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Feminists Can't Pick a Better Time Than Today!

Point to any time in the past, and if you can, pick a better time for women of the feminist mindset. Where in all of history can you find a time where women are free to own property, sleep with anyone they choose, vote on an equal basis with men, hold office and have a career of her choice? You would think that the poor downtrodden feminist would have found in America a Nirvana, a perfect land of plenty and perfection. She has equal pay for any job where she actually performs equal work and can kill any baby she finds out about within three month of getting pregnant. Here are all the claimed goals of the feminist movement brought to realization, today! And yet feminists are still whining away as if all of them were nothing more than the sex-slaves of John Norman’s planet Gor. Are you tired of listening to these cry babies yet?

Today, feminists claim minority status for women, proclaim that any women who is voluntarily a homemaker is a slave, and they think that the world owes them everything that they are brash enough to cry for. They are arrogant, dishonest, and pathologically disconnected with reality. Feminists care about power for themselves and could not care less about what the average woman wants in her life. Yet, sick as this movement is today, the US Government is putting feminist demands into law, while the judicial system continually ignores the constitution, fair play, and especially JUSTICE, in order to promote feminist goals. Aren’t you fed up with this criminal neglect of the rights of all the non-feminist women and men out there?

There is absolutely no need for a feminist movement today. America has already moved well past the point of simple fairness in the dealing with women’s issues, and still these radical, fanatical feminists scream, “Foul!” Indeed, if a team in sports had been given as many advantages in a game, as the feminists have been given in life, there would be a valid protest lodged by the other team, who would have every right to walk off the field:

1. Women get the custody of children in the vast majority of divorces today. Is this fair? Is this equal treatment? If men are as good at raising children as the women are (a common claim of the feminists who want men to take up the role of raising the children) why do women get custody? Where is the uproar of, “Foul!” from the feminist hoard? Hmmm?

2. Women have received the huge bulk of the over $3 trillion paid out by the American tax payer in welfare payments. For what purpose? To raise children. If that job is so unimportant and demeaning, why have women been paid for doing it with our tax money? Our national debt today would be nearly paid in full if we could get all of that welfare money back. If we charged interest, we would be well into the black. So, do the feminists cry, “Foul!” because of this, and do they demand that these women, who were paid for living useless, unfulfilling lifestyles  - merely raising children - to get to work and pay that money back? Hmmm?

3. In our history as a nation, women have never been drafted into military service. They have reaped all the same rewards of living in a free country, and having a high standard of living, as the men who have gone out and put their own lives at risk. And yet, never have the men complained about that arrangement. Men have every right to cry, “Foul!” but they did not see it that way. Women have been given a free ride in the area of defense of self and country throughout our history. Most women, as well as men today, do not want it any other way. What are the self-focused feminists’ views on this situation? Do they care that women and men do not want to place women at risk on the battlefield? No they do not and they do not for one very simple reason. They do not care a whistle about America’s ability to defender herself. They do not care what women desire and especially they do not care what men desire. They only care about one simple fact, and it is the driving reason behind the whole movement: Women can never be equal with men in role, unless women die on the battlefield as often as men. Women can never be perceived as the same as men until they can stand up and physically defend themselves against both men and women. Since the latter can never happen, feminists are attempting to create a mere simulation of that act by placing women into fighting units of the US military. Of course the women will be abused by, and useless to, the military but feminists do not care. They can now make the false claim that women are equal with men because some women are in the service. Somebody had better call, “Foul!” before we have to fight a real war against a real enemy that cannot be bombed into submission like Iraq was. (Even Iraq was able to capture and rape one of our female soldiers, and the Iraqis spent the entire war hiding from our bombers and missiles.)

While more women go to college than men, and receive far more handouts and assistance than men, there is no reason why we still have to listen to the feminists crying about how unfair the United States is to women. It is like polar bears crying that the North Pole does not produce any ice, or the fish crying that there is no water in the ocean. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the feminist movement today and it is time that it be placed into the same dumpster as the prohibitionist movement was.