Good Grief!

NEWSWEEK'S HEADLINE WAS RIGHT! The headline for their January 1, 2000 issue says Good Grief in large red letters across the front cover. When I had finished reading the magazine I had to agree with that assessment completely. There is also a picture of Charley Brown, the Peanuts character, who perhaps took a look inside the magazine, which would explain his frown.

At the front, NEWSWEEK placed its usual distracter about the candidates running for election, asking the burning question, “… do they [voters] want their leader to wear religion on his sleeve?” Our nation is being overrun by Nonwhites, and soon to be a third world country, and they can find nothing better to pursue than whether or not candidates are playing the religion card correctly.

An article on the passing of the Peanuts comic strip, is followed by an ad for the NRA, featuring a full page, up close, picture of Karl Malone from the Nation Black, or Basketball, Association, with a shotgun, and the statement, “I’m The NRA.” While I am gratified to see that Mr. Malone, who is Black, supports the NRA, I find it very hard to accept the idea that the NRA is predominantly Black, so much so, that Karl Malone IS the NRA.

Then comes a section called, “The 21st Century A User’s Guide.” All around the lead in page are little teaser headlines. DEATH OF BOOKS, MOVIE HITS OF 2040,VIRTUAL SEX, and the ever popular THE COLORS OF RACE. Of course you simply have to turn the page on that one.

As you complete the page turn, your stomach turns rapidly at what is shown. (See inset - click on it if you simply must see a larger version of it. I don’t recommend it.) Notice that Barron Claiborn, the photographer, chose one model that was part White, and another that was part Asian, but both models were part Black. NEWSWEEK would not even give the White race partial billing in the racial confusion of both of these poor people. The future goal, as depicted by this photo, is the complete elimination of our our people, including even the memory shown in mixed racial characteristics. Of course that detail really will not matter, in the Third World society that people like this will populate, but the psychology NEWSWEEK is using here, is to minimize, in your mind, any future impact that the White race will have on the future. The only reason a White ancestor was conceded at all, was to rub our noses in the fact that this is where, and how, the White race will end.

The headline reads, Our New Look: The Colors Of Race. Notice that it admits that this is a new look. This leftist publication is willing to say that we are getting a “new look” but it will never seriously admit what the “old look” was. You will never see NEWSWEEK say that America was a White nation before 1965. When that subject comes up they say that we are a “nation of immigrants” rather than face the fact that America was created by White people, and for White people. We are being invaded by Nonwhite people and that can never be mentioned in an honest way. In NEWSWEEK's view, we are celebrating the wonders of diversity, in the same way that Europe should have celebrated the wonderful arrival of Atilla’s Nonwhite hordes in the fourth century. Our survival as a people is at stake but we cannot even discuss it. Americans pay millions and millions of dollars for news and information each year, but the most important information of all, the news about our end as a race, cannot be a topic for general discussion. Unless it is to celebrate it.

The article goes on to tell us that “Americans are changing, … to conform to the new, more egalitarian, ideal.” Why do you suppose that is? Who is responsible for that conformity? It was not brought on by the will of the White people who built this land! The “representative government” decided rather than represent us, it would slay us. Bring us back King George, he was our blessed friend by comparison!

To muddy the waters as much as he can, Ellis Cose, the author of this piece, goes on to say, “Racial purity is not as prized as it once was. People who call themselves white proudly acknowledge Latino and Native American roots. A small number even acknowledge some black ancestry. And interracial romance, once outlawed and condemned, now openly blooms.” (What sort of sick mind would find that a plus?) He goes on to list how miscegenation has grown by leaps and bounds. He admits that Black-White unions “are still not the norm” (you can almost hear the sigh of sadness at this admission) since they “only” make up 20% of interracial marriages. The Asian invasion is brought into focus as Mr. Cose states that there are more White-Asian babies being born than Asian-Asian babies.

The article says that by 2030 Whites will be a minority in those under the age of 18, and things will progressively become less White. But never fear, says Mr. Cose. “… common sense says that the much anticipated ‘majority-minority’ future will never arrive.” The “much anticipated ‘majority-minority’ future,” is the key phrase in this entire article! Since the average guy on the street has not been anticipating this event, and has instead been dreading it, who does Ellis Cose speak for? Obviously it is for the Media Lords. They are eagerly anticipating the complete humbling and extermination of the White race, as Mr. Cose has indicated by using this injudicious phrase.

