Feminism: The American Invasion

June 5, 1999

I am asked why I should deny women their right to work. It is interesting that supporters of the feminist movement would ask such a question. There is no place on this entire web page where I suggest that women should be denied the right to work. I have not suggested that laws be passed which force women to stay out of the workplace. I have not demanded that all women should be restricted to their homes by law. In fact, my only demand, as pertains to women and the workplace is the exact opposite! I demand that the government get out of the area all together!

It is government interference that is the ENTIRE problem with feminism. Back in the 1960s and early 1970s most women never wanted to go to work. They would have just loved to have a nice homemaking position with a loving and faithful husband. If the government had of stayed out of it, there never would have been a feminist problem.

What happened in the early days, was that the society reacted to feminism with disgust. Women said, “There is no way that I would be a feminist.” It was nearly universal! Women wanted no part of being a “women’s libber.” How did we move from that political position, to the one where today most women are living the “libber” lives and think that it is normal? Many of them still think that they are not feminists as they go to their jobs each morning after dropping their kids off at the day care center. That sort of revolution in perception is amazing. How did it happen?

First of all the media cranked up the propaganda machine. They started slanting their news stories in favor of feminism. When anyone suggested that a story had a “women’s point of view” aspect to it, they ran out to get a quote from the National Organization of Women, a small and insignificant group of hard core man haters. Over time that began to mold the soft brains of the television watching public. Then they started dropping in television sitcoms like “That Girl,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” to make the women’s libbers appear to have a friendly face. It was like a bombing mission to soften up the resistance for the full scale ground invasion. Perhaps the greatest of these softening up weapons used by the future conquerors of this country was, “All in the Family.” In that show all the traditional American points of view were very skillfully cut to ribbons every week in such an entertaining way that more Americans came back to watch that show each week than any other during the time. In the area of feminism, Archie Bunker’s wife, Edith, was shown as a dumb slave with virtually no mind or purpose, except to grab Archie anything his heart desired. After weeks, months, and years of watching the Archie propaganda machine at work, Americans were softened up enough to bring in the troops.

The Supreme Court, the elite Delta Force unit for the invaders, threw out all American tradition, as well as previous court decisions, as they restructured America. They went through the traditional American structure like a fire in an old wooden building. Most areas that they destroyed are subjects for other web pages, but in the area of feminism the direction they were heading was clear.

There was a ruling that female reporters would be allowed by law into male locker rooms after sporting events. The first reaction to this by the vast majority of Americans was, “They can’t be serious!” It was complete astonishment at the absurdity of such an idea. Americans were a more or less prudish people who traditionally would not conceive of a lady even wanting to be in a men’s locker room, let alone having the law forcing the morals of the society to be cast aside in this way. It was not the last time that Americans would be shocked by the intrusive Supreme Court. It did not take long before there was a big scandal where a football player exposed himself to a female reporter in his own locker room and made some comment, which caused a hypocritical major uproar in the media -- the same media which had authored the event in the first place.

There next were rulings that the traditional all male "men's clubs" were no longer allowed. Since it excluded women, and business might be discussed, they were disallowed. Think of the infringement on personal freedom that this entailed! Once again the American people were astounded! Where were these Supreme Court rulings coming from? Where indeed? Obviously they were not coming from the constitution which had predated them by nearly 200 years and no Court had seen that sort of silliness embodied in that document previously. It was just as obvious that the court was not following public opinion, which was against their rulings.

The unfortunate thing was that Americans were trusting of their government. They assumed that the government was of the people, for the people, and by the people. But oh they were so wrong! They found out too late that the government had been taken over by those who thought they knew what the people needed better than the people themselves knew. Instead of finding out what the people wanted, and then doing it, they set out to do what they themselves thought best for the American people, and then force the American people to like it, or at least accept it. That is what oppression and tyranny is all about: forcing the government's will upon its people. We lost our representative republic completely at that point in our history. Franklin D. Roosevelt weakened its foundation nearly to the fatal point, but the 1960s completely removed it.

So, while the people who were raised to respect their government and to trust their leaders were being vandalized and robbed of their freedoms, there was no revolt, as would have been appropriate. The media was the primary reason for that. The media put out a soothing patter of sweet sounding phrases as to how evil the traditional America was and how wonderful the new America was. It was not as crass as that. They used very professional phrasing, but that was the message then, and they continue it today with even greater vigor.

Once they were warmed up, they were ready to get down to some serious pitching. Next they had to soften up the workplace to make it palatable to the women they were forcing into it. The average woman of the 1960s would have been disgusted and shocked by the language, pictures and other masculine trappings that the normal workplace was filled with. Rather than doing the right thing and telling the women to, “take it or leave it,” the court decided to reach its iron fist out once again and demand that men no longer could act like men at work. They could no longer put pictures on the walls that women did not approve of. They could no longer use the same language or tell the same jokes at work, as they had. Their freedom to be themselves was gone, taken by the court.

Again, each of these court rulings met with complete surprise and shock on the part of the American people. Each time it happened the people looked in disbelief, and assumed that finally the tyrannical flood high water mark of this foolishness had been reached. But alas there is no such thing as a high water mark with these totalitarians. They want it all.

Then came the real plunge. The law suits against companies which had a policy to hire men with families over single women, or women who had a working husband. It was decided that the companies were not smart enough or as caring and feeling as our totalitarian overlords, and therefore they should not be in charge of their own hiring policy. Instead, the government would decide for them. The courts ruled that companies, especially large companies would have to hire a certain number of women, or they would have to pay huge fines. This is the exact opposite of freedom and most Americans at the time knew it. They were shocked! But over time the ability to be shocked is diminished.

