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(Me Tarzan, You Jane)

To the tune of  I Am Woman...

1st verse
You are woman, I am man,
You can’t do the things I can,
but that is not what you were meant to do,
I may be sometimes unbending
But my love is never ending;
You know that I'll always be there, for you...
(to chorus)

2nd verse
You can raise an embryo,
Inside you it will grow
And that child will make a mother out of you
Watch that child grow big and strong
As you help him right along,
No one else can do that job as well as you---- Oh,
(to chorus)

3rd verse
As a woman you should know,
No matter how you grow
Your lovin’ arms reach only to your man.
Joined to him you can be strong,
By his side you walk along,
Together is your only rightful stand! ------- Oh,


Yes, you will be,  a mother and a wife;
Raise kids and cook, and be the family’s life!
On my team girl, we can do anything,
I am man, my stand’s invincible, you’re my woman.

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