Why does Mr. Cose feel this “much anticipated” event will not occur? Because the definition of White will change! In other words, it will occur but Whites will be fooled into believing that it has not occurred! Those who are half-White will rule over those only one quarter White. Mr. Cose mentioned something in passing that I found very interesting. He said, “Even in Brazil, where racial mixing is accepted, even celebrated, color coding has not lost its sting. Status and privilege are still connected to lighter skin.” So, as we enter a future that is the carbon copy of India’s past, we will see more and more mixing, and those who are the lightest will still be the privileged ones, and the hated ones, by people like Ellis Cose. The White race, as we know it, will be erased from the earth, but even that will not satisfy the White haters! They will still hate even the mongrel, mixed, but lighter skinned Nonwhites that will be left. How deep can their hatred go? A bottomless pit has nothing on them.

The article asks, and answers, the question, “But if demographic shifts will not bring about the end of race, what will? The answer is that nothing will, not soon.” One has to wonder, what sort of depravity would drive a human to even want to end race? Race took a great deal of time to come into existence, just like it did with the various species of other types of creatures on planet earth. The leftist nuts are willing to do anything to protect a species of owl, but not a species of man. That is completely twisted, as is Ellis Cose.

NEWSWEEK was not finished with tearing us down just yet. The next article in the magazine, was by Howard Fineman, and was called, “You Sure Don’t Fit the Profile.” In an inset there was to be found the following: “Politics: After more than two centuries, the Senate and the presidency will stop being the preserve of the male and the pale.” The entire article was directed at pointing out the consequences of the Leftist policy that has forced Nonwhite immigration, integration and miscegenation upon the White folks of America. Since the political process had to be completely corrupted in order to make this atrocity happen in the first place, is it surprising to see that stacking the democratic deck with Nonwhites, will eliminate any hope of saving America from the cesspool she is sinking into? “Color-doesn’t-count” Fineman tells us. Neither does IQ, creativity or civilized behavior. Nothing counts to these degenerates except the death of “Whitey.”

There is much more on race in this magazine, including the advertisements that they ran in this section of the publication. Then like magic, as you move out of the race section of the "User's Guide," the ads suddenly have White people in them again. Even an article on the future of the Stock Market showed a family that was all White having a hurried breakfast. It was like two different magazines. They had done their job of making Whites more accepting of the idea of their own extinction, and then moved their minds, like herding sheep, to something else so they will not have the chance to brood on it, and maybe do something about it. Note that this is how the media always works. It exposes the public to an idea that is unacceptable, over and over again, until finally the numbing process makes it acceptable.

A prime example of this same process at work was the Clinton Impeachment process. At the beginning all politicians were saying, “If the allegations against President Clinton are true then he should be removed from office, but we have to let the process run its course, to establish whether or not they are true.” By the time the media had finished its “process” everyone had been so over-exposed to the once unacceptable, that it no longer was. The allegations, which were easily sufficient grounds for removal, in the minds of the Senators and the American people, at the beginning of the process, were no longer even significant by the end of it. Such is the power of the media propaganda machine.

The idea of the White race giving up its claim to the White nation of the USA which it created, was once completely unacceptable. Today, it is tolerable to most Whites, thanks to the Media Lords' propaganda campaign. If the propaganda is allowed to proceed unopposed, the unacceptable will become acceptable, and perhaps even welcomed. The final result of that will be the conversion of the greatest nation on earth into a third world country, and the complete extermination of the White race within its borders. And it will all be made possible by items like this issue of the NEWSWEEK magazine, together with all of the similar propaganda devices used by the Media Lords.

As I closed the magazine, I was struck with the thought that, when NEWSWEEK and other magazines occasionally do articles on the topics of demographics, and the future of the USA in the area of race, they always follow the same preordained script. First, they tell us how bad it was in the days of segregation, and a 90% White America, while totally ignoring all of the wonderful advantages of that era. Next, they go on to tell us how completely the White race will lose its standing, prestige, and finally its existence in the future. They word the material in such a way as to make it sound unavoidable, programming Whites to give up, and to not struggle against the inevitable. Repetition of a lie like that makes it become the truth, in the mind of one exposed to it.

All through each of these White hating articles, the author repeatedly throws in little comments that let us know that, even though the Whites will be destroyed in the future, it just isn’t going to be quick enough for him. The White-haters whine and wring their hands that it has not already happened! It is a sign of how effective the whole process has been, that they can do that, and not stir up a revolution among the White race which is under their attack.

How long my friends? How long will we continue to go to work, living out our lives, while this atrocity is growing like a cancer within our society? How long will we sit idly by, watching the conditioning propaganda on the television, learning to be good little extinction candidates? How long will we continue to get excited over which Black ball player will be a "champion" in one of our interracial sporting events, while being completely numb to the extermination of our race, and the destruction of our White nation? How long will we continue to buy magazines, like NEWSWEEK, which applaud our extermination, and complain that it will not happen soon enough? It must stop, and it must stop NOW!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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