Military Madness and Feminism

June 30, 2016

If you have a brain, and it is switched on, you have to be outraged. If you love America, the America that was here when I was born, you have to be pulling your hair out with frustration and fury. As our country is being destroyed, we are not allowed to talk about it, at least in public, because there are laws, company policies, and many other hatchets ready to be buried into your head if you open your mouth in protest.

There are hundreds of outrages and complete absurdities that have been forced down our throats. Since this page is focused on feminism, I will hold it there, although that is only one of the many heads the Media Lords have working for the beast they have created to destroy America.

I am not going to dumb this down into a 250 words or less, short attention span format. If that is all you can handle you are not going to be much good to anyone anyway.

However I am going to focus on one topic, and some of its side issues: women in the military. It isn't a new issue, but like a dike that has started to allow water to flow through, the damage is getting far worse and it has started to move quickly.

Look high and low throughout all the circus of discussions on this topic and the one thing you don't ever find is anyone seriously suggesting that women in the military would make the military stronger and more effective. Only a liar or a fool would suggest such a thing.

Sports have traditionally been known to replace war for men. It is competition that pits the best of one team against the best of the other team to see who will WIN. It is a battle, fought under strict rules and with control so the guys don't kill each other, usually. Even so, men die in the boxing ring, and have been killed playing baseball as well. They have been crippled for life, in football. Even with all the precautions the guys can get hurt and hurt in very bad ways.

And yet we continue to play sports and watch sports for entertainment. Although we don't slaughter the contestants, like the Romans did in their coliseum, the motivation is the same, to see one guy or one team crush another. This is a basic male drive that is genetic.

We take our sports so seriously that we base decisions on who is on the team roster and who plays on the field, on only one criteria: will it help the team win. Nothing else matters.

Notice, that using this criterion for selecting participants, women have not been found to be good enough to play, professionally in the NHL, the NFL, MLB or the NBA.

So, I put it to you, how could it happen in the military, which is infinitely more important than sports, we have people forcing the women into roles that can be as demanding as any sport, or more so, while we let the far less significant area of sports use merit alone to decide? Clearly the number of women who can keep up with the men is microscopic, if not zero. So, why do we have to upend everything for this tiny, minuscule, unimportant minority of people just to keep the feminists happy? Why? How will this make our military better?

Clearly it will not:

    1) male units have been shown in other countries' services (including the Israeli army) to perform far better
         when females are removed from combat teams.
        a) Males end up vying for female attention, this is distracting at best, and can totally disrupt the unit at worst.
        b) Males protect females, sometimes risking the mission to do so.
    2) hygiene and privacy issues are nearly impossible to deal with in the field.
    3) ships have to be redesigned—at unbelievably high cost, to an already overpriced ship—in order to make
         female heads, berthing arrangements and security and safety arrangements..
    4) rape continues to be a huge problem in the military, and putting women into these units will only increase this problem.
    5) there is a steady stream of complaints and allegations of:
        a) sexual harassment
        b) sexual discrimination
        c) and unfairness of all sorts based upon sex.
          -obviously, none of these things would exist at all if women were not in the military in the first place.
    6) as already mentioned, in order for women to be there at all, the overall standards had to be lowered,
         making the entire military weaker.
    7) any nation that had a single real man left in it would never consider allowing women to go and fight for the men,
         while the men remained home.

I defy anyone with any sense at all who had to face an enemy army, to honestly claim that they would not massively prefer fighting against an all female force to fighting against an all male force. Only a liar or a fool would say otherwise.

There is no issue here. Women can't do the job and shouldn't be there.

On April 19, 2015 Army General Martin E. Dempsey, the nation's top military officer, laid down an edict on the Obama administration's plan to open direct land combat jobs to women: If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered.

In 2015, with the men's standards in place, no women could pass. Suddenly in 2016, almost all that entered are passing. Is it a coincidence that General Dempsey stated that if women can't pass the standards, the standards should be lowered? Obviously that is exactly what happened.

Who on earth would think that the way to a better military is to lower standards? No one honestly thinks that. The fact is, this is treason hard at work. These people don't give a damn about defending our country, they only care about making life easier for feminists. When they talk, their take on this issue is that the military isn't our country's defense, it is a "career opportunity."

