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Why My Logo?

I have been asked by folks, both those that know me and those that do not, why I would use a picture of a man holding a big ol’ club in one hand and dragging a woman by the hair with the other. Anyone who knows me, knows that I would never strike my wife or injure her in any way. I would inflict bodily harm on anyone else who did such a thing to her. I am her protector, not her tormentor.

So, back to the question, why the logo? The caveman symbolizes the macho, masculine male who ruled his world, and protected his woman. The old myth of the caveman obtaining his mate by hitting her over the head with a club, and then dragging her off into his cave, is lampooned in my logo. Feminists hate the idea of a strong, leading male and the idea of a woman who loves that very kind of male. (Notice the hearts coming from the woman in the logo. Here is symbolized a happy woman, with her masculine man.) This hits feminists right in the insane world where they try to live. That is the reason for the logo.

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