As a brief aside, we saw the same process in miniature with the Clinton presidency. He was accused of doing something that nearly all agreed, including most members of his own Democratic Party, would be grounds for throwing him out of office if it were true. "However," we were told, "We must wait until the evidence is in before passing judgement." Then, while it took a year to produce the evidence, the entire story is leaked out a little at a time, and the shock value is completely gone by the time the Senate trial hits. The accusation turned out to be completely true, BUT all of the people whose judgement was sound a year before, had been anesthetized over a year of hearing about it. Comments were made, “There is nothing new in the Starr Report.” It was as if only newness would be acceptable grounds for discipline, and of course newness was impossible, therefore discipline was impossible.

As the feminist shocks were having less impact, the process began speeding up. In the media there were no more shows being made that represented real life. Men, even today, are doing the bulk of the military fighting and the policing of our cities but television shows do not represent that. Television shows lay on the feminist “ideal” with gusto. The American people do not even realize that they are having their attitudes adjusted with this propaganda.

Let's take a quick look at a barometer of how effective this propaganda has been. The 1984 movie The Terminator showed a normal, feminine girl being chased by a nearly indestructible robot from the future. At the end of the movie she was pregnant, and as a concerned mother-to-be, she was going to a safe place to have her son and to raise him. After 7 years pass, the feminists were feeling more secure in their propaganda campaign, and in 1991 that once sweet, feminine, normal girl  had become in Terminator II - Judgement Day  some lesbian’s dream of a butch lover. No reaction from the audiences! People just do not shock very easily anymore.

The courts have gone so far as to dictate the power structure inside a company. A company cannot make up its own standards as to how it will hire or promote. It must follow the court’s dictates. It must hire the right kind of people, which does not in any way mean the kind of people who would make the company more profitable! It must promote people, not based upon company determined criteria but by court ordered criteria. That does not sound like a free society to me.

Probably the most shocking maneuver by the liberal invasion force was the legalizing of abortion. Americans nearly universally were opposed to abortion before the Supreme Court passed the death sentence on at least 30 million children in this nation. (The number grows by more than a million a year if you can even imagine that kind of slaughter. At this rate, those who support the right to “choose” will soon pass up the communists as the worst mass murderer of all time.) Again it was not the people who wanted this outrage. It was not the constitution which supported this outrage. It was the will of the tyrants and no other.

The next phase could be called the Consolidation Phase. All government agencies were immediately forced to aggressively hire and promote women, and if you have the misfortune of having to deal with any government agency you will almost certainly be dealing with one or more of the tyrants’ chosen ones. (e.g. I once had access to the NASA channel and watched a few of their lectures. It appeared that virtually 100% of their lecturers were women.) After loading up all the agencies directly controlled by the government with the specially chosen people, they started working on the volunteer military force. The standards of the military made it impossible to ever get women in large numbers into the military so they dropped the standards, thereby lowering the ability of the military to protect our country. Of course the  Feminist Invaders hardly could be concerned about something as unimportant as that.

The most important, and to any real American the saddest, part of the Consolidation Phase has been the brainwashing of our children. From the television shows that they grow up on, to the classrooms that we pay for with out tax dollars, our children are bombarded with feminist propaganda. They are told that women are the same as men and should have the same role in society. The average woman or man of the 1960s would have been outraged by that, but today the propaganda has worked. Today, our children are freely given over, by their parents, to the people who shape little brains into liberal feminists. There is hardly a whimper any longer. In fact women have been so brainwashed today that, while they live their feminist lives, they do not even realize that they are feminists. They often claim that they are not! It is clear that the Consolidation Phase has been a success.

The only fly in the ointment for the tyrants today is the Internet. They have successfully blocked all dissent by any traditionalist via the newspapers, the television, and the classroom. They have a great deal of control over the radio too, despite the “conservative” talk show hosts. (The term “conservative” is a joke anymore. What are they “conserving”? They are conserving the left wing agenda of the 1960s! It is ridiculous that they even have the name conservative.) Here on the Internet free speech still abounds. The tyrants hate it mind you, but it is here for now. You have these overlords sponsoring companies in a mad dash to create filtering programs to be used, we are told, by your web browser, in order to save “the children” from XXX material. In reality what they want is to filter out is traditional political thought. If a web page today were to list, in a positive light, all of the beliefs in detail of the average American of the 1950s, it would be filtered out by one of those programs. If the thoughts of our Founding Fathers were presented today on certain subjects, you can rest assured, a filtered computer would not be able to reach that site. The day will come when the average American browsing the Internet, will be as controlled as the average television watcher is today. But that time has not yet come! We must “make hay while the sun shines.”

So, if you are a feminist, remember that it is you who have forced, and are forcing, your views upon our people, not me trying to force my views upon you! My attempts to remove the foot of the tyrants from off of my neck, is not an attempt to put my foot on your neck. My only demand is for feminism to stand on its own two feet instead of having a totalitarian government enforce its ideas upon the unwilling.

If the new direction, that the country has taken since the 1960s, seems to you to be correct, then you are on the wrong web page. You and I have nothing in common. If, on the other hand, you think that America was actually better before the invasion of the tyrants. Stick around you might enjoy yourself.

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