Obviously, those of us who think defense is important, have the wrong idea. We think the military should be strong and it should be the best it can be, so our country can be defended at the best possible level.

Clearly, none of that matters. What matters is that all women should be allowed to serve in the military because it is "fair" and it is "inclusive," and all that happy horse manure.

The latest standards claim that infantry training is marked by "the toughest thing in the course" being a 12-mile march carrying 80 pounds. That is the toughest part of the training? Are they kidding? What happened to the rope climb that ALL the women failed in 2015? Did they decide that war would never require you to do any climbing today?

Standards, who needs them?

Today, as has been the case all along, every one of the services has lower physical standards for women than they do for men. The only way they can get rid of that, is to lower the standards for all the men, as well as for the women. And what effect will that have? Come on, you know it as well as I do: you are not only going to get inferior females in the ranks, but you are also going to get inferior males in the ranks, than you were getting before!

Who is running this circus? Bozo the clown? Obviously.

There is one issue and only one issue: the marxist feminists are disrupting every part of our society they can lay their hands on. That is the issue, the only issue, and we need to deal with it with extreme prejudice.

Oh by the way, have you ever watched two female boxers go at it? They are a joke. Just like female tennis players, they run at a hugely slower and weaker pace than men. Do they think for one moment that the enemy will take it easy on our army because we were too stupid to leave the women at home where they belong? They will overrun any female force like it wasn't even there.

Sure if you are sitting in a room pushing a button to fire a cruise missile a precocious 10-year old could do that job. But what happens when the room is overrun by enemy forces and you have to fight hand to hand to save your life?

This entire issue is ludicrous, pure and simple. It has no support in reality.

I remember when "your mother wears combat boots" was an insult, because no one would even think about a woman in that role. And they sure as shooting (pun intended) shouldn't be thinking about it now.

The discussion is always centered around whether or not women can do the job,—and they always fudge the numbers in the tests they perform, in order to make it look like they can do what they can't do: the job—and it never is centered on setting the standards high and making everyone meet them or they are not accepted.

It is also impossible to discuss whether women should even be there at all, morally and ethically.

Throughout our history as a people, running all the way back into our European roots, it has been the role of men to protect the women and children, because they are the future of your society.

Testing has been done over and over again by the military and it has been consistent in the results that it produces. The only way women can pass the tests is to lower the standards. Period.

Lower standards mean you get lower quality soldiers and sailors. End of story. So, why do it? You don't do it for the NFL do you? Why not?

Women totally outperform men in producing babies, which we are in dire need of. (Our current White birth rate is around 1.6. Just to reproduce our numbers and keep our population stable, we need 2.1 White babies from women on average. Our absolute, not just relative, numbers are shrinking, while the US total population numbers are exploding in growth. Do the math here.) But do we discuss this fact? We need women to have babies. We desperately need women to have babies. And yet, instead, we keep trying to put a square peg into a round hole, and people take it seriously. Why? Because the media tells them they must.

Seriously, how is it that all of life shows you one thing, and the media asks you, "Who are you going to believe, us or your own lying eyes?" and you are supposed to ignore what you know, and believe their lies as if it were gospel truth?

And remember, the same exact jerks who are pushing women into the military are, AT THE VERY SAME TIME, pushing laws that put women into effectively the same role as children, needing to be protected from men in a special way! They are pushing through domestic violence laws and other laws to protect women, because they need protection.

It is obvious that if they need special protection they of course do not need to be put in harm's way intentionally, by having them in the military nor the police force. Only an insane person could push both of these ideas at the same time as being valid, or, as it turns out to be the real situation, a person who is a lying scoundrel who has a hidden agenda.

We all know that women, on average, are incapable of defending themselves against men. This is why we teach boys, or at least we used to, not to ever hit girls. How can we teach boys to never hit girls, and then put girls in the police force, and the military? This is a true expression of insanity, if we try and succeed in accepting these contrary views of women. It is either one or the other. You can't have both. Period.

