A Woman's Place

July 4, 1997

A Woman's Place

The only sight, upon my eyes,
that guarantees delight,
The only voice I need to hear,
in darkness every night,

The only smile I crave to reap,
my happiness to share,
The only thing upon my mind,
whenever she’s not there,

The only part of my true self,
that can exist apart,
The source of all my joy,
to satisfy my heart,

It is she, my love, my wife,
where these things abide,
And my success was made complete
when she became my bride!

Now, after six and twenty years,
I cannot have a doubt,
My Golden girl, by my side
is all I have to tout.

When I speak of “a woman’s place,”
there's no uncertainty,
Beside her man, sharing life,
is where she ought to be.

For only she can make a home
from just a house alone,
And only she can fill a man
with pride that’s all his own.

She completes the incomplete,
she makes a man a whole,
She gives a man what he most needs,
right to his very soul!

This I say, straight from the heart,
this is my very life...
This is the woman that I love,
this is my precious wife.

A woman’s place is in the home,
or home it cannot be.
After six and twenty years,
it’s very clear to me!

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