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Are Women Sex Objects?

There can only be one honest answer to this question. Men’s magazines would go broke, 1-900 numbers wouldn’t exist, Madison Avenue would not pour big dollars into model’s fees, and men would not stop whatever they are doing to watch a woman walk by if they were not. Face it, prostitution would never be the oldest profession unless women were sex objects. All across the nation we see billboards, and mud flaps showing off the female body. Why? Because this curvaceous form has a predictable effect on males. It is not just a conscious reaction! The pupils of the male eye will actually change state when seeing a picture of a woman’s body. Commercial advertising of all types take advantage of this by using these sex objects, trying to associate the mental image of bedding a beautiful babe with their product. Television shows and movies put as many naked, or near naked, women into their shows as they can. Men just can’t get enough of those sex objects.

A woman's power is found in her beauty, by which a man is held captive. She is not strong of body but can control the strongest man with her helplessness. She is not built for leadership but holds sway over the most powerful leader. If she attempts to match strength with a man she will lose but if she is weak before him, that man will provide all the strength she can use. If she grasps directly at the leader's role, she will usually stumble into failure, but by her wiles her desires will come to fruition through her man who leads. It is as it always was, and as it always will be. All else is sham.

Love is stronger than any ideology or any movement. Love will conquer all things.

Contrary to the feminist drivel, women want to be sex objects as well! Why are high-heels popular with women? It is not because women are afraid of being vertically challenged. It is not because the heels are comfortable to wear. It is because it makes the calf muscles stand out which enhances the sexual appeal of their bodies. Why do women wear short skirts? These lovely ladies have to fight all day to make sure their knees are together to avoid publicly parading their underwear, while repeatedly checking the hem to make sure it hasn’t pulled up embarrassingly and they have to be very careful when they bend over to pick something up for the same reason. What is the point of going through all of that hassle? Obviously it is to make men think of them as sex objects. What of tight pants, low-cut blouses, see-through materials, and makeup? How about shorts, thin shirts which reveal the shape of their mammary papilla in clear highlight, and peek-a-boo slits up their long skirts? All of it highlights the sexuality of the woman, enhancing her image as a sex-object.

At one level or another you already know this. It wouldn’t even be worth mentioning except for the fact that it is completely contrary to the feminist dogma of today. We are told that women are not sex objects and the they don’t want to be thought of as sex objects. These two key tenets of the feminist commandments, proclaimed to be straight from the feminist goddess of policy, are clearly made of the same fertilizer as the rest of the "ideas" in this false religion. They are out and out lies. Being a sex object is one aspect of every woman. The degree to which she wishes herself to be thought of in that manner will be shown in her attire and the way she walks, talks and flirts. But it is one of the things that is always evaluated about her by everyone she meets during the day. This simple fact seems to be a taboo subject, in spite of its obvious truth.

Many feminists have aggressively tried to fight against this basic law of nature. Some dress in manly, or unkempt clothes to try and hide the fact that they are sex objects. But the general population of women are quite comfortable with the facts of life. Being sexually desirable is something that most women are proud of, or else they would not dress in a fashion to highlight that side of their being. The unnatural aspect of this issue comes into the picture when the feminist, head buried firmly in the sand, proclaims that all of this sex appeal doesn’t exist, or can be changed. If politicians would ignore these poor, frustrated feminists who are angry, sad, ignorant (even though often intelligent) ladies, we could all pity their confused and ludicrous beliefs, as they properly warrant. Unfortunately the courts and the congress are so terrified of not being PC that they listen to these hallucinating woman, believing them to be rational.

Good luck America you are going to need it with these loony-tunes running around controlling what you think, say and do.