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"Defenders Of The Country"
Can't Even Defend Themselves


The number of military cases of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and related unpleasantness should come as no surprise to anyone with an IQ over 90 and who has passed the level of the third grade. Take young healthy males in their sexual prime, trained to be aggressive fighters for their country and then place women in their barracks, tents and foxholes and what do you get? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the women are out of place, defenseless and perpetual targets. Biology 101.

Women in the military may be a PC concept but it is foolish and destructive for both the men and women it jeopardizes. Our military is ever weakened:

So, the final question is: why are women being pushed into the military? Is it to make a stronger military, more effective at causing maximum destruction upon an enemy in time of war and protect our national interests? For the reasons listed in the items above it is obvious that this is not the case. We are creating a weaker military with every female that we put in the ranks. That leaves us to wonder why we are cutting our own throats this way. It doesn’t take much reflection or observation to find the treasonous source of the problem. Feminists have realized that as long as men are the protectors of the society, women will remain the protected, like the children, as has been the case throughout all of our known history. This goes against their fantasy world of unisexuality. To protect against this loss of their dream, they are willing to sacrifice any number of women to the horrors of war, rape and abuse. They are willing to sacrifice the protection of the United States. They care for nothing but the furthering of their impossible dream and they would be willing to sacrifice anything to get it, even you.

You want the facts? I know you want the facts! Read this book, now!