Men Going Their Own Way

June 2, 2017

Here we are in 2017, twenty years after I started this web page. The bulk of the kids growing up today have no context for the ideas I put forward at the beginning. They watch movies where little toothpick models kick the snot out of powerful well trained men, and the kids think they are watching real life. When they see a real video of what happens when a so-called tough woman goes up against a truly tough man, they refuse to absorb the fact that she is demolished, usually in only seconds. They continue to think that women warriors are a great idea, with zero facts to back it up.

In fact they don't process facts at all; they instead process movies, TV shows, and news propaganda only far enough to store it away in memory for use when it comes time to make decisions for unimportant things like voting, whether or not to get married, whether or not to have sex before getting married, and if so, with how many others, and of course to regurgitate their confusion into their social media of choice. There is no thought required, because they, and all their friends, have been told what to think, and why should they do the work of thinking for themselves, especially when that might get them ostracized from their group of brainwashed friends?

The feminists, with the help of big government, have steamrolled over our society, leaving it in ruins. But even worse, the kids think this is all normal. They have no clue what life was like when America was healthy, before the marxist openly took over in the 1960s.

How can you help a patient to get well, when he doesn't even know he is sick? Our families lie in pieces on the ground, and the ones who are coming into the age where they should be getting married, aren't doing it. The native Americans, the people of European descent who created America (remember there was no America until the White man arrived on this soil) are failing to reproduce and their numbers, both absolutely and relatively, are falling like a rock. White people will be effectively gone by the start of the next century, and then who will you blame for all your troubles?

The results of feminism, have been so profound that YouTube, which didn't even exist when I started this page, now has people, especially women, who laughingly call themselves "anti-feminists." Each of them, in true conservative fashion, starts off by saying she is completely in favor of all the marxist changes that have occurred already. However, she then goes on to say that she is opposed to the new changes the marxists are promoting today. She ridicules these changes as being absurd, wrongheaded, and way off the mark. But will she turn around and look at the horribly destructive changes that have already occurred and then realize that they too were absurd, wrongheaded, and way off the mark? No she won't.

They point out the absurdity of calling America a "rape culture" and cry out against the "slut walk," and "save the nipple" campaigns—and rightly so—but they are right onboard with having the family smashed to pieces, by having women in the workplace. They love women voting and leaving their kids in daycare. They themselves run off to college and laugh it up with their YouTube friends in being the spokesmen for the "anti-feminist" side. They use vulgar terms as if it were formal English, without a single thought about what it might mean to be a civilized lady.

If this blather were not so deadly, it would be funny. The problem is that the traditional American family is not only dead, it is even vilified as being evil and oppressive. The very idea of a woman staying at home to raise her children, being supported by a man, who is working hard for his family, is so alien to them that you might as well be describing something from another planet.

It is a universal curse of the conservative that he is destined to wander in the desert wilderness of ignorance all his days. For his entire life he will think that the marxist tool Martin Luther King was a good man, no matter how much evidence comes out against the man. They are destined to think that the changes of the 1960s were good, but further change would be bad. It is a form of insanity that is almost impossible to cure, for the ones who are afflicted with it, find they are encouraged in their sickness by almost everyone in society, whether they are from the left or the right. The anti-feminist of today is not.

But of course, once embraced, the insanity of feminism had to create a massive group of disassociated males with no role in life. It was only natural that they would in time coalesce into some form of organized existence. And YouTube has given voice to that process, in the form of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Rather than a touchy-feely approach to the insane world of feminism, this is the masculine version, or the flip-side of the same coin. The MGTOW views women as predatory animals, who are using their wiles to trap men, only to get their own way.

The problem of course is that they are right in many of their assertions. Biology has made men and women incredibly different. Anyone with any sort of mind left to him can see that a woman wants different things from life than a man does. Talking with most women is a very different experience than talking with most men, aside from the sexual tension that comes from cross sexual conversation. Women reason differently. They view the world differently. So, naturally, if a man sits down and thinks about that, he could view it as being evil or manipulative and selfish.

