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A recent e-mail posed a question to me about freedom. I think that it is important to differentiate between two kinds of freedom. The first is good and desirable: freedom from government interference in our daily lives. The second is bad and should be avoided: freedom from personal responsibility. When the word “freedom” is recklessly thrown about, without differentiating between these two, many dangerous and foolish concepts can appear to be good and merely in support of that which is dear to the hearts of all Americans.

This web page is focused on the failed and dangerous cause of feminism. How do these two types of freedom come into play in the area of feminism?

Freedom from government interference in our daily lives is under attack by the feminist movement!

The government is at war with Parents who wish to teach their children that a mother belongs at home and a father must support his family! The public schools, by direction of the government, will attack these parents' position with all of their power. A teacher would be fired if he were so bold as to even suggest that a young girl might find a happy and worthwhile life as a homemaker, because the government has determined that freedom of thought is only applicable, in American schools, if it is Politically Correct thought. There can be no greater intrusion upon a citizen’s rights than to take his children and brainwash them with doctrines of the state that run counter to his own beliefs! Let me repeat that. There can be no greater intrusion upon a citizen’s rights than to take his children and brainwash them with doctrines of the state that run counter to his own beliefs!

If a private citizen wishes to start up a business today, he is suddenly without freedom to choose whom he will hire in his business. This absurd situation has come about through the recent activities of our ever expanding government, and the activities of the feminist movement. Our constitutional freedom is rapidly evaporating because of the governmental support for, and enforcement of, Politically Correct thinking. If you do not worship at the fountain of Politically Correct Thought, you will feel the weight of the government upon your neck!

If that citizen, instead of creating his own company, chooses to go to work for another company, he will find that his opinions and actions must be politically correct also. This is not because the company is necessarily in support of politically correct activities but it has set its PC policies because our government has opened the door to legal abuse of any company which does not follow the PC line. The strong arm tactics of the government has turned all of American companies into little PC robots in the area of Human Relations policy.

Over a certain area of our lives, the government has take totalitarian control. That area is expanding each day. Like a hose pouring out water onto a rug, the area of contamination is spreading ever wider. The people in government have determined that they know better than you do how to run your own life. They have decided whether or not you should smoke, wear your seat belt, or support PC causes. In the area of personal freedom, they are stealing from you with each step that they take, just as surely as if they had put a gun in your face and demanded your wallet. (The IRS is doing that too, literally, at the same time!)

Freedom from personal responsibility is constantly supported by the feminist movement!

While the PC crowd does everything in their power to seize control of your freedoms by use of our government, at the very same time they are proclaiming a glorious day of release from personal responsibility for all citizens. We are told that feminists are in support of freedom for women, at the same time they are picking all women’s pockets through taxes to support their useless programs. What freedoms are they really in support of?

  1. The freedom for women to have sex without any consequences. In spite of the fact that single-mothers abound and are having their lives turned upside down because of it, this “freedom" is proclaimed by the feminists.
  2. The freedom for women to kill their children. Abortion is the murder of a child, who most often is a female, in order to free a woman from the responsibilities of her own actions. (Rape and incest are not even a blip on the screen of the total number of abortions. To even mention those rare exceptions is nothing but dishonest misdirection by the feminists.)
  3. The freedom for women to abandon their children to day care centers and other locations, in order to pursue a career. This frees the mother up from the critical task of raising the next generation and guarantees that soon our society will collapse.
  4. The freedom for men to abandon their role of bread winner and thereby ensure that men will only be a short-term visitor in the home. The huge majority of children today are not raised by both of their real parents. It has been clearly demonstrated that children who are not raised by their own biological parents are far more likely to be abused in every way.

It is time for a reality check!

It appears that those of the feminist movement labor under the misconception that all of life is but a search for personal ego fulfillment and gratification. Job, family and all other things are to take a back seat to personal happiness. That approach to life is what is pulling this country down. If the hard things, like being a mother and father, raising children and supporting a family are less important than your personal gratification and fulfillment, then we might as well call the whole thing off right now and close the country down for lack of interest.

The feminists are forever belly aching that all women are not cut out to be homemakers. Are all men cut out to work a job and support a family? Of course not! But life is hard, and you do what you have to do. A sense of duty gets a man out of bed every morning and out the door to work, even though he is not fulfilled by going to work. It is patently absurd to demand that everyone who supports society by doing the right thing must be fulfilled by doing it! If the plain ordinary unselfish act of being what your family needs you to be is too much trouble, you are not worth the space that you are taking up on the planet.

Take a look around you. Most men do not have a career at all but rather a job that they perform to support their families. Men have chosen those jobs based upon what job is available and whether or not it will provide the money their families need. Being fulfilled was seldom the major consideration. Aptitude was required or he would not get paid for doing a job but that was as far as it went.

Here is the point that is too often missed: long term, without families no one is going to be safe and no one is going to have freedom of any sort. Feminists mistakenly believe that women can cast off their responsibilities of being wives and mothers and live off of society without contributing to it in the important area of raising the next generation.

We have a duty to society to raise the next generation. If a woman sidesteps her duty, leaving it to another, then she is creating a drag on our civilization. If a man leaves his family and does not support them, then he is creating a drag on our civilization. What the feminists have done is to say that no one has responsibilities any more. Men and women are exactly the same in role, and the children are of no concern. Men do not need to support their families and women do not need to raise their children. Marriage is passé and adultery is not a big deal. They have destroyed the arrangement which produced continuity of morals and societal conscience: that which perpetuates our society and culture.

“Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children.” Will Durant

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