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Feminism and Divorce

What do you think of the longevity of the average marriage today? If you aren’t appalled by the number of short-term marriages today, you probably are ignorant of the impossibility of a society to remain viable without strong families. Well over half of our marriages will end in divorce. Add this together with the increasingly large number of young adults who don’t marry until late in life or not at all, and you find that a long term solid family is becoming a thing of the past.

What is the cause of this devastating fact? A number of years ago I watched a documentary video that was narrated by Helen Reddy, of “I Am Woman” fame. She stated the answer as candidly as anyone, even though she didn’t seem to care about the significance of what she was saying. She said that the number of divorces has increased in direct proportion to the number of women who moved into the workplace. Women go to work, families fall apart. This feminist has stated my case as clearly as anyone could. Since society will not remain as a free and viable entity in America without the family, it therefore follows that having women in the workforce is suicidal to America.

That sounds a bit strong doesn’t it? Why is this the case? First off, why does a woman working outside the home increase the chances of divorce? It will have an impact on several fronts: 1) Men where she works will be inclined to attempt to draw her into a sexual relationship with them. Look at any office where men and women work together and the sexual tension is constant. When she and her husband have a rough time, as all married couples do, she will have any number of men ready and willing to console her. 2) Men in the workplace will have a ready source of feminine companionship upon whom to unload their sorrows when they have trouble at home. 3) Women at work are almost always dressed their best for work and the men, who are more visually stimulated sexually than women, will compare the sharply dressed females at work with their own wives who may have to dress down at home to handle her responsibilities there. 4) The same individuals who have promoted the working woman have also promoted the sexually free woman, which merely increases the sexuality of the workplace. 5) If a man is not the head of his home, if his home is not his castle, and he is not the bread winner, then he has a reduced role in the family. He feels less responsibility for supporting his wife and when things get rough it is less painful to walk out of the relationship. When a man perceives his wife and children as helpless without him, his male ego drives him to support and protect them. If he perceives them as able to take care of themselves, he has no real need to be there.

This is an incomplete list but you should get the point that women working outside the home, increases the number of divorces. Now, how does that lead to the destruction of our society? Follow if you will. Children perpetuate a society. Not only physically, which is self evident, but ethically, musically, athletically, literarily and in every other way. Now, how do they learn about what their society is? Certain things they will learn outside the family, just living life in the society. But other things, things like ethics, come from the family. Previous generations had a mother at home who passed these ethical values on to their children, day after day, hour by hour, by just being there to instruct as required. Today, children who are raised by the single mom created by divorce, are left alone after school, placed in day care centers before school and put in front of the TV when the working mom finally gets home but is too tired after working all day to even think about teaching ethics. (The ethics of the average TV personality are limited at best.) So, the kids don’t learn the ethics of the previous generation and instead are more and more ethics-free. Each year that goes by we see more and more crimes committed by the children who are not being supervised and instructed by this generation of parents. Society has already decayed a great deal over the last 30+ years but it is nothing when compared with what the working woman will inflict on the next thirty years.

When children reach their teens, especially boys, a single mom is incapable of providing the forceful direction that the child needs. A teenage boy can physically overpower his mother and she is left with no channel of instruction other than to plead, hoping to coax cooperation from her son. Dad is not there, and step-dad, if he exists, is resented, which opens the door to a rebellious, uncontrolled boy going his own way. Gangs and other types of criminal behavior becomes far more likely with such boys loose in society. The storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

A sad aside is that when a woman went to work to “supplement the family income” she added nothing at all to the standard of living to the family which she was abandoning. Instead, we have seen prices and taxes increase, because of the two income family, at a rate where the family now uses the mom’s entire income just to cover the increases and they are financially worse off than they were in the 1950’s, when mom stayed at home! We have sacrificed the foundation of our society, the family, on the altar of the feminist god of unisexuality. It is absurd, destructive and suicidal but still we brainwash our children into believing that there are no differences between the sexes and that their roles should be identical. At the same time they are taught by the TV female role models, that either women dress for sex, think only of sex and are used for sex and little else or, even further from reality, women are men: evenly matched in in a fair fight, able to beat men up and are physically equal in every way. (From such stupidity has come the laws forcing lower entrance standards and thereby creating the female pseudo-soldier, the female pseudo-policeman and the female pseudo-fireman.) The mother at home is ridiculed and only the working woman has any real value. Whence has departed the dignity of the wife? Whence departed the goddess stature of the mother? Indeed it has been traded for the ridiculous and the profane and the whirlwind will be our just wage.

  Time To Wake Up!