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When the subject of equality comes up, the feminists are quick to point out that a woman can do any job a man can do. Followed closely behind this is the demand for equal pay for equal work, and a rash of temper tantrums and hysterical weeping over the “fact” that women make less than men. Judging from this bouquet of hostility one would think that women are exact replicas of men and for some strange, inexplicable reason, men have chosen, using some unknown outside force, to subjugate women to a lesser position. Of course, with the two sexes being carbon copies of each other, with no differences, this could never have happened through simple domination of the stronger over the weaker. Feminists are obsessed with convincing everyone who will listen to their "wisdom," that women are not the weaker sex. Therefore, we are at a loss to understand as to how women ever came to be in a secondary status, as is claimed to be the case.

Let us assume total equality between the sexes. Now this should mean that, with absolutely no differences between the sexes, we should just open the door to women applicants for all jobs and suddenly one half, or slightly more, of the jobs will be filled by them based upon their equal abilities. Let us test our hypothesis. We should now have women staring in the NBA, or at least half of the starting positions should be filled by women. How many women play in the equal opportunity field of the National  Basketball Association? Zero! What? How can this be? There are no differences between the sexes but no women can qualify to play in the NBA. Perhaps this is just a errant data point. Even though the NBA allows players of all races and from all over the world to qualify to play, perhaps they are prejudiced only against women. That must be why the WNBA was created. Let’s try again.

We will next find the percentage of starting female players in Major League Baseball. Here is a sport that prides itself in breaking the color line and allowing no prejudice to block all qualified players from getting their shot. Half of the starting rosters for baseball must be women. Let’s check. Zero women starting players. Hmmm. Even sitting on the bench, reserved for the second string scrub players, there are zero women. Our hypothesis is not faring too well. We check the NFL and we find that there are no women in pro football. I am not sure but I think I see a pattern developing here. How about tennis? We find that women only play against each other in tennis singles matches.

Ahhh! But wait, here we have something to back up our feminist claim: mixed doubles. Why we should call it that, when all men and women are the same is a little puzzling but let us examine it none the less. Watching a mixed doubles match is quite interesting. We see the men players hitting the ball at the opposing female players and even the females players are hitting the ball to the opposing females whenever they can. Fascinating. What can this mean? Obviously tennis players think that the female opponent is the weaker opponent and are trying to take advantage of that by hitting to the woman across the net. Well that doesn’t help our hypothesis out now does it?

All sports in fact, even the Olympics, are completely segregated by sex. Women have been given chances to try out in professional sports but they have never qualified as good enough. Even the freak of nature, female super-achiever, is not good enough for men's professional sports. Obviously the hypothesis of total equality is faulty. As with all faulty hypotheses, when they are proven wrong, they must be thrown out. Women and men are different and are not carbon copies of each other.

The only logical conclusion is that women are not capable of doing certain things, as demonstrated by their poor showing in the sports world. So, to test where their abilities actually lie, let us set up standards that are the minimum requirement for a job and test all applicants to see if they can qualify. If they can, then of course they will be hired. If not then they will not be hired. This should make the feminists, who believe in total equality, quell their hostility. All should be pleased with this solution.

When we look around, we find many jobs where standards have been the norm for decades. Historically, the military, firemen and policeman have had to meet standards. What has been the feminist response to this equal opportunity to qualify in these areas? Are they overjoyed at the chance to prove their theories through actual testing against these standards? No! Instead, they have used the courts to force the standards to be lowered! This must give us pause. The NBA is allowed to maintain its standards, even though it is a totally unimportant part of our society. If standards were to be forced lower, one would think something as unimportant as a sporting event would be the place to start. The military guards our entire country from enemies who might attack us. If the military is weakened it will ultimately harm us all. The firemen are the ones upon whom we depend, in case of fire, to pull us out of harms way, even if we weigh two hundred pounds or more. If they are weakened it will put our lives in danger. The policemen have to fight the bad guys, often physically taking them on, one on one. This is critical to maintaining law and order in our communities. Certainly lowering the standards here is illogical at best.

It is quickly seen why feminists are so hostile. They believe in a mythical equality of the sexes and act accordingly. They are frustrated by reality, which runs counter to their beliefs. This breeds a confusion which results in angry name calling and application to the courts to straighten reality out. It is quite insane, but it has caught on in the United States today. Quite fashionable really.

Of course we have not even touched on the issue of children. Even when women can physically handle a physically non-demanding job, they miss more working days than men, for various reasons, but mostly because of children. Missing more work than a man, is not doing the same job as a man. So, it is not surprising that their pay is not the same. More frustration for the feminists. To really throw salt in the wounds of these poor deluded ladies, many women will quit their job for varying lengths of time because they get married or children are born. Since this will usually kill any serious, power career, the feminists are appalled. This is just not to be taken sitting down by these fanatics. It is time for action! But they have found, over and over again that no action is possible that will eliminate the differences between men and women. Yet they keep trying! They have tried killing the children, whom they see as the biggest obstacle to their goals. In the US, we peaked out at killing 1.5 million babies a year, and now have fallen off to killing only a couple of hundred thousand over a million babies per annum. We have over 30 million less citizens in our country today because they never had a chance to be born. (That is more people than live in our most populous state, or the entire country of Canada!) But even that drastic and heartless solution was not enough. Many babies actually survived these Herodical measures. Now what to do? Back to the courts. Let us make employers and/or the government foot the bill for the differences (a non-sequitur?) between men and women. We will force them to pay for day care, and then pretend that the births never actually happened. It’s almost as good as killing the kids, because women do not have to waste any time with the little nuisances during the work day. This special treatment, we can pretend is equality.

When you base your whole existence upon a lie, things are going be rather confusing for you, because the facts you encounter daily will not fit into your reality. You will struggle for what you think is attainable but you will fail. Feminism has failed. The portions of our society which have embraced feminism have paid a stiff price for their error. Divorce is skyrocketing and it is a rare child indeed who will be raised by both of his biological parent until he reaches his majority. There are many factors contributing to this problem but let us not ignore the prime mover in creating this condition. Feminism is not compatible with marriage and never will be. One of the two will have to go. America has embraced the insanity of feminism and her marriages are crumbling.

We need to take a step back and look at what we have done. Boys are no longer trained to treat women with respect as they once were. Feminism has cause a contempt for the role of women in our society. The protection of the family, where a woman was watched over and guarded by her father and brothers, is evaporating. Husbands no longer are held responsible for protecting and supporting their wives until death parts them. Women are released early on to fend for themselves, and many of them fall victim to early pregnancy, divorce and single motherhood. This is a show-stopper for most women that it happens to. Instead of a happy life where family surround and idolize her, with a supportive husband to share life with, she now is struggling to do the simplest things in life. How can she support herself? Who will watch the kids? Where will she find the energy to enjoy life? This should not be the case! Feminism has forced this condition upon women today and the answer from the perpetrators is to demand that more feminism be forced down all our throats by the courts.

Feminism is illogical, hateful and determined to win at all costs, even at the cost of your life, community, happiness and country. This country has been turned into an asylum and the lunatics have taken over.

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