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Just Say, "No!"

Here's a chance to change the world in a very positive way. If you are tired of seeing the majority of marriages coming apart, just say, "No!" If you are tired of seeing children having children, just say, "No!" If you are tired of sexual encounters in the office, just say, "No!" If you are tired of seeing high crime rates for children, just say, "No!" If you are sick and tired of seeing some cast iron battle ax on TV telling you how bad all those sexist men are, just say, "No!" If you think a man has a natural role as leader of his family, just say, "No!" If you think that women have an important role as mothers, just say, "No!"

JustsayJust say, "No!" to feminism. It is very easy really. Think for yourself. Tell the liberal nutcases to get lost. Instead of just accepting what the liberals are saying, give it some thought. Look at history. Most of all see what has happened to our country ever since we gave control to the left wingers. Look at how many women are struggling to raise kids alone, or fighting to get a step-father/step-child relationship to work. Look how many families just cannot exist with the attitude of the "90's" pulling them apart. What has caused all of these problems to become so serious today?

Mentally back up if you will. Back, back until you reach a point in time where most marriages did not come apart. A place where most children were raised clear up until adulthood by both of their real, biological parents. Back to just before the modern feminist movement took control of the children of our country. What was it like back then? Why was it different and what made it better than today? Men and women had separate roles. These roles were based on simple biological reality.

Men, to a much greater extent than women, have been given a natural drive to compete and conquer. They are stronger and have an ego that requires a position of respect and power. They pride themselves on being able to defend themselves and their families. They tend to be less socially motivated and more career motivated. Men are not as concerned with neatness in their dwelling place, nor are they extremely taken with babies.

Women, to a much greater extent than men, tend to be nurturers and relationship oriented. They have patience with children and a natural drive to take care of their little ones. They are weaker and rely on others for their physical protection. Even if they work outside the home, they still are more focused on social relationships than maximizing a career advancement path. Women tend to be a civilizing influence on men, steering them away from violence. They tend to be neater and more interesting in living in a clean and tidy house, with freshly laundered and well pressed clothes.

If you take away the feminist bias from your reasoning and take those natural attributes of men and women and shake them up together what do you get? Why you come up with the perfect marriage that will last a lifetime. You come up with the traditional marriage where the husband is the bread-winner, the protector and head of the family, and the wife is a homemaker, taking care of the house and children, making sure both are kept in order.

This simple arrangement has worked for thousands of years and will work for thousands more if life on earth lasts that long. When biology dictates, down to the very physical makeup of the brain, that the sexes are different, it only makes sense to use those differences to the best advantage. Women can be great mothers, while men absolutely cannot be. Mr. Mom is a completely ridiculous concept and always will be, because biology says so. Men were made to go out and compete with other men. Women were not designed by nature to compete with men.

So, what was it that was lost and thereby destroyed the families of America? Traditional roles! Bring back the traditional, biology-based, roles and you will see the divorce rate drop immediately. You want your kids to be raised by both of their real parents? You want to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime? You want to have kids that grow up to be law-abiding, parent-respecting young men and women? JUST SAY NO TO FEMINISM!

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