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A reader recently told me that I should, “Take a break from the attack on Feminism and write an article on the benefits of morality.” He also felt, considering my example of Major League Baseball and the introduction of Black players because of their ability, that removing all women from the workplace was not realistic and that some women could actually do the job. The following is my reply to these items, in reverse order.

I actually do not think removing all women from the work place is doable. First of all, some women have nearly always had a role in helping to run family businesses, and other things. Some hard cases have been involved with science, and even mechanics, and other masculine endeavors all along. That is of no importance to me. Our society will not be seriously impacted by the few women who can competently interface with the workplace. It is the vast majority of women who cannot so easily mesh with the masculine world, where the problem lies.

If 10% of women go to work and 90% of women stay at home and keep our families together, all will be well with the world. That will guarantee that the next generation of children will be properly raised and our society will have the opportunity to continue to flower and grow. Trying to pry the last 10% of women out of the workplace would be counterproductive, wasting our efforts, and creating no further benefit. In fact those women would be lousy wives and mothers anyway, and are better kept busy and out of harm's way, as they were before 1960.

It is not women of course, but rather the government interfering in the process, that is the danger. The government did not force Black players into sports! Those men could play sports, and it was to the advantage of the teams to hire them, so they did. The same cannot be said concerning the governmental affirmative action programs, that force employers to hire people that are not qualified simply because they fall into some favored group. Hiring a woman because of her gender is discrimination, not based upon merit but upon an arbitrarily enforced "standard" created by a totalitarian minded group of people. This is the source of evil in feminism, and this is where our efforts must be directed against if we are to cure the curse of feminism.

You cannot through reason alone, convince enough people that feminism is a bad idea, to be able to vote it out of existence. Why? Because you do not have the resources that the Leftists do. You do not control the media. And he who controls the mass media, controls a democratic government. The average voter will watch his television, and "learn" what is right and wrong, and vote accordingly. It has been going on for decades. The majority of voters (which is all it takes to control a democracy ) do not think. They do not even vote in their own best interests. If they vote at all, they vote what they think will be acceptable to their peers, based upon what they hear through the heavily filtered media. It should frighten Americans to death to know that the same people who are creating the filth and perversion called "entertainment" shown today in movies, and on television, are controlling our government. But in fact, that is the case.

I find it amusing to see "liberals" driving around with "Kill Your Television" bumper stickers on their cars. If people ever did actually put their televisions in the dumpster where they belong, the Leftists would be thrown out of power in a very short time, and these little thoughtless liberal clones would be heartbroken by the result.

Today the Internet is the only mass communication outlet available to those who are politically incorrect. Even that avenue is heavily under attack. Congress is being inundated with pleas for "hate speech" legislation from the enemies of free speech, in order to outlaw our most precious right. Once "hate speech" is outlawed, it doesn't take much of an imagination to see that anything that the government does not want said, will magically become "hate speech."

Those who would like to shut me up, call me a “hater.” I stand for "freedom to choose" for the employer. I stand for freedom to hire and promote based upon an employers wants and needs, rather than an imposed regulation from a government grown fat and oppressive. That means that I do not promote "equal opportunity," above freedom of employer choice. Therefore, it is said that I promote "discrimination," and that is "hate." Even though I love women and I want women to be happy, I am said to “hate” women. That is a lie, but one that keeps being repeated.

The only thing that stands between my web page and the Leftist self-appointed censors, is the First Amendment. If only they could get rid of that irritating constitutional thorn from under their saddle, then they could outlaw my ideas, and prosecute anyone who should speak out in favor of them. These anti-freedom people have had great success in Germany and other European countries, where you can now be sent to jail for expressing certain ideas. They are hard at work here in the USA as well. Keep your eyes open, and every time you hear the term “hate” being thrown around, remember that it is a code word for censorship of ideas. We have always had laws against inciting riots or violence, but before this we never tried to outlaw ideas, no matter how unpopular they might be. Now, we have great efforts being made to outlaw any idea that is politically incorrect. The “hate” censors start with the ideas that few people agree with, and then work their way towards the center, in their efforts to control the masses.

As much of a supporter of morality as I am, unfortunately I must say that morality is what got us into this mess. The American people allowed their feelings of "fair play" and "moral" treatment of others to cloud their judgment, as they were saturated with propaganda from the Left (which has no sense of morality whatsoever). We were told that injustices existed, and the prescribed remedy was to destroy our society. (It was not phrased exactly that way, but looking back, that is exactly what they meant!) All the problems with families in our society at that time were said to be the fault of traditional marriage. The Leftist said that women were "oppressed" and that they must be allowed to have careers. Instead of trying to fix the system we had, and to work out the few, and relatively insignificant problems that did exist in our marriages (which the vast majority of lasted until death separated the participants!), the moral and fair minded citizens of this nation were told that they had to disassemble the entire thing and start over, with women in the workplace being the most important aspect of the new system. The least important aspects of the new system would be the children, and the family. And in the name of "morality" and "fairness," we did the most immoral and unfair thing possible to our women, our children, and our nation.

Have you ever noticed the number of times Bill Clinton appeals to "morality" to justify his despicable activities? The Communists have always been that way. They buff up their arguments and their false fronts to appear to the masses as if they are walking tall and proud on the high moral ground. They appeal to morality. They point to honor and righteousness, while in their dark hearts they have no love for either. I feel the average citizen is not so much deficient in morality, as he is in knowledge and correct perspective. I think the average citizen is eager to do the right thing. Where he is led onto the path of destruction is though his input channels. Garbage in and garbage out, works just as effectively with a human as it does with a computer. And our people are being fed tons of garbage every day, through their televisions and newspapers.

The Internet is like a candle in a dry field of grass. One of two things is going to happen. If it is allowed to ignite the grassroots, a firestorm of action would result. If on the other hand the enemies of freedom and free speech are allowed to blow it out, we are as doomed as Winston Smith was in Orwell's 1984.

Feminism is only one of the heads of the multi-headed beast that has attacked our nation, and disassembled so much of what we had before 1960. Our children are no longer educated or even safe in the school buildings that our tax dollars pay for. We have to import people, from other lands, in order to fill high tech jobs that our kids no longer are educated well enough to fill. All of this is a direct result of the attack from the Left during, and since, the 1960s. And all of it was made possible by our citizens standing by and watching, because they were told that it was necessary to do so, because it was the moral and right thing to do. It was NOT the moral thing. It was absolutely the WRONG thing to do, but even to this day most "conservatives" think that the country was changed in a positive way by the heartless, amoral, and hateful attack upon our way of life perpetrated by the radical Left during the "hippie era."

If a citizen of the 1950s was magically brought forward to today, he would be happily surprised at the technological advances, but he would be completely appalled at the societal changes for the worse. He would be in a very big hurry to return home where he would be safe from what we are facing. He would be able to see the danger, because he would not have been exposed to decades of propaganda from the media that we have. He would see things for what they are. Where decay exists, he would call it decay, not "progress." Where we today we are a nation divided and growing ever more so, he would see the attack for what it is. Unfortunately, Americans are so completely conditioned by their nightly sessions with the Leftist box in their living room, they don't have a clue as to what is happening to them and their nation.

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