The Park Cities

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circa 1950
The 1957 State Champs

Went to the Rose Bowl!

I FOUND A BOOK IN A USED BOOK STORE TODAY which was titled THE PARK CITIES. In this book the history was told of an area near Dallas, Texas. From cover to cover, this book was loaded with pictures. There were pictures from around 1900, and there were pictures up into the 1950s. From start to finish, all of the pictures showed one thing in common: the residents were all White. It is important to remember that Texas, the largest of the contiguous 48 states, is on the verge of following California, the state with the largest population in the USA, into having a White minority status. This book shows what we have given up in order to allow this criminal process to occur.

I would have loved to put everyone of the pictures in this book up on the I Love White Folks site. There were little children in their White schools. Their were boy scout pictures, with the White boys gathered around their leader. There were common laborers, with White faces. There were White Sunday School classes, and White car hops. There were White girl’s clubs and the Highland Park’s men’s baseball team. The entire town was White and it was not filled with hate! It was wonderful to behold.

I chose the pictures above because they gave a fair sampling of what the community looked like before the 1960s invasion, and they highlight the differences between that time and this.

There is the picture of the YMCA, where a large group of White boys are gathered to enjoy the rough and tumble athletics provided, with sportsmanship, and fair play always in focus. They did not learn about drugs, and the latest Ebonic filth on the athletic field. It is hard to overestimate how deeply we have been cut by the loss of our children’s right to associate with only their own people. Our kids today have been robbed as surely as if a gun were pointed in their faces and the demand forthcoming, “Your future or your life!” Unfortunately, far too many of them have had to give up both, thanks to diversity.

The Highland Park High School football team was a picture I had to include. Here is a collection of White boys, becoming men, and I could not help but think that they could never of had a single racial incident on their home practice field. They were proud White men, free of hate, but filled with the knowledge of what it means to live in a White society, that their ancestors had bequeathed them. Look at that joy on their faces. These are White men ready to conquer whatever life hands them. Can you imagine what they and their children would have accomplished if they had not had their own government turn on them and shatter their society?

I think of the trillions of tax dollars, stolen from these guys pockets, and the pockets of all the rest of the productive White folks in America, that could have gone towards productive use, like the education of their own children, or the exploration and colonization of space, and many other things which would have advanced our civilization far beyond where we are today. Instead that money was used to finance the production of non-White offspring through welfare. Our government used our own money to destroy our society. It is easy to see that this happy football team was fouled more disgustingly, and maliciously, than any player on any football field at any time ever was.

We may smile at their attire, at least until we look at the attire of today’s female students, but we cannot but be enchanted at the group of ladies composing the 1928 SMU Chapter of the Pi Beta Phi. Their grace and elegance is there for all to see. These are the ladies who faced the depression, and beside their men, they survived poverty that today’s ghetto cannot even conceive of. The White families these ladies -- and their White sisters across the nation -- created, did not turn to crime. We are continually told that poverty is the sole cause of crime. Obviously that is a lie, as these ladies were to demonstrate.

While the clothes changed over the years covered by the photos in the book, the genes did not. White folks created the town, and White folks continued on in the town. The town was a White town, and it was clean, healthy and safe. I am absolutely amazed how White folks today can sit still and listen to the steaming hatred pouring over them from the media and their government telling them that these people, their ancestors, were evil and dirty for the way they lived. And if you want to live the same way they did, you are racist scum. It is truly insane!

The last picture I included above is of the 1935 Mustang football team that went to the Rose Bowl. I included sports pictures because seeing teams that are composed only of White players today is a rare event. It is the area of our society that has been altered the most clearly by the introduction of diversity into our land. Seeing this picture of an entire Rose Bowl football team composed of only White players, highlights the fact that America was a White nation. The lies we hear today that America was always diverse, or that diversity ever played any part in creating our society, are shown here for what they are. The White nation which existed before the invasion of the 1960s is struggling for breath. It is being crushed and it is being displaced. How do I know this?

M Cup On the way home from purchasing this book I decided to stop and grab a quick lunch. I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds, and when the young White girl handed me my food and my drink, I was confronted with this cup. I have to admit that I was not ready for it. Up until then I had been thinking happy positive thoughts. And suddenly, like a slap in the face this image from Africa jumped out at me. Of course I could not help but notice the fact that they put a White male overlapping the huge picture of the Black lady, and he was smiling happily. Off to the right, there is also a small picture of a mestizo lady, who is looking as pleased as punch to be here. Looking at this scene from a horror movie, had already put a major damper on my appetite, but then I noticed the final insult: The McDonalds corporation had the audacity to tell me to SMILE! M Cup
Day after day, in a thousand ways, the Media Lords are telling you that your people have no place in this world. They are telling you that you must give up your heritage and your land. They are telling you that your children should be, must be, brown skinned and White people must be eliminated from this earth. Not only are you told that, but you are told that you must not complain about your extermination, and you must SMILE!

As our children stand by and watch their future pulling away from them, what are we going to do about it? Our little girls and our little boys deserve to have a wonderful White society to thrive in. It is their rightful heritage, which our parents received from theirs.

Remember, only you can prevent extinction!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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