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The Fragile Female

It is a story, told to all of our little girls, that they can do anything they want in life. They can do anything a man can do. But is it true? Do women really do what a man does?

Look at what has happened since women have been given access by the courts into new areas of work. As the women have come in, the work has changed to accommodate them. Suddenly,  jobs that require heavy lifting are redefined. Why is this done, if women can do the same job as a man? Every job where the definition of the job was changed because women wanted the paycheck for doing the job, is an example of a job that women could not do. We pretend that women are doing that job now, because the PC courts insist that we must in order to keep our own jobs, but people know better.

How many times have you heard of a sexual harassment suit in the last ten years? For that matter, how many suits have you heard about in the last 10 months? It seems that a new one occurs every day. Each one of those legal actions represents a woman who could not take care of herself  in the workplace. She is helpless and cries out to the court to take care of her. She is too fragile to be at work, but insists on being there anyway. Things like jokes, pictures on a wall or attentions paid her by men, are all too much for her to handle. In fact it is so overwhelming for her that she must be paid 6 or 8 figures by her ex-employer to compensate for the trauma of going into the workplace. (No one seems to notice that she often will attend movies where the same jokes, even more erotic photography and a date, far more aggressive than her coworkers, are somehow dealt with. How does she do it without resort to a large settlement out of court?)

In the decades prior to feminism’s rise into totalitarian proportions, gentlemen did not tell dirty jokes in mixed company, and generally, ladies would be shocked if they tried. It was an era where women were treated as fragile creatures, too delicate for men’s courser natures. Today, the fragile female denies her delicate condition, demanding to be given the opportunity to show how tough she is. She can be a fighter pilot, astronaut or dock worker, just like any man. However, when given that chance, instead she demands that the workplace treat her just like the delicate lady that she is. No dirty jokes, no advances by men, and no heavy lifting.

Companies are put into a no-win situation. They must hire women employees because the liberal courts will award money to the turned down lady if they do not. Once they do hire her, she is a walking law-suit ready to happen. She is a china doll, in a room full of bulls. Sooner or later, the company may have to pay damages because the delicate flower had a pedal creased by the facts of life at work. She then has the hypocritical gall to act like she was the offended party.

The fact that damages are awarded and working conditions are routinely modified to accommodate the lesser toughness of women, completely justifies the opinion held by all previous generations of men and women, that women should be at home, and be protected by her husband and family. Instead of this sound, reasonable opinion, based upon thousands and thousands of years of history, we have the world of today where all must pretend that the emperor is wearing clothes. "Women are the same as men. This is a fact,” say the thought police. They also say, “You will believe this fact, or else you will be fired, fined and ostracized!” That is not freedom. It is not even rational. It is a lie upon which we can never build, or even maintain, a strong and healthy society.

Women are too fragile to take care of themselves. Even with all of the liberal legal abuses generated in support of women (each a screaming declaration of the delicacy of our females), ladies are still harassed, abused and raped at an ever increasing rate. Our society has taken women out from under the loving care of their fathers in their youth, and their husbands in their adult years. At the same time we are rapidly destroying the social customs that provided protection for women of past generations. Now, we leave it to the overburdened court system to supply the protection for our delicate women. It is not working.




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