Sadly, too often it ends up as if that is exactly what women are about. A man gets married and his world is destroyed, as his wife has a baby or two and then walks out on him. He is left in debt slavery, with impossible child support payments, and a life in ruins. For what? Feminism has created this method for marriages to fail, and the MGTOW blames the women, who have unfortunately embraced the concepts they have been spoon-fed from the day they were born.

But to be fair to women, what else could they do? They cannot play the hand they were dealt fairly, as they did with the traditional family. Instead they have to cheat. Women are not men. As a group, they will never successfully compete against men at doing manly things. This is shown every day in the workplace, which was invented by, and for, men.

After decades of the government crushing our businesses into a feminist mold, we still hear howls about the "wage gap." How on earth could there be a "wage gap"? Women are given preferential treatment from the day they are born, all the way through school, and into, and through, every day they work in the workplace. Companies are rewarded for perpetuating this obvious, and proudly admitted, discrimination against men. And still, we hear that there is a "wage gap."

But, at the very same time, they never can point to an example where a woman, who is doing the very same job—that means producing the same amount and quality of work, and putting in the same number of hours on the job, while missing no more hours from the job for personal interests, such as family and sick children—is earning less money than a man in the same position. First of all that would be illegal, and they know it. This is a straw-man that they have created in their minds that doesn't exist in reality. Where wages differ, so does performance, and they know it.

The only reason, and I repeat, the ONLY reason that feminism didn't fall into the dust under its own stupid weight, is because the government has promoted it shamelessly and provided a system to prop it up and crucify anyone who opposes it. If the government had remained neutral, and the courts had not been used as a hammer to destroy our society, feminism would have gone nowhere. Sadly, that is not the case.

Women throughout history have used their feminine charms to acquire what they want from men who are physically stronger. Biology could not allow men and women to both go their separate ways, as feminism, and its natural offshoot MGTOW, are having them do today. If the sexes go separate ways, the race dies, and so the story ends. Anyone who doesn't understand this is a fool, whose biological line will come to a fool's end.

For there to be a next generation, women have to have babies and to have babies they need a man. For the babies to be raised well so the next generation won't turn into iPhone-toting-dysfunctional-freeloaders, mothers not only have to have babies, but they have to raise them with the help of the fathers. This is The Birds and the Bees 101. It is so basic that almost no one ever questioned it until the marxists shoved the opposite down our throats.

This isn't women's fault, and it isn't men's fault; it is feminism's fault, or more correctly, the fault of the marxist pigs behind the whole movement who have used their control of the media, and thereby their control of the government, and its schools, to change how America thinks about marriage and families.

There is a reason why the traditional family existed during the entire time America rose to greatness, and why America's greatness has been falling to pieces ever since she rejected the obviously—based upon past performance—correct path. If you don't open your eyes and search out the truth on this, there is no hope for the future. None at all.

Think about it. White Americans stopped having babies. The number of White people in the country, which they created, is now less than it was last year, and the year before. But at the same time, because of the massive invasion of non-Whites into America, the overall population is exploding, faster than it was during the so-called "Baby Boom" years. It is also true in Japan, where they have embraced the feminist nonsense, and their population size is decreasing alarmingly. Do you understand what this means? Feminism destroys entire populations!

In just a few years you will not be able to tell the difference between the USA, and the countries to the south. If you think that is a good thing, why haven't you moved down there to enjoy all those wonderful benefits right now? Why wait?

The feminist game is to claim continual victimhood and get more and more concessions from the government, which in turn inflicts them upon men, and even upon the women who would rather live a traditional lifestyle. The MGTOW game is to separate men from women, so that women can't play their game on the men. In case you haven't figured it out yet, these are both losing games, and the impetus for them both came from the so-called philosophy of feminism, put upon us by people who want us to fail.

Pay attention, before it is too late. It is twenty years closer to that time than it was when I started trying to get your attention. Think about it.

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