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Ladies First

An age old adage in our culture is, “Ladies first.” Where did this come from? Was it an attempt by men to push women down and keep them in their place? Was it an attempt to make women appear weak and less important than men? I am sure that feminist think so but, as is usually the case, they do not have a clue as to what reality is.

“Ladies first” was an attempt by men to protect women, in a world where the simple fact is that women cannot protect themselves! I consider this a good and noble thing. If boys were not trained to allow ladies to go first and instead determined the order of preference by “the stronger goes first” as they do amongst themselves, women would always go last and be forced to the back of any line. The weakness of women would be an insurmountable obstacle in life and their position would be only that of a lesser human.

It was the training of, “Ladies first” that men received as boys, which made it possible for women to demand and received suffrage. Feminism would have been laughed out of existence if men did not wish to protect women and have a desire to give to women that which they couldn’t earn for themselves.

It is ironic indeed that the very feminists, who were the beneficiaries of the philosophy of “Ladies first,” have launched such vicious attacks upon that very philosophy! Feminists feel that now that they have walked through the door of preferential treatment, they wish to slam it closed and claim that it either never existed, or that it was bad thing. Such stupidity from otherwise intelligent people could only be caused by adherence to a flawed and bankrupt ideology.

The most paradoxical aspect of feminism is that it is still riding the back of “Ladies first,” even as it condemns it! If men suddenly decided to do away with preferential treatment for women, how would women continue to petend to be equals with men? If the vote were removed from women today, could they mass a revolt and take it back? Not in this lifetime. If they were made slaves, having all of their rights as citizens revoked, what could they do about it? Nothing! Think of the reverse. What if women tried to take the vote away from men and revoke their rights? The country would be overthrown in a day by the men!

“Ladies first” is necessary for the feminists to play their game of “Let’s pretend that we are men.” So, next time you hear one of the fanatical feminists pontificating on how horrible the male chauvinists are, and how terrible it is for a woman to be placed upon a pedestal, just remember that it was the pedestal, created by the male chauvinist, which allowed her the freedom to make such a silly spectacle of herself!

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