And of course, as soon as you are stupid enough to say it's okay to put women into combat, then you have no grounds for saying that women shouldn't be drafted, even if they don't want to be. What kind of country have we become? This is monstrous. I saw this coming back in the 1970s. I knew the jerks would get around to this in time. But no one cares, at least not in large enough numbers to matter.

We have turned the asylum over to the patients and this is what we get.

What if food service lowered its standards and you didn't have to keep your kitchen quite so clean, or doctors didn't have to change their gloves between every patient, etc.? This is insane and any clear-thinking person knows it.

The problem is that we have powers pulling the strings, and making sure the clear thinking is no longer allowed. It is intolerance to be clear-thinking. You are not a good party member if you don't go along with the party line.

And this is America, we're talking about, and not the Soviet Union? Yeah, right.

Another point, one of the primary things that infuriates me to the relief valve stage is how they talk about the military like it is a career opportunity that women are entitled to. (Anyone who isn't sick of the words "entitled" and "entitlements" by now, is not paying attention at all. You have no rights today, but boy do you have entitlements.)

The military is not a right. It is not something even the most fit and awesomely coordinated and brilliant man who ever lived is entitled to. No one is entitled to serve in the military. You serve in the military because your country needs you. "It is not what the military can do for you, but what you can do for the military," to steal and slightly modify a quote from a man who two US air craft carriers have been named for.

This is not a right. Period. It is not a chance to further your professional life. It is something that you can do for your country, if they need you. It isn't something you should even think about forcing your way into.

I keep coming back to this but where is all this hoopla about the NFL? You can be sure if women can do the job, the NFL will hire them. They would hire a trained monkey if it would help them win. No one is holding women back in sports, but biology is. (There are a few women who can't stand even that. They are furious at the universe that they were not born men, and can never be men.)

Biology is sexist and there is no getting around that fact. There are men and there are women. And they are very different. It isn't merely stupid, and it isn't merely insane, trying to make the society pretend that women and men are the same, and should have the same roles in life; it is fatal. And of course that is the aim of those pushing this agenda, isn't it? They want us out of their way, and so they return to pushing these sorts of obscenities over and over again. They never quit.

We keep backing down, and they keep demanding more. No one seems to see this. We keep backing down, and they keep demanding more. Over and over again, this has happened, and we still don't react. They keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it. And we keep shaking our heads, after we have lost, and we accept the fact that they won on one issue after another, as if this were a game, and we are simply being good sports about losing.

This isn't a game. This is the future of our entire existence, as a people, and as a country. Being a good sport is not an option here. We are fighting for our very lives, and we insanely lose gracefully, over, and over, and over again.

We need a new game plan. We need a new approach to life. This stuff is killing us, literally.

Up until now the entire discussion has been about whether women could do the job at all. No one has suggested that women could do it better than men. And as long as we have men, what could possibly be the point of all this?

We know. It isn't about defense or the military at all. It is about biology and the fact that it handed the feminists a raw deal because they were not born men and they will be miserable forever and won't rest until everyone else is just as miserable.

At least that is the way it looks from the outside.

However, in point of fact they are all happy as can be, because they are succeeding in bringing down the greatest nation that ever existed. They have won and in their hearts they are as happy as FDR was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They have what they wanted.

Anyone who is in the military knows it is verboten to speak against the feminist agenda. The higher you are up the chain of command, the more pressure you have on you to promote the insane feminist agenda. But secretly, they all know that is a destructive path we are on.

Everyone I have talked to, who was in the military recently, is terrified of saying anything to knock women in the military. Your career is done if you ever get that into your record, that you oppose feminism. I heard a chief petty officer in 1977 state that women were not fit for combat duty and many other types of duty. He said it at a meeting and it was with a large group of sailors. In all my years in service, it was the last time I ever personally heard anyone who was in a position of authority state anything publicly against women in the military.

Today, whenever you discuss this with a person of rank in the military they will always preface their comments with the fact that they have seen a handful of women who could do this job or that. They were all abnormal women, of course, complete freaks of nature. AND even they could not keep up with the men! They could just do a particular job, or a task.

Girls in the military are coddled all the way. They don't do the same job, and in point of fact, they couldn't possibly do the job.

