Half Way There

August 4, 2017

Your ship is wrecked, you climb into a lifeboat, and there it is, land! Now you begin to row, and you row, and you are half way to the shore. Are you going to make it? No, you will never reach that shore. Why? Because suddenly, you turn and start to row in a circle. Round and round you go, and you have determined that you plan to go no farther, not ever.

I suggest that this is an analogy that fits the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) mindset. They realize that just staying put is a death sentence at the ship that is going down. Feminism has wrecked Western Civilization utterly, and it has reached out its deadly touch to all countries who have tried to emulate the West, for example countries like Japan.

Feminism disallows acceptance of reality. Feminism demands that you pretend that a woman is the same as a man: the two sexes are composed of interchangeable individuals, where any woman can be replaced by a man and any man can be replaced by a woman, and there will be no negative consequences, once culture has been extinguished entirely, leaving no imprint upon the individuals living within it.

Think about that assumption for a minute. Even if you insanely assumed that it is true, what do you have left when your culture is utterly destroyed? Do you really want to live in a society like that? If you say that you do, you have no idea how much culture defines your life, and how alienated you would be without it. Nothing you take for granted in life would remain.

And of course that feminist assumption is false, and you would be giving up everything you value for absolutely nothing. Many studies have shown the foundational claims of feminism are not only off a bit, they are diametrically opposed to reality. Men are not only slightly different than women, they are drastically different. Mothers and fathers are different, and they are both needed by children for a healthy upbringing. Why? Because the different influences each parent has on a child must be balanced inside a family for a child to grow up straight and whole.

By letting the state replace the man in a home, feminism has destroyed the actual influence of the male adult in the lives of children, and the results have been catastrophic.

It is a massive mistake to blame either women or men for this situation. Either attempt will lead you to a dead end. No matter how much you beat or shape a person of either sex, you cannot make that person into the other sex. We are biologically programmed to fill our sexual role, and the roles can never be the same, because the sexes are not the same.

So, why are men crushed by the court system? Is it women's fault? No it is not. In point of fact women have had little to do with the changes in the court system. Is it men's fault? Have men failed to try hard enough? No that is just as wrong. The men of MGTOW have found their way half way home. The system that feminism has created has sunk our societal ship and we can no longer rely upon trying to make it float.

What is the solution? If it isn't men or women who sunk our ship, who is at fault? How can we paddle our lifeboat all the way home to safety?

Before you can destroy an enemy and win the war, you must know whom your enemy is. Who is it that undermined our families and pushed feminism down our collective throat? In the 1950's and early 1960's the vast majority of women were dead set against feminism. They openly stated that they were not "Women's Libbers." The very idea revolted them. And yet that revolting idea was forced upon us all from above.

From above also comes the entire brainwashing agenda that the public school system must follow, and part of that poison includes complete indoctrination into the unholy order of the devotees of feminism. Girls are raised to be feminists in their aims. In fact even the ones who claim to be "anti-feminists" are dyed in the wool feminists, who think that it is right and good for women to vote, and to work along side of men, doing the same jobs (sort of).

Meanwhile, these "equal" women either don't produce children at all, or have the ones they do produce stuck in a daycare center, where someone else will raise them during the day. At night, Mom is too tired to deal with the kids, and so these working mothers turn those precious minds over to the Media Monsters, by flipping on the TV set. Who has time or energy to read to the kids, or to play games with them?

Since the media and the schools are controlled by the same Marxist jerks, naturally the entire day of children is saturated with more feminist and egalitarian nonsense, and then we wonder why the kids are so messed up.

So, I ask you, is the solution to "drop out," like the acid dropping, pot smoking hippies did, to run away and hide, as MGTOW is doing? Is it for women to rely on the state to let them pretend they can do anything a man can do, like the feminists are doing? These things are problems to be solved, and they are not solutions to any problem—other than the one our masters have, in trying to overthrow our society completely, so they can claim it for their own.

Convincing men to quit may seem like a good idea, and it might help one generation of men to live a life that is better than the choices they might have otherwise made. However, it is no solution to the overall problem.

The court system needs to be changed. The laws need to be changed. And for goodness sake the stuff you feed your children's minds needs to change. Girls need to be wives and mothers or it all ends. Boys need to grow in to solid husbands and fathers. If this doesn't happen, nothing else will ever matter.

It is time to stop playing "let's pretend," and face the cold hard facts of life. Our government has to change. No-fault divorce has to disappear, because it spits in the face of justice. A man must be allowed to marry a woman safely, without worry that she will walk away on a whim, and destroy his life by stealing his money and his children without just cause. A woman needs to know she can safely marry a man and he will not abandon her and leave her and their children impoverished. The laws of all Western countries need to reflect the traditional values of our people, and to remove every taint of the Marxist sewage that controls them now. Socialism needs to disappear. Feminism needs to be destroyed.

Basic human psychology demands that if you want more of some behavior, you reward it. If you want less of some behavior, you penalize it. Our government should be rewarding families who stay together. There should be penalties attached to either producing children outside of wedlock or for breaking up a marriage without just cause.

What would happen if we got rid of easy divorces—anyone getting divorced has to show just cause: adultery, physical assault, abandonment—and then levy taxes at half the standard rate across the board for families who remain married, and have two or more children? You get the point. If you make it very good for people who do the right thing, and very bad for the people who don't, you will end up with a lovely garden of good behavior, and far less of the weeds of bad behavior.

Feminism produces nothing but weeds, and MGTOW is abandoning the garden entirely. These are both problems, not solutions. What we need is very different than either of these.

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