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Kids Killing Classmates

Do you see it in the news? Today in Arkansas, tomorrow who knows? What is making kids into killers these days? Is it some deep dark secret? Or is there an answer that is easy to see?

What is making kids turn so violent today, whether it is with guns, knives or baseball bats, is a two-headed monster. The number one reason is that parents have stopped taking responsibility for their children. Mothers are not home with their kids after school and neither parent is monitoring, and instructing kids on the difference between right and wrong. Children are left on their own to entertain themselves anyway that they can find. As the old saying goes, “Idle hands make the Devil’s playthings.” Without instruction into what proper behavior is, without constant reminders by a supervising parent, kids will drift into trouble. They also desire and need attention from their parents, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Even criminal things.

The second reason kids are not only getting into trouble, but are going so far as to killing their classmates, is that American parents have completely lost their minds by letting their children watch television and movies and to play video games. Stop and think of the horrors most kids have witnessed on TV, especially with the VCR hooked up to it. They see men killing tens or even hundreds of people without giving it a second thought. None of those deaths have any real consequences either. Seldom are weeping family members or orphaned children witnessed in these movies. It is just another guy put on the ground. How cool! The video games in arcades are amazing today. Take a close look at what is happening on those screens on the games your kids are playing. Today a child can pretend to drive down the road and shoot people driving by, in living color, with plenty of blood. FOR FUN! Anyone who thinks that this is an innocent pastime, with no connection to the huge increase in violent tendencies in our youth is a blithering idiot!

These two separate causes are interconnected greatly. When mother works, she has no time to monitor what the kids are doing. It is so much easier to rent a video for the kids when you are tired, than to take your time to do something with the kids. It is so much easier to write off these destructive pastimes with the thought that everybody is doing it, when you are exhausted from a hard day at work. The kids have to do something while waiting for Mom to get home from work! Why not have them watch a movie? And what parent has the time and energy or even the inclination to sit down and talk it over with their children after they have been exposed to a hundred deaths in the last two hours? Queue up another movie.

When you leave your kids alone, you increase the odds that another tragedy will occur. When you support Hollywood by going to, or renting movies filled with activities that you would be appalled to have your children involved in, you are making the problem worse. All actions have consequences and it is time Americans woke up to the consequences of their own foolish actions. Mothers need to be home with their kids and Hollywood does not! Video games are not simple, innocent pastimes. Wake up before your kids become the next focus of the nightly news as a victim or a perpetrator. It could happen tomorrow!