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Real Men: The Need for Masculinity

As our society has become more progressive, we have made every effort to eliminate the masculine from the picture. Real men are becoming harder to find, as the Political Correctness movement has launched an all out effort against them.

What are the qualities of a real man that the feminists hate so much? Here are a few of them:

Yes, this is the individual that the feminists hate. Here is the focus of all their hostility. They have done everything in their power to train boys in school, and anywhere else they have influence, that being a real man is evil and to be avoided. Instead boys are directed towards being effeminate. Feminists want men who cry and are sensitive, who are willing to let a woman run things. If they had their way all little boys would be dressed in skirts and little girls would wear the blue jeans.

It will never happen exactly that way, because it is biologically programmed into males to be masculine and into females to be feminine. However, what feminism has been able to do is destroy the training that boys used to receive, and instead of real men, they are becoming real animals, chasing sexual encounters and more toys, instead of the things that create a stable society and long term families.

What we are in dire need of in this country are more real men, and the real women who will join with them to create a solid society!