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Steffi Graf Defeats Andre Agassi For World Title

What? You haven’t seen this headline in the papers? You don’t expect to either I should imagine. Back in the 1970’s it was a big media event when Bobby Riggs challenged the world’s best female tennis players to singles matches. Billie Jean King who was number one declined to play him but Margaret Court, who was number two, accepted. Bobby Riggs easily won that match. Why did this make news? Because Bobby Riggs was nearly sixty, a very old man for professional sports. Finally Billie Jean accepted and defeated Bobby Riggs (which is the only thing that is ever mentioned today, when the subject comes up) but the fact remains that he beat the number two woman in the world.

Female sports are, like the Special Olympics, for lesser athletes. The female sports that have a long standing of support are ones that show off the female form exceptionally well. The fit and trim girls running around in their mini-skirted tennis outfits, playing peek-a-boo with every serve, and any breeze that comes along, has a large following. The ice-skaters, with their steamy outfits are also very popular. Promoters of female professional football learned that covering up the female body is death to fan support because the actual play is far inferior to that of the men.

The baseball Silver Bullets, dressed in the typical men's baseball uniform, have an excellent professional manager, and draw on the very best female talent in the country for their team players, and yet they have an abysmal won-loss record, while playing games only with second rate pickup teams of men players. If they hope to do more than merely survive, living off the grace of their dedicated sponsor and the fanatical feminists, and instead actually grow into a full fledged female sport, they must learn the lesson of other successful women’s sports, and show off what they have that is entertaining. (The fledgling WNBA should also take note and design their uniforms accordingly.)

Biology has dictated that men be better athletes than women, and the feminists have valiantly, but vainly, argued against it. Politically, they have gotten much of what they have demanded. However, demanding that the sun is not bright, no matter how forcefully, doesn’t make it so, even with Supreme Court approval.

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