1 - Close your eyes.

NOTE: This is a critical first step. If your eyes are open it is impossible to be a feminist.

Q1 - Do you believe women are exactly the same as men?

C2 - Repeat out loud 100 times: "Women are exactly the same as men."

NOTE: Without this step of denying reality, feminism will have to be rejected!

Q2 - Do children specifically need mothers?

C3 - Repeat out loud 100 times: "Anyone can fill the role of a mother for my children, including fathers, day care centers, baby sitters, schools, television or video games."

NOTE: Unless it is thoroughly believed that women are easily replaceable in their traditional role as mother, feminism will appear to be a selfish destructive force which will deny children their basic needs.

Q3 - Is a totalitarian government best?

C4- Repeat out loud 100 times: "Big government is my friend!"

NOTE: If citizens are allowed to act freely, men will naturally dominate. Feminism is therefore impossible in a truly free society.

Q4 - Should women kill their own young?

C5- Repeat out loud 100 times: "A woman has the right to choose to kill her children!"

NOTE: If a woman has to waste her time raising kids she can never accomplish the goals a feminist will have. This is fundamental!

Q5 - Are female athletes as good as male athletes?

C6- Repeat out loud 100 times: "Women pros play tennis, basketball, and all other sports as well as the male pros!"

NOTE: In order to be truly equal, women must be able to physically defend themselves equally well as men do. Since sports are merely a simulation of war, women must play with equal skill to that which men have in order to be completely equal.

Q6 - Do you hate masculine males?

C7- Repeat out loud 100 times: "All truly masculine men are bad!"

NOTE: Masculine males will naturally dominate females. They will not ever feel strong loyalty towards a female supervisor or take her completely seriously in that role. Truly masculine males will, by their very existence show the complete absurdity of feminism. Feminism must therefore create a society where masculine males are suppressed by the government and held under control.

Having reached the end of the flow chart, you are now properly conditioned to be a feminist. It is strongly recommended that you go through this flow chart on an extremely regular basis to maintain your conditioning. Otherwise you will find reality pushing in and destroying your belief in this ridiculous philosophy!

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