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The Perfect Mother

She wiped a tear from her eye. She was so proud! Her son had graduated from high school with flying colors last month. It was only to be expected! Why not, hadn’t he had a great start? He had gone to a day care center which promoted learning to read, before he could even walk! He had continued on to a high quality pre-school. If she had not been so successful in her job, he could have never done it!

She wiped away another tear. Why was she crying? It must be her personal pride! Her son's life -- filled with top rate activities -- which only her hard work could have supplied. Who needed his father? She had tired of him early and was happy that he had gone. She thought of how hard she had searched for a nanny, to watch over her son, during most evenings when she had to work late. It made her feel very secure to contemplate how well it had worked out. He had never wanted for anything.

They closed the lid and carried away the coffin of her son, who had died from a mother’s neglect. And she finally found her eyes completely dry. She was a proud woman of the nineties, and she had done a wonderful job raising her son. She would remember all the things she had done for him until the day she died. But somehow she was very glad that she had aborted all her other children.

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