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The Joy of Sexism

Actually, you are probably a devout sexist, no matter what your stand is on feminism. (The fact that such a nomenclature can be attached to a movement is proof of that!) A sexist attitude is one which is based upon a belief that there are real differences between the sexes. If you do not believe that there are real and significant differences between men and women, then you are sufficiently out of touch with reality as to qualify as a member in good standing of the National Organization of Women, whose membership is actually very small and they could really use your support.

If, on the other hand, you have a grasp of the obvious and an understanding of the plain and simple facts of life, you should be able to stand in full support of the sexist point of view for the following:

Sexism is based upon observation, logic and tradition. For thousands of years, sexism has been the nearly unanimous view of the citizens of all the cultures around the world. It is sound, workable and reasonable, producing the greatest opportunity for any society to offer happiness, security, and stability of family, neighborhood, and nation.

We have seen the results in our society as we have attacked, vilified, and illegalize sexism. Families are falling apart, and our society is destabilizing. Shall we pull our collective heads out of the sand and have a look around before it is too late?

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