Something that doesn't even matter, but it is related. I have seen women who were dominant female athletes at commands where I was stationed. However, when they came over and played with the men's teams, as good as they were for women, they just couldn't do the job on the field. They couldn't move as fast. Even if they could catch a well hit ball in the infield, they couldn't throw as hard. You could hide them in your line up somewhere, but they were not going to help the team. The best women were still a weak spot on your team. That was slow pitch softball. They didn't even bother trying to play football, even flag football.

Why do this, unless you are trying to do something destructive? Clearly, without any sort of debate possible (of rational people—I have to add that caveat, because in the media you can't find any of these anywhere), it can be stated as a fact, women in the military will only make it worse. Period. End of story.

In 1998, the Williams sisters Serena and Venus said they could beat any male outside of the top 200. (First of all, that means they felt they were so bad compared with men, that they had to go below 200 of the top players to feel they could win.) As it turned out number 203, Karsten Braasch beat them both on the same day, after playing a round of golf in the morning, having a couple of beers and smoking a few cigarettes. As it turned out, he smoked the girls as well, 6-1 and 6-2.

After the match Serena Williams was quoted as saying, "I didn't know it would be that hard. I hit shots that would have been winners on the women's tour and he got to them easily."

This facade of women and men, being physical equals, has been shown to be as absurd, as the man behind the curtain really being the great Wizard of Oz. Even with handicaps, like the man only gets a first serve, and there are no second serves for him, while the woman gets to have a second serve, if the first one doesn't go in, and he has to hit the ball only into the single court of his opponent, for his offensive shots, but the woman gets to use the single court plus the doubles alleys for her shots, it is an easy win for the man: no contest. But, being raised in this phony feminist world, Serena actually thought she was way better than she really was, until she had to actually face real men on the court.

And that was only tennis. But when it happens to women who are in the military, when we one day have to face an army of men from a country that is our match militarily it would be far worse than just losing a game! (We can hide them today because we have all these fancy smart weapons that keep women from having to face up to real life.) And that day is coming, as our strength crumbles year after year.

So, why should we do it?

Think of how people would react if they said, "Okay, Major League Baseball, equal opportunity and affirmative action rulings demand that you have to lower your standards. From now on you have to meet a quota so that half of your players are women and you have to have them on the field, not sitting on the bench." (See The Old Ball Game.)

People would go nuts! They wouldn't stand for it. Why in the world would we do it for the military (and our police force, for that matter), when our country's existence may depend upon what the military can, and cannot do? People ignore the critical, and get all worked up over something as unimportant as their entertainment. They won't let you mess with their sports, but you can destroy their country, and that's okay with them?

But year after year it ONLY GETS WORSE, just like everything else. You give the Media Lords an inch and they take it quickly, and keep it forever. And instantly, they then demand another one, and another one and another one. Miles and miles you give up and still they demand more. You can't satisfy them, because they are not looking for satisfaction. They are looking for disruption and chaos. No matter what you give up they want all of what is left to you. All of it!

Seriously, this issue is not really about women in the military. Feminism isn't really about women at all. It is about undermining the power of the ones who created this country, the White males, and disrupting everything in our society to the point where chaos reins and people will be willing to let the government do whatever it wants, just like Big Brother did in 1984.

Did you read 1984? Did you pay attention to what O'Brien told Winston Smith about what was really going on? It is about power, for power's sake and it is about nothing else.

All of the causes they have been creating and leading: feminism; civil rights; the 1960s anti-war movement; and today, climate change and environmentalism; as well as health care "reform"; and when it comes down to it, the communist party itself; all are shams. These creeps don't care about women, Africans, war/peace, the climate or the planet, and they sure don't care about your health care. All they care about is power, their power, for power's sake. All these causes and movements are nothing but tools to funnel all the power in the country into their greedy little hands.

And guess what? It has worked. You are already doomed. No election is going to save you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, and I hope you like the taste of it.

Oh, one final point. When the collapse happens and chaos comes to rule, women are the ones who will suffer the most. Civilization, our civilization, has treated women better than any civilization that has ever existed. When we return to barbarism, women are going to be on the bottom of the heap. If you care about women, you have to hate feminism.

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