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Women, the Foundation of Civilization

Picture the Sears Tower in Chicago, standing in majesty, looking down upon all that surrounds it. Tall, proud and beautiful, its glass walls reflecting the sunlight in splendor. An amazing feat of engineering. Now picture that structure as its foundation is suddenly and magically removed. What do you see? What will happen to it? The supporting members reaching up into the heart of the building, will suddenly have nothing to push against and their support will vanish. The entire tower will fall immediately. A pile of rubble will be all that is left of the glorious giant.

Women have always provided the foundational support for civilization. The edifice of our modern society would never have existed if not for the civilizing influence of women upon men. Women cause men to settle down, and to look to family and security. Women inspire men to achieve in the business world by their moral support and yes, their need to be provided for. Women have trained the boys of each generation the proper way to behave in a civilized society. The traditional role women have had historically in civilization is critical and provides the foundation for all else.

Now, remove that influence and what happens? Look around you and there you will see the answer. Feminism has pulled the foundation out from under our civilization, by convincing women that in the workforce lies their destiny instead of being wives and mothers. Men are now forced to compete with women at work instead of joining with them in a family. The house where couples live is no longer a home, where children are always cared for and supervised. Men are no longer in a position of sole bread winner and therefore do not have a known and well defined role in the family. They are leaving their families in record numbers every day. Civilization is beginning to crumble rapidly, as crime increases and neighborhoods become nothing but a collection of strangers who do not take care of each other. Children are raising themselves and learning many things from their friends, television, movies and even the Internet, that parents should be appalled at. But since the foundation of our society has been removed, the trend of the work-orphaned children continues and accelerates.

The remaining holdouts, women who are still willing to support the civilization that we all rely on, are held up to ridicule by the feminists. Fingers are pointed, pity handed out and even disgust is shown for the homemaker/housewife. They are made to feel inferior to women who have a career. They are ridiculously told that they “don’t work” because they stay at home. A homemaker works as hard or harder than any CEO does, in her job of taking care of a family. She works day and night and always has another task calling for her attention. But the truth is never a guide to the feminist.

While women are busy trying to build offices in the tower of civilization, they have no awareness that they are removing the foundation of that same building. They are rearranging their office furniture in a collapsing structure, whose collapse is a result of their leaving the job of providing the foundation, for a job in the penthouse. The penthouse will soon be a pile of rubble, just like the rest of society. This is insane.

Feminists hold all women of the past in complete disregard. Until their movement came along, they believe, all women were no more than donkeys, and slaves, providing nothing but pleasure and services to men. That which was indispensable for society is trivialized by these confused ladies. With the exception of just a handful of women, who did not perform the wifely and motherly duties of their peers, the feminist views all women who lived before their movement existed as insignificant bimbos, oppressed and useless. This from a group who claims to speak for women and to have women’s best interests at heart.

Contrast this, if you will, with the view of the male chauvinist, with his hated chivalry. He is said to hate women, and to want nothing but to enslave and use women. Yet what is his view of women? He views them as different than men, special and indispensable. He gives his seat to a lady and opens her door for her, OUT OF RESPECT. When he marries it is to bond for life with his chosen mate. He will do all in his power to support her, care for her and protect her. He will attempt to provide her with the best house, car and anything else that she desires. He is focused on her happiness and treasures her more than life itself. He supports her in the raising of the children, supplying the strong enforcement of the rules that she would not be able to provide without his help. He has a leadership role in the family but he confers with his wife always, and defers often to her opinion. His family is a team that is built for durability and designed to last a lifetime. He knows the critical importance of a woman’s role as housewife and mother. He teaches his children to respect and honor the woman who is their mother. He looks at the women of history as wonderful, hard working and important people, who built all that we see around us by their efforts.

Feminists are the women haters and have only the destruction of women in their sites. The vast majority of male chauvinists love and respect women and have only these wonderful creatures’ happiness as a goal. Feminism breaks families up, leaving women as single mothers struggling to get by, and in danger from the gangs of boys who have not been raised by a functional two- parent family. Male chauvinism builds strong families and provides protection, security and respect for women.

The distortion of the facts by the politically correct feminists is as common as it is disgusting. The feminist arrogance and accusatory posturing, when confronted, is a clear indication of their intellectually weak position. The way that they have been able to slander the character of all male chauvinists as well as all of the honorable, hardworking homemakers in our society should make all honest people angry. The families that have been destroyed and the countless women left as single mothers because of feminist propaganda is enough to make you want to cry.

We need to start honoring the homemaker and inspiring women to take up that vital role again, or we will pay an unthinkable price. We can do quite well without female soldiers or sailors. We can do nicely without female judges, lawyers, or CEO’s. But we will collapse as a civilization without dedicated homemakers and mothers. We must set our priorities back to a sane arrangement or we will suffer a horrible fate.

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