Force and Feminism

December 20, 2000

I find it very interesting the way the Left attempts to turn reality around and made it walk backwards. I have been asked why it is that I "want to force my views upon others." Such hypocrisy is hard to fathom. How do you properly address someone who, is either so confused as to be unable to see the irony of their absurd assertion, or is so dishonest so as to have no problem with putting forward a brazen lie?

Let us look at that truth of the matter. My position is that the US government has no business getting involved with promoting feminism. On this topic, it has no rightful -- or legal -- place in asserting an opinion, let alone enforcing one upon the population. What our society chooses to do, is up to our society on this issue. If our society wishes to hire women in the workplace, and promote feminist issues and causes, then it has that right. If, on the other hand, our society wishes to ignore feminism, and reject its philosophy, then it has that right. In either case, it is not up to the government, through punitive court rulings and other forms of oppressive government intrusion, to cause the feminist point of view to become the official view, and the legally enforced view, of our society. It is unconstitutional for the government to dictate to us that we will accept the feminist dogma as fact, and put feminist ideas to work in our society under threat of law suit and government fines. We the people, constitutionally have the right to make up our own minds on whether we will accept or reject the ideas of feminism.

Feminists, on the other hand, wish to force their views upon others through the iron fisted tactics of an oppressive government. Through the use of law suits, and government legislation, punitive fines and formidable political pressure brought through the use of the Leftist controlled media, the feminists have enforced their quasi-religious views upon the entire nation. It has become virtually illegal to have a publicly expressed, and/or practiced, corporate view that is directly opposed to feminism. In a land that is still erroneously proclaimed as a "free country" the feminists have been able to openly, and undeniably force their point of view upon us all.

The Leftists think that they know best what is right and wrong. They actually believe that forcing their point of view upon the rest of us is justified because they are "better people" than we, and more "moral" than we. Their ideals are the only possible ideals in their minds, and therefore, no matter what it takes to promote them, is just fine. If they must take your freedom to make you practice their ideals, that is a small price to pay in their eyes. If they destroy your families, and your society in the process, that is just the way it is going to have to be.

As disgusting, and un-American, as the Leftist view is, it is made even more unpalatable by their intense hypocrisy. While they have short-circuited the constitution, and destroyed the freedom of America, and while they have forced all of this land to embrace feminism, in action if not in belief, they still have the gall to derisively claim that those who stand for freedom, the ones who stand for letting people decide for themselves, are "forcing their views on others," while they themselves are not. Has there ever been any greater case of hypocrisy at any time in history? I think not.

While I have stated my case strongly on this web page, and shown why I think that feminism is a terribly destructive force in our society, I have only resorted to persuasion, not to a call for totalitarian government enforcement of my point of view. That means that I am not attempting to force my view upon others, but rather am trying to stop the Leftists from forcing their view upon me, and upon all Americans. It is clear that what the Left is frightened of, is that Americans will see the glaring flaws in the feminist doctrine, and just might rise up and take charge of their own lives again, and throw the Leftists out of power once and for all. They fear open discussion of any topic that they have forced down our throats through government oppression, and will do whatever it takes to shut the opposition up. Whether it is calling their intended victims names, like "sexist," or taking them to court for "discrimination," or for creating a "hostile working environment," the Leftists are intent upon keeping the opposition quiet, and compliant.

It seems quite clear that what Americans must do is to rise up and demand that all government interference in personal affairs such business hiring, firing, and promotions, etc. will be removed immediately, and then the American society can decide for itself what it wants to do. This idea is a "nightmare come alive" for the Leftist who thinks he is today completely in control of Americans, and their way of life. He will call the idea "hate" and "sexist" as he tries to kill it with bluster, ridicule, and attack. But the simplicity of the idea, and its inherently American flavor, so much in line with what the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence originally stood for, make it nearly indestructible, and impossible to permanently silence. The only way a government can be by, for, and of the people, is if the people are the ones who choose how things are going to be done, not the government.

So, whether you think women should be running the world, or in the home, raising kids, is a secondary issue. What is the primary issue is, whether Americans should be free to decide how they are going to run their own society, or should the government be allowed to force society to mold itself to the Leftist ideals, as has been going on for over 40 years. If we want tyranny, we should be content for it has found us. If, on the other hand, we want freedom once again, we better get up on our feet and do something to take it back.

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