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Feminism a Virtual Reality

What is a virtual reality? A computer produces images that simulate a real world, which exists only within the computer. Sensors attached to a human tell the computer in which direction a human wishes to look and move and images are created that display an appropriate area of the pseudo world. The "virtual world" of course does not really exist and the whole process is merely make-believe but it closely resembles the feminist movement and their associated philosophy!

What are the factors which make this simulation possible? What is playing the role of the computer and virtual reality display which allow the feminist to continue to live in her deluded world? A number of factors are required, any one of which, if removed, would shut down the simulation and shatter their pseudo world.

1. Men have to continue to agree to let feminists pretend to be equal in role. If at any time men decided that they were through playing “let’s pretend” with the feminists, the whole simulated structure that the feminists have so carefully constructed, would be torn down overnight. Women would no longer have any chance of playing at being men, and they would only have the opportunity of doing what men allowed them to do. This may seem unlikely today, but at any moment in future time it is possible. The more time that passes will move it from possible, to probable, to inevitable.

2. Our mechanized society must continue to flourish. Look at the noble savage, the American Indian. The liberals of today sing the praises of the Indian culture which lived off the land and was not mechinized. Yet the feminist would find herself a slave in that culture. Women today could never have competed for the roles of men, if the efforts of men of the past had not created machines to make life easier to lead. Women for thousands of years have been taken care of by men, and now when men have finally created a life for everyone that is much easier and filled with more leisure, feminists want to cash in on that accomplishment and claim it for their own. If at any given time our modern society was shaken or destroyed, by war, plague or environmentalist extremists, men out of a sense of self preservation, and the preservation of their families, would push the feminist aside to hammer out a situation where survival would take the lead in the priority list and intellectual tidily winks like feminism would die instantly.

3. A stable society must continue to exist. Women cannot protect themselves from men. Law enforcement has currently replaced husbands and male family members as the protector of women for the feminists. Of course we have all been appalled at how useless law enforcement really is when a man takes it insanely into his head to abuse or kill a woman, but feminists are counting on the government to replace men in the area of providing them with the protection that they require. As society continues to deteriorate into chaos, because parents no longer stay together to raise their children, the protection of the government will be spread thinner and thinner. It will reach the point where chaos is so threatening that freedom will be forced from our land. Ultimately that will lead to revolt, and feminism will not have any chance of surviving the process.

4. The moral atmosphere of tolerance must not slacken. Looking back at history, we see that women have been nothing more than property on many occasions. They have had limited rights and could not even own property during much of the past. If a change in the political climate should occur, where a religious fervor, or other philosophical driving force, should move men from the “it’s okay” to the “it’s not okay” point of view on feminism, the movement would be crushed, just as feminism has always been crushed in the past.

Feminism has reared its ugly head on numerous occasions in history. Ancient Greece and Rome had their feminists as have other cultures in decline. This time we are told the simulation is for real but alas, while we may debate whether feminism is the cause of a society’s decline, or merely a symptom of it, the fact is, when men become so passive as to let the women take over, their society is ready to be laid to rest.

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