The Chauvinist Corner 1984


Big Brother is a Feminist!

"Men have to change!" This is said over, and over again, by the feminist proponents. Think of what that means. Who put these little nazis in charge of what men or women must do? Who suddenly decided that Americans must think in ways that make feminist happy? You did buddy!

When you sit still while the government dictates how you should think, then you support the government in its tyranny! In America, we have the vote my friend, for the time being anyway, and that means if we don't like something we can change it. The most important right that any American has is his right to think anyway he chooses, without the government trying to apply pressure on him to change his way of thinking.

What is a “hate crime?” Think about that for a moment. What makes a criminal act, not just a criminal act but rather a despicable “hate crime?” It is the way the criminal thinks. A hate crime is a THOUGHT CRIME. How have we come to the point where we judge people by their thoughts, more harshly than by their actions, in our country? Is not harming another man’s person or property crime enough? Is not crime sufficiently bad in and of itself without trying to load on the Big Brother aspect of the THOUGHT CRIME? Is it not hideous enough to kill a man or burn his church down without adding in a judgment and sentence upon the perpetrator’s thoughts? This government move into the world of judging our thoughts rather than our actions, and setting itself up as the moral compass of our citizenry is a terrifying expedition into tyranny!

Another area of government abuse of power is shown by the following. If you take your hard earned savings, and create a company with those dollars, who has the right to tell you what individuals you should hire as employees? If you feel more comfortable with having an all male, or all female company, whose business is it? Does Uncle Sam have the right to deny you the opportunity to hire anyone you choose? Does Uncle Sam have the right to make your moral decisions for you at all? Of course not! If a man comes to you looking for a job and he is supporting his wife and children on the income that your company will be providing to him you have the right to hire that man over any woman applying for that position. In fact if your head is on straight, you have a moral obligation to hire first any man who is attempting to be the sole bread winner in a family, allowing his wife to mind the children just like it has always been in America.

The government is taking that moral choice away from all employers, and instead is forcing companies to hire women for positions, and turning down men who would be providing the sole support for their family, men who would often be better qualified for the job. The government is counting the number of women you hire. You can be prosecuted or sued for not hiring a woman over a man if your decision was based upon gender. If you believe that a woman's place is in the home, you can be persecuted and run out of business. It is now a crime to believe in patriarchy as a goal for society, and to promote it in your business.

Welcome to the land of the once free. The government is now deeply into the area of thought control, and the Politically Correct movement is one of the heads of this monster. If a man today acts like the average American male from the 1950’s did, he would be fired, sued and/or thrown into jail and never be let out, for his ideas! He would be sued for whistling at a pretty woman and being patronizing to females in the workplace. And yet men who thought just like that built this country from the ground up. Whether or not you agree with his way of thinking, you should be gravely concerned that he no longer has a right to live his life as he sees fit, without the government’s boot upon his neck!

Government control of our thoughts is not part of our constitution! What is the first amendment, except a declaration that free thought would always be a part of our country? If you can freely speak it, and print it, then you certainly will be free to think it! When the government decides that it knows best what and how you should think, you are no longer living in a free country. Today the government may be promoting your ideas, and you may think that they are good ones, worthy of government support. But tomorrow the ideas the government champions may be completely against what you believe and there will be nothing you can do about it because you did not stop it today, while you still could, and you will weep because it will be you who is persecuted, prosecuted and sued.

The basic right to believe what you want, and to act upon that belief, must be protected! Including the right of the employer to hire anyone he chooses, by whatever criteria he chooses, without the government judging how he thinks. It must be remembered that your loss of freedom will come for a good cause. The government will always find a marvelous reason for taking your liberty away from you. Maybe it will be for the children, for the poor, for your health, or for improved race relations. Whatever the cause will be, you can be sure that it will be worthwhile. "Just give up some of your liberty and make the country a better place to live," says the politician. Don't be a fool!

Ben Franklin put it in a nutshell when he said that those who are willing to give up freedom for security, deserve neither. If you wish to live in a free country, you must vote for men and measures that promote freer action and less control. Less control of your money, with much lower taxes, and far less control of your mind. Government promoted THOUGHT CONTROL has no place in America and it is time that we ran it out on a rail!