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What Women Want

The number of women, even women who thought that they would disagree with what is on this page, who have come to The Chauvinist Corner and found here an opinion that they can agree with has been quite a demonstration of the truth of what is written here! The arrogance and bone-headed stupidity of the feminist is just not to be believed! There is no concern in the feminist for what women want. The feminist, as is the case with all liberals, thinks that she knows best how you should live your life! You are too stupid to figure out how to do things, so she is going to tell you what is best for you. If you are not outraged by that fact, you should be! Feminists have the US government dictating to the American people what they should think in the area of feminism and that is just plain wrong.

The average American woman would be overjoyed to be able to find a man that will take care of her, be faithful to her, and be there for the children that they have together. A man that will support, love and respect a woman, is all that is required to make the average woman happy. Women are not naturally driven to compete in sports or the workplace like men are. Today, they are being told that they are competitive. They are told in school, in movies and in high priced advertising on TV but experience has proven that, while women are not afraid of hard work, and enjoy playing sports, the large majority of them are completely at a loss to understand the male need to compete and the need to win. It is a deep seated, fundamental difference between the sexes that feminism denies.

Look around you and see if you can find any official government support for training children how to live in a traditional family. Where is the driving force to be found in support of teaching boys how to be men? Men who will be the head of the household? Men who will not divorce their wives? Men who will always earn a paycheck and pay the bills for the family? Men who will remain in the same family that they have fathered their children in, until death? Where is the official driving force to be found in support of teaching girls how to be women? Women who will be at home when the children are? Women who will remain faithful throughout their lives to their one husband? Women who can and will keep an orderly house? Women who can cook, balance a checkbook and manage a household budget?

If you look closely at the influences on children today, you will note that training for being a member of a traditional, lifetime family, is not only absent, the whole concept is attacked! Almost every email that I have received that has attacked this web page has come from the academic circles! What does that tell you about what your children are being taught by their teachers?

Marriage is the single most important voluntary event in life. Marriage is not just an arrangement that legitimizes sex and children. It is not just a simple sharing of a house or a bed. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, for better or for worse, where a man and a women are joined together until death. Every event and activity of a husband and wife, from their wedding day on, is connected to their marriage in some fashion. All successes and failures. All joys and sorrows. All glorious and all tragic things that happen are a part of the marriage and all are joined and shared by the husband and the wife.

The dirty little secret of the feminists is that they hate marriage. The lesbian leadership of the National Organization of Women is absolutely disgusted by the traditional marriage and the idea that a man and woman can live a lifetime of happiness without the federal government dictating how to do it. A women who is a wonderful homemaker, who supervises her children, and spends large amounts of time every day raising, nurturing and playing games with her children, is considered a total failure, an unfulfilled slave by these feminists. There are not words strong enough to describe how twisted that is.

Three of the things that women want are:

If these are provided by a man, he will not be married to a feminist! The feminist's sickness can enter into a relationship when a man is failing to support his family, or is abusive, and removes the security from his wife. Another avenue is if he fails to keep the romance and love alive in their marriage. Lastly, he can create a fertile ground for the feminist lies by taking his wife for granted, treating her as a piece of furniture, or acting as if he disregards her status as an important human being.

Because many men of the past failed in their roles, feminists found a foothold in our society. Their “cure” was worse than the disease! Instead of making marriage impossible to maintain by introducing the insanity of feminism into our culture, we should have, (and still should!) correct the real problem and train up our boys to be good husbands and fathers! The problem would be solved and our society would flourish if we did this. As it is, we are heading for a chaotic, and dangerous future, where women and children are going to suffer in greater numbers with each year that passes.

It is our choice. We can start raising real men, who are good husbands and fathers, along with real women who are good homemaking wives and mothers, or we can continue to delude ourselves and the next generation that single mothers are just as good as two parent families and that men can move from woman to woman, fathering children but not raising them. The way is clear, and easy to see. It is time for action!